Anything that doesn't help you Ascend or Evolve but kills you off is a bad programming!

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We are a group of white-light healers that have lived many, many earthly incarnations always trying to assist in raising mankind's spiritual consciousness to a higher level. We have been various historical people at various times throughout history. We had lived lifetimes as healers in long ago Lemuria and later Atlantis.  
One of us even knew the Holy Jesus during his time on earth. He did exist and taught us certain spiritual principles we  didn't easily forget. It was all quite shocking to us  to know  all this  about  our  past lives.  The  exact names of these people, the Ascendants, were quite  mind-blowing to say the least.   There  were  some  interesting  radio talk shows on Blog Talk radio that did mention one of us specifically by alias, "King Lui" (KL),  also known as  Ascension-ArchAngel.   
King-Lui  was  the  one  mentioned  that  would  create  these tools we are now offering for the ascension of mankind.  This is what the dark  soul ones  didn't  want released to the general public. These are the dark ones that believe that the suffering of mankind is a good thing. To detract or sway us from our ultimate destiny which is Ascension!
King-Lui was hitting on the "right" information on the things (the future-channeled  binaural beats) that  he  was  creating  and must be keep it to himself! So by releasing these beats to the public, he is changing our time-line for a much  better future time-line not only himself, but for many others that are seeking help. Another example, in his Novel, TimeKeeper-Clone, he has given a list of the some  of the Ascending and Ascended people currently now on Earth! Maybe you will be surprised and shocked to see that Keanu Reeves is on the list! The secrets are slowly being released so do you want to  awaken or to stay asleep forever?

TimeKeeper Clone

 One of his "shattered souls" (QUAD or QUADRUPLET) is called the "Blood General" and is from a future time (6042) and dimension (19) that had reached back into our past time-line to warn KL in 2009 while Dee Dee was doing her s?ance being broadcasted live on the airwaves! The  Blood General  is one, extremely unique, hi-tech and  powerful being that was able to bring and merge together all his other shattered soul pieces (19 duplicates) from the different times and dimensions into one superior, human life-form. HIs name means "Blood of God and Leader"! Dee Dee eventually met the charming and handsome Blood General in one of her later travels into time.  Please see the video that will open up your mind to the possibilities that we never knew existed: The Blood General Video here.

 The  future "Blood General" is much like the current King Lui. The BG  is highly advanced technically and spiritually pure. He manifested a pin and many silver rings from the Georgia Guidestones to Dee Dee which were then send to King-Lui to empower and protect him in this uncertain time. There were many messages being relayed from him to us into 2012.  And with a regression session with James Rink in Nov. 2013, more spiritual "upgrades",  and alien contact where Lui was scanned twice over by a Pleiadian spaceship, listen here. "They scanned Lui twice. They have not see his type in a physical body/form." The aliens know KL as just the "ArchAngel".  He will be the first one in their experiment called the "Alpha Project" -   where he is the direct ancestor of the new race merging with all the other alien races including the Grays and the Nordics. The Grey  races tried to ascend like us with the human-grey hybrid experiments but that was not working for them. Thus, KL will be chosen to help them as their leader in an Alliance by 2030  because in the  future it was seen that  his family's descendants evolved to a point where they could gain almost any psychic ability instantaneously including instant healing, Telepathy  and Telekinesis.  To be coming are Goddesses/Gods called the God-Children  in a physical form. They are coming!

The previous readings about Lui's Divine descendants coming to earth was confirmed in 2022 by more readings and more contacts from his future family members like Ryan, TJ's Great-GrandSon that has his same ability of Time-Telepathy and thus able to tell us that what Lui did with the chakra removals help create him in the future...a brilliant engineer that helped invented many new technologies in our Future! Another future confirmation was another future-self of Lui that is called The Contracter! The Contracter told us that he is in the future before he becomes the Blood General that was given plans for Time-Travel Technology from another Contracter from another Parallel-Earth. And that later he will contact and train his younger-self in the use of the time-travel techonology which he will need to keep this Prime Earth free of Evil Doers!

Even more mind-blowing information was channeled to us from the future with the help of our group member named Time-Jumper (TJ) who is one of the God-Children who evolves eventually into the one known in the universes as The Oracle! He says his future-self tells him what to do 50% of the time now! Do check us out on the Awakened forum for more about Ascension, immortality, cloning, psychic abilities, future-readings (The Elder predicted Trump win on Oct. 10, 2016/Modi wins Election against Ghandi on April 13, 2019) , Time-Beings, Time-lines, Parallel-Earth Beings, The Sevens group, The Time-Jumper (The Oracle), the God-Children, Soul-Splits, Soul-Mergers, Chakras Removal testimonials, 3D to 4D to 5D body/realm transitions, Fallen Angels, Heaven, Hell, The Void, and so much more!

Humans we were told will become obsolete in 2060 when AI and robots will be doing our jobs! You will not be needed anymore as you will be deemed too stupid and too slow!  This is a very important age of self-discovery of your true-self, the Age of Ascension, but many are still  in denial. That to us  is a  huge tragedy and they don't even see it coming! 

Your final  chances to Ascend and you are being distracted by so many unimportant things of this world. We had  confirmed with George Duisman that 2018 is in fact a very important year for Ascension. George uses EFT techniques to remove trauma, and with over 400 sessions with people, there is a strong indications of past-lives affecting us in our current lives! If you don't  resolve those past-life traumas and issues, you will be forever stuck in a 3D reincarnation loop where you won't ever see Ascension! YOU may forget during each reset/reincarnation but your soul never forgets and does NOT reset the karma! You are thus your own karma police and we were told if your karma kills you...then it kills you.  You may eventually learn just maybe not this time around! You talk about having bad luck but its more like bad karma! Your karma just killed off your {good} luck! And guess where the karma is stored?  And why it is important to clear your karma completely? Your Karma is the biggest hidden cause and effect you will never know until now!

Have you ever done credit card fraud or a digital crime? Do you realize this is still stealing, a spiritual crime and you are building karma for yourself constantly? You can NOT sweep these accumulating negative energies under the carpet.  You will be forever locking yourself in a  unbreakable  3D "Work-loop" of reincarnation!  How is this kind of suffering good when you don't even know where you went wrong and how to fix it?  Where is your own karma level compared to other people? Why are most  people  forever struggling  (Work-loop) and others are filthy rich (Wealth-loop)? Wealth blocks are combined mind and energy blocks we found that can be removed if you remove the 7 Chakras first! Can accumulated karma kill you later in the future even if you become a rich man? Yes, by freak accidents, killer diseases/viruses and unknown dangers waiting to pay-off your karma debts without fore-warning you!  Know the "real rules" so you can ascend in this critical time. We can tell you all about your karma, negaitivity level, soul color level, your ultimate destination and much much more!

A  red ruby dodecahedron structure with information was uploaded into King-Lui's brain. One upgrade was a strong orb of energy sent into his heart area that can best be described as a close-wise spinning white-light sun that is now part of his powerful Divine Machinery - see image below! This has been confirmed by others that can see energy structures. A large army of Angels surround him at all times. In order to get these upgrades unimpeded, his chakras were already removed with the Major 7 Chakras Removal Service so he didn't need to be cleared in order to accept them. Jay Essex, the Super Psychic, was able to explain more about the time-traveling Angelic Protector Avatar created  by King-Lui here and the current Ascension upgrades he had here. He was NOT cranked-up by Jay, but from his future-self as the Elder in the last modified body, the 9th body, where he then becomes immortal. Check for the newest updates on Awakened forum.




King-Lui is  not just one of  the "shattered-souls",  he is the main CORE,  soul fragment that will one day "naturally" blend and merge back with the four main Elder souls  (QUADs) including the Blood General, the ArchAngel, the Final Creator, and the Universe Creator to form the whole, complete soul once again called The Eldest or EC, The Eternal Creator - no longer shattered. A whole complete being again with his Day 1 energies and abilities back! But that is not the end of the story. Our newest channeled information from the Final Creator, a God-Level being, told him that he is KL and that it all started with King-Lui because he is  one-quarter fragmented piece of THE PRIME core soul, called  in Heaven as  "The Supreme First Being"  /  "FIRST  DIVINE" or "The Founder"  -  that  his soul was of the First living being BEFORE   Day 1 of Creation. He had birthed The GOD then went back into his heart to hibernate and satisfy the God Paradox.  To birth/architech a God that created things as perfectly and as fast as possible without having to think about it too much of the technical background work needed,  a "Natural God."   The First-Being can then observe what is the best methods as he was a slow creator that need too much background  details which is not what  a natural creator is! He needed to be like a Natural Creator!                            

KL needed to be birthed again here in Human form at this most  important time,  the Age of Ascension, because the Earth is the birthplace of the Gods and always will be! Jesus was here, Buddha was here. You are here! I AM HERE! This was confirmed by his own family member, TJ or Time-Jumper (He eventually becomes The Oracle). Even the Prime core soul needs to evolve too - to the highest level along-side the weaken races and this plan worked perfectly!  To eventually become the Main Creator and De-creator again. To be able to de-create or vaporize the corrupted souls of the universes so they don't hurt anybody or anything again. To then recreate humans without all the physical and spiritual defects that do NOT allow them to ascend by their own means naturally. He is still learning and the channellings from the Elders is helping him to learn and plan for his eventual ascension into his Creator abilities beyond his current energy work and energy absorption abilities!

All his other "shatttered-souls" In these other dimensional realms, parallel-earths and universes must merge back with him over time to become a perfect, immortal being called  The Eternal Creator.  The process below shows the rather pathetic human soul with maximum two soul splits compared to an ever splitting, ever combining, and ever evolving Prime soul. When King-Lui  is finally whole again, there will be nothing that he can not do! His body will move all the way pass 8D  from the mortal 3D realm. To be finally free of the cycles of reincarnation, heaven and hell, and even karma.


So in many ways his real journey has yet to come and he is excited!  Being split into so many souls is what made him weak. This will be his last incarnation. His soul mergers have finally began in 2015. His internal energy has changed to Red energy in 2016, the most powerful energy!  His body is transitioning from a 3D body into a 4D body (E=mc^4) on July 2017! other members of the Ascendants and Sevens group in May 2018 have also moved into 4D dimensional bodies too that are  becoming immune to most 3D diseases that affects the physical body.

The chakras do NOT help with the healing processes of the physical body. Boosting the immunity system is a major health benefit of what chakra removals can do for you! Most people's immunity level we've found is at the  borderline so even catching a cold  or flu pr virus can lower their immunity low enough to bring  about more serious diseases to take hold.  Our most recent scannings and readings of our members, the Ascendants, which don't have chakras have shown we have developed a natural SHIELD since March 2020 against the new CoronaVirus that is in the enviroment!  So we have begun to document our progress weekly now.  So for us planning ahead gaved us that extra protection needed to survive these diffiicult times. The normal people instead we found just wants to absorb these new threats such as deadly viruses into their bodies just like with the negative and karma energies for so long and now you will see the bad outcomes..."What doesn't help you but kills you off  is a bad programming." People it seems come to us when enough is enough but sometimes it's just too late to do anything then!

Most people you see are still waiting for salvation but our readings say that's not coming any time soon.  Anyways, further "hyper" energy modifications to maximize KL's Red energy was performed by the Blood General. Source energy in the form of a seed of White Crystalline energy was sent down his head on February 5th, 2018. Sounds incredible but it is all true. When you do energy work you can easily discern the truth! Listen about Lui's White energy from Red here: File

King-Lui has a mysterious connection with the Georgia Guidestones and originated from the Holy Geryon/Angelic race! He is surrounded by an army of Angels and Spirit Guides that was once from ArchAngel Raziel, because he was once that ArchAngel. He was the eldest apprentice of 12 apprentices to the legendary Merlin. He has the Magisters Halo energy. He teaches others now, as well as offer his energy clearing and healing services. Just listen to the radio talk shows about the Blood General, it explains his connections, now, and in the far future! 

The important thing to know from this is our soul does decide things for future lives. You have free-will, just NOT complete control of your destiny. There is a process for the soul to ascend.  Ascension is not coming for you as an automatic thing either. First of all, if you don't find your soul consciousness, then you will just keep repeating the same life-path programming in future incarnations until you do.  Secondly, if don't gain Ascension then like most people you don't have much choices  left, with one bad option being  the end of your soul-life.  Your soul is NOT infinte like what they have told you! More about that later on.

Thirdly, the stronger the blockages are in you, the more stronger are the spiritual gifts you actually have locked away. There is a reason for that.   For example, KL, has always been a healer in many previous lifetimes, it was his soul that ultimately decided what he had to do to complete this life-path.  As a Technologist, coming from a scientific background,   it was the hardest thing to change, the belief in something you can not the soul.  Luckily, he had much help from good mentors who told him who he really was and his true purpose in his current existence.  People we found really have no clue on how powerful they can get until their blockages or veil layers are removed! But the longer you wait, the longer the blockages cause damage.

To first remove the training wheels that is what the chakras are. They keep the primitive emotions locked in a 3D level so you can't ascend. That's why negative people just get more and more negative until they can take it no more and do things they will regret later!  So KL had to remove his seven chakras,  then the mental blocks, deep traumas, human defects and bad programs blocking his spiritual gifts fell away, and finally his karma was lowered to 0% by helping others.   For He does not want to be a prisoner here forever, nor on the same life-path - eventually he wants to travel outwards and explore the stars as predicted by TJ, Time-Jumper (The Oracle).

There are many beings of power that should help, but they don't. They are neutral by choice, just spectators...all of them. KL is not quite there yet, but he will never be a spectator. To remember that coming from the last, spiritual pure lineage of Noah - he must always do all the right things and keep on the right track. To point his own ship in the right direction. To make his own ship so tough and strong and sturdy that it can conquer all the rocks or obstacles in his way. To finally do away with addictions that kept him from moving forward spiritually so long ago. To serve others before himself. His mentors, teachers, spirit guides, Angels and ArchAngels, the Elders and his future-self, the Blood General, had all worked together to awaken him, and now it is time for him to do his part to return the favor. So he is not looking for fame or money, he just wants the best outcomes for humanity! 

So it all depends on our choices in this life. It should be easy for the warriors and healers and light workers, but not so much for the rest...which is a whole lot of people. People who think they are "spiritual" are actually semi-spiritualists. They are waiting for sometihing to happen like the Second coming of Jesus. You must need to do a whole lot more than  waiting to move ahead spiritually.  Everybody has a choice, and ascension has a specific process to it.  To win, you have to keep moving and pushing yourself forward like a long-distance marathon runner and eventually claim your "immortality prize." If you don't believe, it's ok, as it is not our job to prove it to you. Something eventually triggers inside a few of you, then you'll know. The ones that came to us to find their true-purpose in the universe  like The Sevens group  and   The New Ascendants  already know this for awhile now. To know the one correct path, not the  temporary, materialistic path of wicked, egotisical ways of this world that leads many to spiral downwards into a dark path away from Ascension. The money or the soul? Those living for the here and now, they will never ascend... a True Death. The Hell and the Void will be very, very crowded places! People who think very little about these things until the end comes will get a very, nasty surprise in the after-life!

The dark is infinite. Light must constantly be active to be seen. Light covers only so much of an area. Even the brightest light is rendered sightless from a certain distance. Darkness can become so dense, that light can't shine through it. The light spreads it's self across a small areas to affect it. Only to be dimmed by the dark. Eventually the light will die out. Can you find the light inside yourself or has it gone too dim?

We thus must make a radical, spiritual change within ourselves if it is to be effective. In fact, you are maybe even contributing to the bad things already going on. Many souls choose to experience a dark reality/robotic/beastly/alien. To be a puppet yourself, in order to understand it. We wrote this out for ourselves long you remember that? Sometimes we will learn it in the worst ways. So we must start with ourselves, don't be a spectator anymore but gather enough energy to mobilize yourself into action to create a social change...right now! A social change where we liberate ourselves from spirituality that is not harmony with creating a world we can all be happy to live in. A yearning for that great utopian world that still could be.

KL was told what he was to do will cause much conflict. Conflict because people will just not accept what he is telling you is the absolute truth. That you must overcome/override the un-natural structures that are the chakras  and  the controlling programs in their bodies and find their true-self so that you can finally ASCEND to a higher realm.  If you don't ASCEND it is the end of your soul. Jesus won't come down to save you. You don't truly believe in him anyways right? This truth will never take away your free-will. It will not lead you to bad things. So you must not forget the things written here.

Accept what is written here completely so you will not forget it. If you do forget, it is because you choose not to change - keeping your chakras, keeps the bad, default internal programs running, and so you will keep living the illusions.  Humans we were told by the Elders are the lowest evolved people in spiritually of all the races in all the universes because they choose NOT to change. So they are sent here to do the 3D loop. But, if you can raise yourself from the lowest place, you will become the strongest being in the universe. Can you discern this is a truth? If not, the truth is too much for you so stop reading and go to bed!


KL was  told by the Elders that the human soul will last for  3.4 million years, and that the majority of humans have only 160 years left on their Soul life-spans.  Thus, your Soul does NOT have an infinite life-span!  You do NOT have infinite tries to get it right. This is not a video game!  Especially when the Human race is obsolete in 2060 you don't have much time left! Your soul is NOT  immortal and eternal. The limit was set by The God himself. We did ask him. We asked our future-selves too which don't lie to us. That explains all the craziness happening on the earth now. The souls know it is nearing the final end,  but it has no way to convey that important message to their brain.  So you get the uneasiness and something's wrong feeling.  There is also a barrier we found,  an Ascension Barrier that all souls must encounter now in the after-life. A Big Filter of Ascension, and only those with 3% soul negativity or lower will be allowed to go through it. 

To remove Duality forever is the reason for this filter.  Most people that die will be diverted into The VOID when their souls hit this filter.   Uncaring and selfish non-believers have soul negativity of over 3%. Those souls with more than 3% negativity in them will be filtered out to go into the Void in the after-life. These unlucky souls will be forgotten there for eternity or until their soul disintegrates - whatever come first. They had their chances during the 3.4 million year to make it - but most won't! While the ones that had sinned will go to Hell in the afterlife.  Hell is a place of  24/7 torture where pieces of the souls are taken away daily by Hell-workers.  Hell-workers are the prisoners working hard to get out of hell themselves!

There's so much more that's needed than positive thinking. "The Secret" is only part of the secret. With the energy blockages from the charkas and the many energy parasites,  you won't ever have the required energy input and output needed to make the changes you want to in the Quantum field. Many of the self-help products and magical items are phony. They are only placebos. And some things that look good on the surface, such as Wealth items, can be of dual nature,  made with dark magick, and by wearing them you are incurring more negative energies and more karmic debt. Karma is a real energy stored in parts within your charkas and when the chakras are properly removed then you can also remove the karma. The Eldest told KL that he is a "Fate-Changer" that had absorbed and removed a person's karma along with their chakras so be  very careful in the future to whom he will allow for the chakra removals.  

Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars can be spent on fake crap and you would not be enlightened. There is no fast acting  magic pill. Don't buy fake ascension drugs like Ormus Gold or Monoatomic Gold. They contain nothing magical nor real gold particles to ascend you! Maybe slowly poisoning your body!  Items CAN'T do that for you either. Items don't have a brain to direct Luck or Wealth to you! So Don't waste your money on trinkets or lucky charms! You don't have the ability to see energy so don't go broke on costly items that claim incredible things but have no proof at all!  Since Enlightenment is not to be given freely, it has to be earned. And then with Enlightenment, you must do something good with it or you will  be stuck again. We have limited ourselves in many ways towards the God consciousness. This world will provide an unlimited amount of distractions to keep us from going towards our Ascension!

Rich people get the idea that they can cheat death by cryogentics or freezing their bodies for future ressurrection. But our readings told us they were just wasting their money and time.  They won't be able to ressurrect the original person as the soul has long gone and left the body! You could clone the body which will have the memories up to the time they died but it will not be the original you! The Extreme cold temperatures we were told that froze you, actually destroyed all viable tissue in body to awaken the original body again so these technologies is  a big lie to give you false hope. So do your research as you are being fooled into giving up your money for nothing.

We hope these words kill the illusion for you! The world has become a toxic waste dump. The suppression of Free energy devices and their inventors being silenced or killed. We get continual radiation damage to our bodies over time from microwaves or cellphones. Our bodies have become toxic from chemicals in the food we eat.  We must eat organic, earth grown foods of good energies, not the type that the government has genetically modified to thin out the herd. Lies are being told by the world leaders, inhibiting human freedoms, killing us off with weaponized viruses and keep us as inferior, ignorant, un-natural beings. Please do your own research on all this. Don't keep your heads in the sand anymore. The sand that eventually becomes solid concrete...LOL   Anyways, Being unaware, you are unprotected!

For your soul to progress, you must do so ethically.  To do meditations,  energy work  and   have  good morals and ethics overall. To do away with self-destructive addictions or substances that damage your energy body...your precious soul. That is how our souls will progress to a higher level.  There is however not enough of that yet.  The people are too stagnant. Too lazy spiritually (semi-spirituals). Too materialistic. Too uncaring and selfish. Too controlled. Too drugged-out.  As the Final Creator told us, "Materialism corrupts the Soul!".

Many things control you! The government, society and media control you! Your boss controls you! Your relationships control you! Money controls you! Your soul-less boss controls you! Almost everything you do if you think about it! Do you have control in anything at all? Do you even have free-will?  When are you going to disengage from the auto-pilot and think for yourself?  Don't you  want to become  your "True-Self" without all the default, auto-piloting  garbage programs inside you...controlling you forever? Would you like to know what true freedom is? Do you want to completely break out of the 3D mold you were put into?

Did you know the human body with the chakra system is a major control system to keep us as subservient slaves since the beginning when man was first created?  The Chakras allow Energy Vampires to take energy from you like a water tap!   Clearing the chakras just make it much easier for them to take your energies away faster. People don't even clear their chakras properly or at all.  And clearing just the Heart Chakra for the lazy meditators out there does NOT help much when the rest of the chakras are closed up -  ALL the chakras have to be cleared in unison and healed. Chakras contain the Ego versions and even generational programs in the family line that limit our abilities such as psychic abilities. We can clear them back to their original pure, blank state with the Extreme 7 Chakras Clearing Service. You will then experience a powerful, Divine Transformation as the frequency and vibration of your mind, body, and soul is now risen and released to go to a much higher level than it was before with the embedded, negative impurities that were inside of them.

Chakras are also designed to limit our Ascension process. They restrict/block our psychic abilities by giving us headaches when we want to use them. They limit our energy intake so we can't manifest what we want - that's the big missing piece of "the Secret."   The Chakras basically limit our evolution and ascension as a species and some cultures still glorify these structures of human enslavement! The Charkas are meant to hold you down at a much lower energy level so you can not generate the energies needed to change your reality! For example, The Buddha was born with NO chakras in his body due to his mother's family-line! The God had to remove the chakras from The Jesus Christ's body after he died so he can be resurrected with the new immortal energy flowing in him unrestricted. TJ, (The Oracle) provided us with these new information on our forum to awaken us to the truths.  Removing the chakras do NOT kill your soul and you will not go to hell as a result. Do not believe what the old nannies are saying to scare you to do nothing! Old dogs can't teach you new tricks! And No book contains the whole truth not even the bible especially when it is 80% written by man and old information by now. We are providing these newest channeled messages from the future when we become Elders ourselves so check us out on the Awakened forum!

When the chakras are removed in certain people such as high-level Star-seeds and Indigos, an incredible transformation takes place that is truly like night to day! The alien creators that modified our DNA structures wanted us to be their compliant dumbed-down, human slaves forever!  Our permanent solution is the Charka Removal Service (PHASE 1) .  Think of it as a spiritual purification and freedom for your soul rather than a removal because that is what it really is! True spiritualists know that lless is how you progress in the spirit in the 3D realm, so more is not necessarily better! We will ask for the chakras to be released by The God for you.  As he was the creator that placed these limits in humanity so long ago. We are the only ones given  permission by The God to remove the chakras. We will then send the charka structures and ego programs down into Mother Earth, Gaia, so that they can be recycled again for the next souls that needs them. They will not be harmed in anyway. It is extreme energy healing at it's best!

 Your brain has parts that make sure you keep uploading bad programmings back into your brain like an  infectious computer virus from the alien modified 'mind-cords' unless  those portions of  the brain are permanently wiped clean! There are 1000 bad programmings that sabotages us and limits us and must be eliminated so that we can become our True-Self! We will "destructure" these bad programs and the mind-cords from your  "programmed" brain.

 Our True-Self Transformation is the permanent solution (PHASE 2)   must be done afterwards. You  must become your True-self if you ever want to evolve to the  highest spiritual level.  Some would  think  that  we  are now technologically smart enough to overcome our problems.  This will not be the case.  Mankind is NOT able to ascend without external help!  The  ETs  want  to  help with  their  own secret modifications. Doing things on us behind our backs. Putting implants inside us to track us like cattle. Just don't believe their lies.  We  can't ascend by ourselves because there  was  just  way too much damage done and too many defects and blockages placed inside us! And Flower Power is no power either, drugs don't move you forward. It just makes you a lazy bastard all relaxed  but that's all. SO don't wait or wish for things to turn good by themselves, cause it won't happen that way. Don't be ignorant like the masses! Your soul (energy body) contains your past-life memories and experiences.  When you find your soul consciousness, you will treat yourself and others with much more respect. For the Indigos and Star-seeds, they just need someone to teach them to remember and give them the right spiritual tools needed to move you forward.  Don't get stuck and be left behind like the rest.   Be the 13%, Spiritually Smart ones, the New  Ascendants, that will make it!

WHY Humans can't Ascend

1. Mental Blocks - Bad Genetics (coding inside you), bad default programs or past traumas like people telling them not to believe in The God or the soul. True-Self Transformation needed to remove 3 core bad programs.

2. Charkas - Blocks any type of energy coming in or going out of our body which is needed for Ascension and DNA activation! (We have 7 chakras that affect us on the physical level. So we will remove these modified defects first then we can remove the tougher Mental blocks or traumas. It was The God that made the Chakras but the Alien races modified them with cords. Chakra removal is needed to remove your spiritual and energy restrictions. Recent scannings of old people found as you grow older, you develop more chakras that will eventually affect you health!

3. Non-Believers - They don't believe in anything related to The God. (The non-spirituals trust no one but themselves).  The Void is a place where these people will go to in the after-life until either their soul fades away or when or if  God releases them from it.  However, God told us he never goes there.

4. Violence - The ones that kill by their own hands or hurt people will never ascend.  For example, anger like road rage is 5% negativity which is enough to get you into Hell in the after-life. These people cause 40% of the accidents that cause injuries or fatalities. So follow The God's  commandments for we found that Hell is a real place for the violent abusers or killers in their after-lives! For example, stealing to survive is still wrong so don't do it! Reckless or suicidal behaviour is at 50% negativity!

5. Uncaring - Those that don't care about anybody but themselves (Selfish attitude). For example, Greedy, wealthy people with money but are selfish and too greedy that they don't donate to charities will go to Hell! Wealth is a big test for them so don't envy it so much as to worship these people!

6. Negative Energy over 3% negativity - Materialism increases negativity to block-off the heart energies and so do Dark Energy Practices like Yoga stances which are actually Devil/Sex stances copied from Demons. The stances will bring into you strong negative energies that keeps building-up to 30% of soul negativity.  People will feel energized by the stances but the high 30% negative energies will invite ghost entities and sex spirits into them like a honey-pot! Dirty sexual stances will bring the dirty sexual spirits into you especially if you stand wide-legged like that for hours! Since negative energy builds upon itself, & blocking the heart area which can actually bring higher health risks of Strokes and accumulation of Bad Luck. People doing these stances will be marked with a permanent "hell-mark"  for merging with the demon spirit with their soul.  Women, please don't empower yourself this way, it is a SIN! Your heart will have a black aura around it! People that sin will go to Hell in the afterlife. Hell is a place of 24/7 torture where pieces of your soul is taken away daily. King-Lui has been enabled by God to help those with "Hell-marks" as an energy healing service.

7. Drugs/substance abuses - Makes your soul weak and your body even weaker so that you take a back-seat like a lazy spiritualist. For example, alcohol abuse weakens your soul structure and lowers your immunity system. Ascension is about driving yourself forward not taking the easy road or taking things that make you a lazy bastard! Do you ever Wonder where you will go to in the after-life mr./ms. lazy guy/gal...of course not. Repeat the 3D courses again!

We know these things  because we were there  when Lemuria and Atlantis  had  reached the  apex of its advanced technologies and their sciences could not prevent their tragic endings. As Scientists of Technology, we told people then as we do now. But no one would listen. History is again repeating itself. As we have a direct connection to these tragedies, we feel mankind is coming upon the same point in time as these earlier, advanced civilizations. And as the light increases, so will the dark. The Age of Ascension is also the Age of Denial. Humanity's need of extreme examples of duality in this universe. 

 We don't want to see the same outcomes again and again. We don't like this kind of continual suffering. As a matter of fact, we are actually quite bored of this karmic "cause and effect" loop that  many people are permanently stuck in to. Locking-in many to the dense 3rd density recycle bin forever. We see it is a bad curse for you.  An endless curse without release. A curse that we past on to the next generation, our own children. We create this spiritual debts called Karma.

 For example, if you hit your kids to correct them, you will pass this same bad programming onto your child. And your child will pass this on to his child. A child is like a blank slate. We must correct with love, not anger. We must stop these types of bad programs from perpetuating any further. We take our anger and frustrations to the ones we love the most. We must get rid of the ego too, or self-righteousness. Don't believe you are better than everyone else.  That's why we are in the huge troubles we are now in.  The soul can not ascend when we cause hurt, traumas, or harm to our family, others  or ourselves. These things will put major blocks in the mind that will eventually manifest as real physical ailments later in life. We've seen too many of it already, but it has to happen on a bigger scale until people take notice!   

Egocentrism is getting very bad in our young people. It comes from the bad programming of the ALPHA JERKS. Breeding all the bad, dominant traits into the races. All the bad tempers, bullying, aggression, racism and destructive traits are put into their family-lines. You can see examples of it in online bullying or trolls these days. You see it now in the government. These people show their nasty and dark side like if it was a  recent disease but it was a long-time sickness. So with a mob mentality, they swarm on the weaker ones like zombies. They think they are better than everyone else. Everybody has faults. These people feed off negative and dark energies. We don't see any hope at all for these kind of people who hurt others. It's the bad genetic programming or DNA from the father and can go as far back as the grandfather. For men, it's even worst as they don't bother looking for help or support. And so for them, it gets worst and worst...until it is too late...much too late to do anything...just like a ticking time-bomb that can go off at anytime!

The ego is also very, very strong with the druggie generation as they are not completely gone yet so they are still affecting us especially the younger generation. Ego: a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Egos are constructed by those who believe too many illusions.They flaunt their huge ego at others. For example, the comments on our youtube video on DMT proved this to be true. They need their fix, nothing else matters. Many if not all of their comments try to justify their abuses, but don't even make any sense at all, and that's due to their years of substance abuses and dependencies. These people are not ready for change. What they take do NOT ascend the soul, but weakens it. Leaky chakras and  damaged energy meridians are the results. If you use Marijuana, there will be DNA activation strands loss of  about 70% with about 100 DNA activated strands permanently lost. Brain cells loss due to marijuana use is 25% with about 55 brain cells permanently lost. Not to mention all the pesticides in the weed that will "kill" you later on. Weak souls won't ascend with such heavy damages - they can never ascend. They are stuck here forever. The Gods don't want such weak souls amongst them. That is the Truth, and you want the truth right? Well, The Void we saw will be a very crowded place!

Substances that stop our spiritual growth

1. Alcohol - Do not take at all! Makes you believe bad things are good. Makes you do bad things. Alcohol will also decrease your brain energy and deplete your soul energy! You don't have infinite tries to get it right! This is not a video game. The ArchAngel told us most people have 2 to 3 lifetimes and then the soul energy totally diminishes unless you ascend!  Therefore, the soul is not forever energy. It gets depleted like any energy source! When it gets too low, no more reincarnation, more sicknesses, no more chances!

2. Cannabis - Only take it every 2 months. Only use for medicinal or pain purposes. Using Marijuana for recreational use will increase your Negativity level to uncontrollable levels that bring upon the Bad Karma effects! You have been warned!!!

3. Caffeine/Coffee - You can take it but 5 times each week. Taking more will make you age much faster. It makes the energy on your face area very rough so the wrinkles keep coming. Can make you an angry, high-strung person!

Yes, it's because of us, the older generation passing on our bad behaviors that don't move us forward. Don't swear either. They are like psychic attacks! Don't hold onto bad feelings or anger towards your fellow man even if they have caused you trouble. The bad energy will just grow stronger and stronger and add to itself inside of us and harm us spiritually. Humans have NO natural mechanism to get rid of this negative energy being built-up inside of us. It just keeps building and building, making us do things we may regret later. Being empathic is no real power if you are just their sponge of all the negativity and now the deadly viruses cometh and you want to absorb that too?! We've thus  become toxic with all the negative "black" energies around us, and most people don't even know it, but we as Energy healers&nbnbsp;we can sense it.  Few people, except  Time-Jumper  can "see" it going into people's souls. Good people are basically turning into bad people from the negativity build-up.  They start to close their hearts too. Which is bad news as the heart needst open for the healing energies to help them stay healthy and strong.  When you have continual negative thinking, you start to attract more and more negative things into your life and soul. When you are around negative people, it will suck out your positive energies like a vacuum cleaner. Then your energy absorption for that of the negative polarity becomes you.   It's happening now, and it will not get better by itself. Open your heart...but you can't you have bad programmings in you to close it!

The fact is, the longer you wait, the larger the changes  will have to be  made. And people, don't want change, that's an universal norm. Change is hard. The older you get, the harder it is for you to learn and accept new things. Things like what I am telling you. Like a health problem, somethings don't just get better by themselves. You are not invincible. But finally, like the heart-burn pain that you've kept dismissing for years as nothing, finally becomes the big heart-attack that  takes you out! There is the Big filter of Ascension, for men especially, it's the ego part of not needing support, and you are taking yourself out of the picture on the soul-level. Energy healing does work if done properly by a master energy worker... and for most of our clients, especially  those higher-level Indigos and Star-seeds, it has worked wonders for them!

The time is now to finally move away from the dense, negative 3D reality that has kept us so stuck and trapped in an  endless loop of having  to learn or re-learn the same old karmic lessons over and over again.  A nearly  unbreakable,  karmic  incarnation loop that will prevent many  from returning to the Source. The karmic debts just keep piling-up higher with our darkness attraction settings locked-on the full automatic attraction mode. Do you have a strategy to get out of these debts?

Dark energies are dense energies and are hard to dissipate or disperse. They want to keep adding to itself as oppose to white-light which disperses outwards. Evil is a much stronger influence here since they are more populated in this universe. The Earth we were told was the Blackest planet of all the Universes! There is no other place with such extremes in the races and the religions. We must learn to get along with each other here but it is very, very hard to do here. But if you do, you will ascend and awaken to your spiritual self.  That is why the Earth is the main birthplace of The Gods like The Jesus and The Buddha. Others like King-Lui, The Sevens group, and TJ (The Oracle) is heading on the Ascension path.  BUT what about you? What about your love ones? Do you care what happens to you and your love-ones in the after-life if you did have a soul? Is Hell real? But Science doesn't believe in the soul so I trust science. The Grey Alien races were like that...believed only in their science and they want their souls back now. What about you?

The Jesus ascended physically in the body while The Buddha ascended in the soul. So there are two ways to Ascend. Buddha looked inside himself during meditation and he found his way, he found his soul inside the darkness. So he was not pathless!  If you don't ascend that is not okay. It is the biggest tragedy and you don't even know that! For example, we did a reading on one of the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein. We asked him many questions and he was very smart guy but did not believe that there was a God nor Ascension. Well, he focused his mind on solving things on this realm with scientific ideas and made excellent discoveries based on educated guesses but spend no time on the spiritual things like the soul or where we go after death. Our readings found he  never existed again or reincarnated after he died! No reincarnation or ascension for Albert Einstein!  So your mind is a very powerful thing when you can focus it...and most people we've found have no idea how truly powerful it can become without the chakra blockages! 

These  denser, dark energies  are  making you more and more stagnant and adding to the un-naturalism you already have. Evil has some very smart entities. They feed off of our negativity. They can send thoughts of suicide so easily to us and we accept them as our own. When they find a nice victim, more and more entities come to feed! Another example is the unclear, energy fields of people create static and confusion, because they are broadcasting mixed messages of what they want. Basically, the heart responds before the head in an intuitive sense. We are scanning for future events with our hearts and third-eye. We can make more effective decisions when the heart chakra and third-eye charka are fully opened and cleared! When those chakras/area is closed off, by being uncaring or selfish people, we don't see anything coming. This is the big trade-off!

Services like our Clearing Service or Extreme 7 Chakras Clearing Service, which are very effective services for most people, that as soon as negativity is produced it is transmuted into pure, positive energy.  We will clear and heal all your chakras, not just the heart or third-eye that your whole energy body is awakened 100%. You will feel better with the dark impurities or ego imprints completely burned away. It is darkness removal, karmic debt removal, even demonic removal. You can't pray these things out. Clever evil entities try to hide in your soul, but can not hide from us.   We break all these bondages that can bring the same failures in certain areas of your life. You will also be taught the energy exercises to do this so that you can do it yourself and release your own power of change. All of our the services are amped-up many times stronger to insure complete success with our Divine energies. There are other services out there, but why would you want to pay up to twice as much for one-quarter the effectiveness and no support? Please check the recent, unaltered testimonials on the Home page.

 We believe the time is coming for another big "spiritual cleansing" as there is way too much build-up of negative energies on Dear Mother earth. The balance is way-off center. The spiritual cleansing like the  story  of Noah's Ark and the Flood, an example of what is needed because it was just too hard to break the karmic cycle ourselves, unless we face a major shift in our consciousness first. It is free-will gone terribly wrong. Dear Mother Earth, Gaia, can only take so much build-up of negative energies! Negative energy is not only bad for you but very, very bad for the spiritual energy of the planet Earth!   Without Gaia, this would be a dead planet with no life.

The negative energies from your past lives are stored in the astral body or energy body, and the negativity builds and builds upon itself. We have no natural mechanisms to release all this negativity from within our energy body! Our Astral Body Transformation is the permanent solution (PHASE 3)to resetting our astral bodies back to their pure, uncorrupted state! 

 As  the  earth  moves  towards the next  higher dimension,  most of the population  will  "suffer" the effects, most will  die from what will  look like a natural cause, such as those having a heart-attack while running in their fancy track suits - while others will succumb to a common ailment like the flu. While still others won't be able to control their violent natures anymore from the  built-up negativity  and will finally lash out with fatal and tragic consequences.  While still others, the Soul-less ones comprised of complete negative energies from birth called the Predators, because that's what they are, will cause havoc behind the scenes...killing those in their way and corrupting people so that they stay behind forever.  They don't feel emotions like compassion or remorse, and they want you to become just like them. Your soul is important for these soul collectors. Your Big Test is to choose the right path like it was tested on our group. 

Most humans just don't have the higher brain development or strong enough light/energy bodies needed from years of meditation or energy work to make the transition. That's why we are offering these life-changing services to everyone, regardless of race, culture or religious belief.  We have to charge for these services being offered because it takes us considerable energy work, time, and our resources to get you back into shape so that you can move forward spiritually. We have to digest your negative energy structures that are the charkas and to us that is not a pleasant feeling at all!

Man's  free-will will always  be the deciding factor in what our future is to become. It was God's gift. Angels and demons don't have  this. There will be many probabilities of  the future as we head  into 2017 and nothing is truly definite due to our free-will. For the few Awakening now, they will choose to ascend to the next higher realm with our planet, Mother Earth. Will you? Will you take the steps necessary to do so? Move forward, or stay behind. It's all up to you now!

If  we  take  even  a small step to collectively raise our consciousness, our karma will change for the better. The karma blueprint is something we can not escape because we are evolving spirtually on different levels. In order to alter our karma, we must clear out the controlling bits of the genetic code of the DNA contained in our souls, the spiritual DNA. 

As  we are our own  life-creators,  we can  decide  whether we continue living our lives within our karma or not.  We  need  to  all  wake-up  now  and take back control of our lives and break the chains of karma. There is a way and we believe we have it. We can remove this karma matrix in our coding by injecting our pure, angelic white light-codesâ„¢  containing  new DNA programmings into our binaural beats music like The Ascension Beat and Solfeggio Harmonics! It's Soul Extinction Prevention! Use it, they are free. Let others know! They were created by King-Lui/Ascension-ArchAngel, so please use these tools to heal yourself. If you still need help, then contact us about our powerful healing or clearing services.

 We can now finally remove the limitations imposed by these un-natural valves or restrictors, called  the Chakras, put into mankind's bodies many eons ago. You can finally be free of these controlling, slavery structures and even the controlling entities once and for all. We found that the chakras contain the ego-self/bad programs and structures in everyone we've helped so far...embedded deep inside the chakras. You need to cleanse or remove them to advance, especially for the high-end Indigos and Star-seeds. To see the truth of who you really are - advance light-beings without the limitations!

We now can offer our exclusive, energy transformation service to completely remove your chakra system with our  natural removal/purification method. We don't just block-off or shield your chakras to mask them so that they seem like they are gone - like what  other energy workers are doing! Blocking the chakras are not the same as removing them! If you go to other healers, you are not getting the same type of service!   We will ask The God to help with the removals and release of the chakras so there will be no karma debts afterwards! With our service, you will feel no pain at all, like it was a natural process - so you will get no headaches, no injuries, no tissue damage, no karma, and no psychological disorders.  

We do a complete job in re-routing energy processes, removing 100% of the chakra system (other healers leave about 90% or more of the chakras left-over while create holes like swiss-cheese in the energy body), while healing and teaching the body to handle the energies in a new way without expelling it out of the body. By removing your chakras, your body will get stronger, your DNA will activate to the highest level, and even your karma will be changed for the better! On average, a person will a full seven chakras removal will live 17 years longer compared to a person with chakras. All this was confirmed by my family member, TJ (Time-Jumper).

This is  PHASE 1 of  the THREE part AWAKENED! Energy Transformation  being  offered right now to the public!  Get it done while we can still offer it,  and while we are still willing to do them for you! If you are in your mid-twenties that is the best time to get your charkas removed.  Once you are 60 years of age and over, it is too late to do this service.

The important thing everyone know is that the soul like energy can not be destroyed once it's been created. However, it can be transformed!  Your energy structure of who you are, known as the soul, can be "de-structured" or "re-structured" by the Predators and thus your awareness of who you are will be destroyed unless you strengthened your energy system and energy body. Getting the charkas purified or removed with our services will help in a long way in preserving a strong, energy body and keeping your awareness intact like it should be. It gets you out of the slavery mode. It is a shame people don't know that their energy bodies are so very powerful, and can be taught to be to used properly.

Honestly, we wouldn't be charging  for  these transformations if people were capable of doing it themselves or doing it properly. Most people can't even clear their own chakras, let alone be capable of removing the chakras by themselves. We do it the right way, the natural way, the way it was intended without incurring karmatic debt.  We are able to ask The God to release the charkas for you.  We have a divine process to do that so there will be no karma debts. There were even people  coming to us because the previous transformations they had done by other people had caused severe enough  damage to their astral bodies and energy systems that we had to repair the damage by building them a whole, new astral/energy body.  We won't be doing this repair work anymore, so please don't go to these people out for a cheap fix. 

A properly  done transformation should not hurt or cause severe injury to the physical and energy bodies, nor cause further karmic debt! Most so-called energy or Reiki healers can only remove 10% of your chakras, so you will have 90% of the chakra left-over when they are done. They are not authorized by The God to remove the chakras! Mostly these people do a gun-shot type of energy service that is not precise or thorough enough so in the end your energy body is full of  bullet-like "holes" just like a Swiss cheese soul body! So get it done right the first time around, because your energy body  or soul is not something to be played around with someone or shot full of holes! We will no longer fix these devastating problems created by low-level healers that will shorten your life-span by many years. If we do not respond to you, it's bcs we know!


PHASE 1, the Chakra Removal Transformation, is a safe and natural service to remove the energy restricting chakras and limitations put into the human body nautrally.  Naturally, means without any pain or injuries. The difference you will feel in energies will be truly night and day! All limits are removed so there is no telling how strong you will get!

 PHASE 2,  the True-Self Transformation, is   the  elimination  of all the lies and misleading nformation, and negative programming in the brain. For example, this is great for people who want to be better than everyone else. It also blocks the auto-rejuvenation program process to restoring or re-adding the bad programs back into place. This process takes 2 years to fully transformed a person into their True-Self.

 PHASE 3, the Astral Body Transformation, you get a brand new, astral body to replace your old damaged one!  All the info is copied, with all the experiences, past lives, and knowledge, from the old astral body to the new one, BUT without copying any corrupted or bad parts from the old body to the NEW, astral body!  

Furthermore,  as  we are the new keepers of the incredible HOLY RING  and  TRINE CROSS, each of our clients will be bathed in the white-light energies that the amazing items are emitting! Become  empowered  with spiritual powers that these energies give out when you make a small donation!

Please contact us using the ordering form if you are interested in further information about purchasing our binaural beats and services. We want to get our powerful ascension tools out to those that need it the most by keeping it as  low cost as possible.  Our solutions are really the most cost effective and powerful answer for personal, spiritual development.   Please also check our newest albums using the binaural beats technology under our  artist name  Ascenstion-Archangel in the  iTunes music store! 


Physicians usually have a false to fact view that man is nothing more than a physical body. Millions of dollars are spent on new medical technologies, health-care treatments and medicine which alleviate the patients symptoms but can not treat the true causes.

The sad truth is that modern medical practitioners can be very barbaric towards the human body without the knowledge of how they can affect the rest of the organism as a whole. For example, while a certain treatment can be of a great beneficial effect to one person, but on an energy level, it could be like a deadly poison to another.

We need to see ourselves as a mental, emotional and physical beings - with each part affecting and affected by each other. It is the inner being of us that is being ignored. If you treat just the physical ailment without prescribing a remedy for the subtle, energy body nbsp;problem, you will not effect a permanent cure.

When a person is sick, fatigued, or diseased, the subtle body's energetic levels start to drop and the aura that acts like a psychic skin weakens and leaves the body open to outside negative influences. The energy healer can strengthen the patient with their own energies, and this fact has been proven.

As an energy healer we deal with dynamic energies rather than straight logic. To increase chances of a solid cure of your ailment, you should continue the prescribed treatments from your doctor along with the appropriate remedy for the subtle, energy body until you are cured. Truth is, we are more than physical beings - we have always been energy beings before we came into our physical bodies.  

 Help the helpers

 Please  donate to keep  this site up. Donaters of $20 will be allowed into our private forum at us your forum name after donation). Donations of $60 or more  will also get a remote session to blast open up your third-eye and  transfer our purest white-light energies to you from both the Holy Ring and Holy Trine. It will move your soul frequency to a higher level and allow the power to manifest your wishes and dreams into reality. The session will be done by King-Lui!  

Experience the incredible, white-light powers of a living, breathing Sin-Eater that is King-Lui! Get the Clearing Service for only $199, it will finally purge you of all the negative and dark energies inside your soul and their destructive influences on you so that you can finally operate at your highest potential! Negative energies can block your psychic abilities from coming forth. 

 Just message us on the forum after donating and we will contact you at an appropriate time for the remote session with Skype.



The  following are a list of some of  the professional instructional services we provide at only $60 per 30 min phone or Skype session:

1.   Energy increase.

2.   Feeling energy.

3.   Seeing aura, energy.

4.   How to move energies.

5.   Learn what is energy, what is matter.

6.   Energy absorption.

7.   Accessing energies inside you.

8.   Learn how to trance.

9.   Learn how to meditate.

10. Clearing minds and teaching how to clear it.

11. Enchanting objects.

12. Summoning life-forms.

13. How to talk to life-forms.

14. Pineal Gland Stimulation for 30 minutes.

15. Lucid dreaming.

16. Empathy

17. Shields and barriers.

18. Astral body awakening.

19. How to strengthen abilities.

20. How to use an ability better.

21. Scan of your energy body or astral body. 

To purchase these services, please click on the PayPal Buy Now button below.

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