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Attacking Services

The Deluxe Attacking Service for One


Our  Deluxe  Attacking   service  is   the   strongest  attacks stopping service we have.  The service is for one person in one session. With this service we stop your attackers on your behalf. Why Stop an Attack when you can just use Shields instead?  Because  the attacks can  be  intentional  or  directed   at  you,  happen  over  a  period  of  time,  and  slowly  but surely  even  the  strongest  shield  will develop  cracks  and  openings  in them! Over time you start to  absorb  all  the  bad  energies  given  out  in  the  attacks!

Basically, we  stop what  was  started  against you,  but  we  don't start an attack.  We will never start an attack on anyone, this is not what this service does!   There  will be no bad karma gained by using this service or any of our services.  Nobody will be harmed in this service, only the attacks on you will be permanently neutralized!

Psychic   attacks   are  a  very,  serious matter  -  they   can  be  negative  attachments,  dark  energies,  voodoo,  thoughtforms,   links  and  psychic spells.   Attacks  to  your   energy  system  or body   can  have  an  accumulative  effect  over  time  and  ultimately  wreck  havoc to your health, body and mind.  The  negative effects can build  slowly over  time and  develop into a  serious mental or physical problem.

The  effects  of  the  attacks  will  become  deeper  and  deeper.  Negative  energies  sent to you can get  strong  enough  to   get  lodged  in  certain  parts  of  the  body  such as the brain and body.   We've   had   people   coming  to  us    for   help  with    holes   and  energy   structures  lodged   in  their  energy bodies so there is true damage being done without you knowing  about  it!   The  symptoms  of   psychic  attack  are  wide ranging,  they   include   draining   feelings  or   a  constant  lost  or  draining  of  energy,  longer illnesses,  more  negative   thoughts,  sudden   emotional   distresses   like  depression,  anger  and   irrationational   fears   or   bad  nightmares.

We  go  to  the  source  of  the  attack  and   neutralize it for good, be  it  psychic  dark energies,  entities,  spirits,  or   the  human   kind  of  attacker.   This   service  IS   the  ultimate   in serious  psychic offense.  Basically, we will equalize the situation for you!   Again,  please  note  that   the attacker who  is attacking you will not be harmed,  just  their  attacks  are  stopped  or  neutalized  from  ever  harming  you  again.

This service like all our services will include a complete chakra clearing service that will put chakras back to their pure, white blank state minus the ego version impurities.

To purchase this service, please fill your full name in the box below then click on the MoneyGram icon below to sign-up. Deposit the amount needed (Contact Us!) into the account from your bank then ask for the receiver info from me. Later you will send me a Tracking Number  to me. Once the full payment is received by us, we will email you the time and date of the session, along with the Skype name to contact to complete the remote/distance energy transformation service.

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