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The Deluxe Clearing Service for One



Our  Deluxe Clearing service is the  strongest clearing service we have.  The service is for one person.  With  this service  we do a full negative energy or evil / darkness removal. This includes spells, curses, black magic, voodoo, dark spirit or entity attacks, parasitic attachments and karmatic debts.

Negative energies  can  build over  time and ultimately wreck havoc in our lives. Humans DO NOT have a natural clearing mechanism against  negative energy accumulations. The negative  effects  can  build rather quickly, making a person worry,  get  anxious, angry, emotional,  negative,  tired,  paranoid  or  even  hostile  than usual. Dark energies don't disperse like light energies do, they want to collect together and get denser and denser.   Do you want to be someone's negativity sponge? If you do, then it is allowing their negative energies to affect, compromise, or even poison our own energy, and that will eventually lower our own energies to a significantly lower level.

Things happen first in energy body before it manifests in the physical body. This is very important concept that we work with in our healing service for health and disease. Bad thoughts and negative energies manifest into bad structures in the energy body first then into the physical body. The longer your energy body holds onto these bad structures the faster and stronger they will manifest into reality.

If you are in a profession where you regularly work around many kinds of people, such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, counsellor, police etc.,  you should regularly have your chakras, energy body or aura checked and cleansed of these toxic build-up of negative energies. This service, like all our services, will include a complete chakra clearing service that will put chakras back to their pure, white blank state minus the ego version. The previous inlaid roots of darkness (bad programs) will get uplifted and removed.

If you let negative, dark energies build inside you, it will affect you eventually!  It's like getting bad virus updates all the time, day by day. Then, at some point, the brain will become pure darkness in vibration and thought. And what you think, is what you will attract.  It opens all the wrong doors and so it is easier for more negative entities, influences or even demons to find you and latch on to. Karmatic debt also opens these doors/portals. Without a proper chakra clearing, shielding and armor, most people are sitting ducks!

This includes people in abusive relationships or  co-dependent  relationships that have created a dark force interference in their life strong enough that its harmful effects will damage their astral/energy body.

If you have frequent, sudden suicidal thoughts for no reason then you may have an energy parasite living inside your body that must be removed. These life-forms are trapped in this realm need to feed off of your negative emotions and drain you of your life-form energy. They will feed on whoever they can inflict any kind of torment on so their victim will put out even more negativity for them to eat. It is like anyone who is unaware and have no protection given, you will just keep attracting those dark energy beings and negative people that want to harm you. 

They can also send telepathic thoughts to people around you that you hate them even though you don't. You can imagine all the problems that they can cause in your life. And for the special ones, the ones Ascending now, they will be the ones hardest hit! When it's your time, you will know-hope it's not too late.

Even the electromagnetic effects of a mobile phone for extended periods can render one to be more vulnerable to dark force interferences on your energy body. Also, certain energy grid-lines you live over can generate enormous amounts of negative energies that make many sick.

Please let anyone you know of that can benefit from our clearing and healing services! Our services do bring a potent, positive change, and a clearance of your problems. Our healing techniques are described as very angelic but scientific, because that is how we do it. It is technology based healing methods from the far future, send back for us to be used for our own benefit.

You will feel the pulling out of the negative energies, structures, programs, and all bad impurities out of your chakras and energy body. The pulling will go as far down as the bad genetic programs from inside of the bones. Even though many choose to experience a dark reality, the suffering can be lessen now. We abide by the laws of the light - let us heal you so that you can move forward spiritually and ascend to the next  level. Let me surround you with a protective energy shield that only allows Divine energies to flow into you by creating an aura of Divine light and love around you! This powerful Divine energy will then resonate from you at all times and will start to affect others around you. You will then naturally counteract and ward-off  negative energies.

The clearing session takes about two hours to complete, so we will need to set-up a time and place where you will not be disturbed for at least two hours.       

To purchase this service, please fill your full name in the box below then click on the MoneyGram icon below to sign-up. Deposit the amount needed (Contact Us!) into the account from your bank then ask for the receiver info from me. Later you will send me a Tracking Number to me. Once the full payment is received by us, we will email you the time and date of the session, along with the Skype name to contact to complete the remote/distance energy transformation service.

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