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"We use subtle energy manipulation techniques combined with our own unique,  spiritual abilities and Divine Machinery to help people on all levels -  mental,  physical,  emotional,  and  spiritual.  With our energy healing sessions,  you  will  notice the body   is  protected   against   illness  and  negative   influences.  We will connect you with the powerful energies inside yourself and these energies will continue to work long after your session has ended."

We abide by the Divine order of the universe, we only help to change your current conditions that will end up conforming to the divine principles of cause and effect. Our  services are very effective and will help you overcome the obstacles in your life, and  put you on the path to success as well as happiness. 

Let us help you discover the incredible powers and abilities that you hold inside without the limitations of your charkas! Most people we found have no idea how powerful they can get when we have removed all the blockages and  bad default programmings that are inside them (their charkas hold these information).

Blockages deny you of so many wonderful things such as good health, psychic abilities and can eventually weaken you to a point  where it will manifest as a physical ailment or disease, especially when you get older when energies flow slower. Those that waited too long until there is nothing can help, not even us! So don't let it happen to you...plan ahead to be the spiritual smart-one like the ones that came to us early on in their life.

Please check out the services that  will change your life forever and put you on the path of a much better future and even Ascension.  We are here  to help anyone to overcome life's  problems, no matter what  your religion, culture or race is, as long as you are an open-minded person we can help you!
 For further information on our cutting-edge energy healing services, please send me your inquiry at the ordering link."                               
KING-Lui (aka Ascension-ArchAngel)
From now on, our Shielding and Attacking protection services will come with our exclusive, 24/7, Angelic protection service by The Protector Avatar for no charge, for as long as 3 months! When your calls or pleas for angelic help don't come, you can depend on us! Get the ultimate protection from all evil or evil doers with the Awakened protector entity!

For more information about the powerful, time-traveling Awakened! protector entity that can protect you in any time or place, go to our Awakened! forum by the link here.

Binaural Beats available here for instant download!

We have been working very hard again to bring you more powerful binaural beats tested by both groups, The Ascendants and the Awakened! group. Our groups will be continuing our research and future-channellings into the use of binaural beats to enhance our "sixth sense",  so please check  periodically  in  the  Albums  section  for  great,  new  healing beats  to  come! These  are  one  hour long, highest-quality and professional made beats using only new channeled frequencies not old re-used frequency(s) that the other people are doing that can't channel. SO for those serious people wanting to explore binaural beats for psychic abilities development, know they are using beats tested by psychic/ intuitives. We  highly recommend those people just starting off, to purchase the 1-hour long versions of both The Ascension Beat  and  Solfeggio Harmonics, the same two beats my groups found that had ascended their DNA strands beyond the 2nd and 3rd strands  and awakened their energy/astral bodies.   

We now have new training tutorials for developing the ability called Telekinesis, Telepathy, Dowsing, and Sigils/Psionics! These sessions are totally customized and channeled to the client after readings are done for you! Learn secret training methods and information only taught to our Awakened! members and clients!

We have the new Chromosome beats for psychic ability development by The Final Creator and the Angel Badge books by the ArchAngel Raziel! Learn secret training methods and information only taught to our Awakened! members and clients!

The  new discount  code  is  "awakened2021"  and can be used for purchases totaling over $99 for a 10% discount on the binaural beats.  Save Over 80% now our Full-Length, Instant Access Binaural Beats!  Move forward, or stay's really all up to you now!  Check-out our binaural beats are album chart-toppers available in iTunes!

Ascension-ArchAngel's Youtube Video

Psychic Feedback on the Ascension Beats

Hi Louie:

I finally got this straighetened out.  The email I sent to myself with your email address in it (one computer to another), went into spam probably because there was not enough body and subject!!  LOL
I've attached two screen shots of the PSI feedback program.  The 01 picture was the first and it was quite unusual.  The first eight bars were pretty low, except for that tall one.  That tall one was so high that it occurs only once in 1800 bars.  The rest of the bars were basically random.The second graph was a little on the high side, but not significant i.e. less than 95% confidence.  You will probably need to watch this 30 minute presentation about the program to get a good grasp on what the graphs really mean.
Here's the link to the slideshow video that will enable you to understand the graph better.
 If you'd like to use the program to test how your audios effect ones psychic state of mind I'll be happy to send you the program.  You will need to run the program under DOSBOX or in Win XP or before as Microsoft has ruined the ability to run that program.  I'd be REAL interested to find out which of your audios help PSI.
George Duisman   
          (01 picture)                                       (02 picture) 

Hi Louie!

The Arch Angels that are working with you in particular are Arch Angel Jophiel for he is the angel of Creative Power, Arch Raphael the angel of healing and Arch Angel Zadkiel, the angel of prayer.

Another angel working with you that works with vibration is an angel of the third order called Galgaliel and a beautiful Seraphim Angel called Hamied that works with miracles.

This all ties in with your work and abilities!  

Thank you so much Louie! Have a blessed day! 
in love and light always, 

We  have  been  working  very  hard  this  month  to   bring   new  services  aboard! We have new and exclusive services now like the True-Self Transformation (PHASE 2), Pineal Gland Activation,  Extreme 7 Chakra Clearing, Soul Resurrection (rebuilding a soul destroyed in a bad transformation),  Astral Healing,  Karma Healing, and  special one-on- one guidance workshop services like the  relationship  service, motivational  speaking,  job interview skills,... so just ask us if you are needing  a  specific  skill  enhancement. Chakra Removal Services (PHASE 1)

Check out our energy transformation service to 100% completely remove your chakra system in one remote session. No, this is NOT a chakra clearing or aura clearing service, it is a one-time chakra valves and limiters remover remote service done by our expert energy workers, King-Lui and Time-Jumper (The Oracle). Once done, you will never have to  spend  time  and money on clearing your  chakras or energy blockages again because  you won't have any chakras anymore!

Removing the chakras, or handicaps (CAPS to your energy by 97%), will also remove the spiritual limitations imposed by these restrictive energy valves, put into mankind many, many eons ago to limit your Ascension! You will finally be set  free of the controlling structures like Karma and even the controlling entities or handlers. You want the best or be like the rest? What is the healing of our energy body or soul worth to you? At least get the Head Chakras removed (the Crown and Third-eye) and that will get you going in the right direction! Charkra removal is a limiter removal!

It is the chakras that acts as major blockages of our energy that causes rapid physical  deterioration of the body and psychological illnesses as we get older. So if you get sick easily, bad migranes and heal slowly then chakra removal is needed as soon as possible! After 60 years old, your chakras will block you enough that certain diseases will come forth! It is also these ineffective system of charkas that allow others to feed-off of your energies, storage containers of negative energies, block your psychic abilities, and will ultimately block  you from  advancing any further towards your  Ascension!  Read our testimonials below!

               No Chakras (7 Charka Removal) + 0% Negativity = ASCENSION!

There are many mental blocks or bad default programmings (addictions, traumas, anger like road rage or suicidal thoughts) that can NOT be removed UNLESS the chakras are removed first! These bad programs will try to eliminate you and eventually they will if you don't act.  Negativity is affecting many people especially empaths. People don't have a natural defense against the build-up of negative energies! They becoming walking, ticking  time-bombs that are controlled by the lower emotions! Taking drugs or alcohol will just make it worst later...much worst in the way it permanently damages your brain, body and soul...your soul structure is permanently damaged and soul capacity is  dangerously lowered past the point of self-regeneration! Soul death is real. Most people think their soul is immortal but it is not! Due to Covid19 and variants in the environment, your soul life according to the Elders is lowered down to just 100 years!

You can see it today with the racist, reckless, agressive and selfish behaviours of people. The negative/bad energy is rubbing off onto you! Human time-bombs that can go off at anytime. Just look at the United States with average negativity level of 20% now from  6% just years ago. Due mainly to their former leader, Trump. That is a really high negative energy level and sooner or later it will affect you! The problem with chakras are they work together as a lock-down of everything into place including holding onto the negative energies (including karma) that  you need to release (not keep building and storing) for Ascension to take place for you. The great 3D trap and you don't even know it! The chakras were modified to have energy cords that connect to parts of  the brain and make other unseen attachments that are not good for you. Don't be the programmed time-bomb that goes off sooner or later!

The Chakras were originally from the Creator but the Alien races modified them afterwards with mind-cords to limit and control you. We will remove all these "mind-cords" too for you. It is NOT against God to remove these modified structures that dumb us down if the removals are done by us. Information in energy creates these structures or containers in your body but we do still have to ask God to release them first! We will ask God to release these structures so you and I won't incur any karmic effects. Nobody else ecept us can remove these "mind-cords" as they are way too intricate and very fine! The many distractors on Chakra Removal will say chakra removal is of the dark-side, satanic or a new trend. It is none of those things! Why would you want mind-cords in your brain and the building negativity in your energy body control you like a puppet for a life-time? Basically, you will be trapped in the loop of reincarnation until the chakras, mind-cords, negativity and karma are removed for good from your body!

TWO biggest stoppers to people finding the Truth:

1.Thinking that the Saviour will come to save them  (This will be their biggest let-down). Jesus is NOT coming back to earth. We did ask him, our Divine Family member,  as people are too negative! Those promoting this false belief  of him coming back or of a New Messiah will never have ascension but will have reincarnation! Low soul level people with White souls should NOT be doing readings anyways!  And while Jesus is the only one allowed to be called THE Ascension God, he is not the only solution on Earth for Ascension! The Ascendant  team  is here now to help out! 
2. Fear of the Unknown (Fear is strongest mental-block so they are blocking themselves)
So FEAR  together with the 7 chakras as energy blockages, it's like the Great Wall of China...

We recall one of our tougher clients that had constant suicidal thoughts, and she came to us because nobody else could help her with her various problems.  We fixed  her blockages then we find she had energy parasites leeching on her soul energy! The chakras and energy parasites where also  blocking her strong psychic abilities! Constant nightly attacks from negative, sex spirits took a toll on her sanity. She was a storage container of negativity, a honey-pot, that is why ghost entities haunted her nightly!  And if you practice Yoga stances, they are actually Devil or Satanic stances that will condemn your soul to hell because your wide-legged, sexual stances are inviting demon spirits to merge with your soul (DEMON-MERGED)!

Without the blockages of seven chakras and the energy parasites, she told us she could see future events and uses the ability in her career as an iphone software developer! The hauntings stopped too! The removal of her seven charkas removed these containers of negative energies for good! It seems people tend to wait too long until they're at the end of their rope. There are thus Slow Empaths that wait until it is too over...and the Fast Empaths that fix things before it becomes unfixable!  Which type are you? As long as you are not already dieing of cancer or demon-merged, we can help you! Don't wait any longer! Waiting just let's the blockages incur more damage to your body and soul. People usually coming to us have very low energies (diminishing soul capacity) which means the decay of the body has already taken affect. Yellow or gold energies are NOT a good aura but means your body is decaying/dieing from disease. Self-medicating with drugs, weed, and alcohol like what most people are doing these days to numb their mind/body will lead to more health and mental issues down the line especially when they hit 60 years old then it is all downhill from there!  And now with the Covid19 in our environment, people with weakened immunity systems and seniors are succumbing to deadly viruses that don't effect those of us without chakras! We, the Ascendants, naturally developed a Shield against these bad viruses, bacterias and now negative energies! The 3D Plagues are here and they won't stop coming so what is your protection?

Chakra removal has been available long before King-Lui started doing it in 2012. It is NOT a new trend in 2022. Those that talk about the Sevens seals or Crown of Thorns are saying the same blockages of the chakras. If you don't remove the charkas, you won't get any DNA activation or activated strands. We've done psychic readings since 2011 so we know. Do more research on Chakra removal! The weaker energy healers can not do chakra removals nor chakra healings. Charkas can not be vaporize but needs to be absorbed by a Divine being/person otherwise both the client and energy worker will incur deadly karma for it is God who put the charkas in. Also, Do NOT do chakra removals by email that is a common scam.  We have done many remote sessions so check our feedback! We have barely seen any removal of the chakras from most if not all the energy workers out there! KL was trainied specifically in Chakra Removals by 3 natural energy workers (not Reiki as they wont absorb others energies)  and wanted to perfect his own procedures so It took King-Lui couple years before-hand to learn from his powerful mentors and perfect the best method that he is still using today! Basically, if you don't remove those old, weaker structures and  damaging core programs (death and decay programs), you won't be able to get newer stronger programs installed to heal and ascend you! You must also utilize your cosmic brain, not the pre-programs that limited and narrowed your 3D mind! Listen to what Aunt Amber told me privately about the cosmic brain.

The methods used by KL are way  more powerful, permanent, precise, and advanced energy work than anyone out there! KL's "White"  crystalline energy will be sent into you to start the DNA activation that is need for the DNA strands to activate once the charkas are removed! Recent readings by the Oracle also discovered, 14 defects in the chromosomes were removed during the chakra removals. Defects like cellular mutations and skin damage were being slowed down. We have readings of DNA activated strands that have kept ascending to over 300 strands in many of our clients! We will measure and monitor your Ascension using DNA activation strands and negativity level readings.

And it's definitely not a Satanic thing to remove the modified chakras.  Earth we were told will always be the birthplace of The Gods! It is THE Ascension planet and we must protect it! So Don't let anyone even Religion to scare you away from evolving or Ascension! Don't wait for a Saviour either, Jesus and God will not be coming back here anytime soon! They told us that they want to keep their negativity down at 0% negativity level. The global average Negativity is now four times larger now at  40%!

The Oracle's  channelled messages said that  the Crown chakra is like the "Cap" on the bottle, remove it first to allow removal of it's contents. It can lead to cancer if not removed in certain people earlier on. The Crown chakra is the hardest chakra to remove. Most other healers are barely able to penetrate the Crown structure to remove it.  The Throat chakra, if not removed increases choking risks and keeping the Heart chakra leaves you more open to heart attacks! 

Chakras removal said the Oracle is the main thing that will start the body's DNA to fully activate. This in turn, allows the body to ascend from the 3D and into 4D. Our channeled readings told us that the Creator too had to remove Jesus's chakras in order to revive/ressurect him and allow the Creator's Immortal energy to enter  Jesus's body as the Chakras were such huge energy blockages! So by removing these limiters, will open the door for more unlimiting effects later.  When your body moves into a 4D body, it is 15% into Immortality according to our recent readings! When you are 100% into a 4D body, you can move between the 3D and 4D realms just by thinking of it! The ability is called Warping.

Your Karma too can be released if  it is properly absorbed by the healer during the chakra removal procedure. With King-Lui's Divine Machinery (Natural abilities against negative energies or demons), he found he could also take in the person's karma and vaporize it without it affecting or adding to his own karma. For those without Divine Machinery, this would mean they would absorb other people's bad karma, negativity and accumulate more karma into their own soul. Killer diseases like Cancer was found to be the result of accumulated karma! And we know you talk about wanting Good Luck in your life but your karma just killed it before it can even appear! So are you a fast empath or a slow one?

Our service will also remove all energy parasites, that if not removed from the person, will slowly weaken their immune system and leave them open for future diseases. There are many types of energy parasites too that keep you drained of energy. No energy  means 0% DNA activation and thus NO Ascension. Even the Jesus had his chakras removed by God so his Immortal energy can transform the weak human body into an immortal 5D body. Implants such as Alien implants used to track you can be de-activated too but since they are advanced hardware, King-Lui will use his specially developed deactivation methods. 

All of our services will provide a detailed reading from The Oracle on your Soul Negativity and Karma levels before and after the chakras removals, Soul Color Level, Soul Capacity level, DNA strands activation before and after, trauma removals, aura and energy body condition, your True-Self, Career Success, or Life-purpose reading and much, much more! God works through us!  We do ask for his permission first before doing the energy work since doing so without permission incurs more Karma in your soul! We are God's Divine instrument for your well-being!  

We are also the Original Energy Healers since 2012 that have been Divinely allowed by The God, our Father, since Lui is God-Son #3, to remove the Charkras WITHOUT incurring any karma effects or hell-marks! We do not remove the Kundalini either as we only remove blockages not the power sources! Others can simply copy our words but they can never come close to copying our services. So Finally be free, get the real chakra removal services done by us and be one of the few AWAKENED Ones, the Ascendants!

Contact us using the Ordering form for further information. On the Awakened forum there are real people, the Ascendants and Sevens group, that had their charkas fully removed by us. If you are wanting to awaken your latent psychic ability, unlock powerful energy healing abilities, remove your karma, lower your negative energies and remove wealth blocking programs, activate your DNA fully for Ascension, boost your athletic prowess with unlimited energy, move into a 4d body, or bump-up your creativity to the next level then set-up your session today! Read some of the new testimonials below from our clients! Further feedback is on the testimonials page now.

The services are no longer offered to the general public due to KL's and TJ's busy schedules in 2022. You can contact us using the order form for a soul reading first to see if you are ready for our chakra removals or energy healing services which are only available through us! We can customize a package that is perfect for you and you only!  We  will do  many energy and DNA activated strands readings afterwards for all our clients at not extra charge!  With the readings being done, we can tell that you are ascending and not a placebo!  We are your 3D solution for now and  into the far future! Dont let the oncoming  plagues take you out before your time! Karma payments are due now...


Date: 06/22/2022 at 07:45 PM

Name: will
Message: True Self Transformation season did make positive impact on me!

Before the True Self Transformation season, I used to feel not enough, uncontrollable sexual desire, and uncontrollable anger. But I never though this true self transformation able to get rid of that.

So during the season, Mr KL removed the bad human programs such as greed, lust, rage, death, decay, and suicide. Also Mr KL did install the love and luck programs, help increase my DNA activation, pray that soulmate will come and love healing and he did taught me how to install good programs by myself. I had fun having conversation with mr KL.

After the season, I no longer feel greed, lust, and rage. Also not afraid of death is strengthen. So yeah I feel like I'm a different person which is great! Also I can feel my head feel more breeze and colder temperature.

Overall, this season did major changed on me. Thank you Mr KL for allowing me to order True Self Transformation for ascension!

Will is part of our Ascendants group.  The removal of the core bad programmings is needed for Ascension of the soul and body. We are the only ones doing it properly after over 10 years of intensive reseearch and training with the most powerful energy workers. We do energy readings after each session to ensure that our energy work had 100% succeeded!


Date: 05/31/2022 at 07:13 PM

Name: will
Message: Third season, I finished the three remaining chakra season.

I'm so happy that solar plexus, sacral and root chakra completely removed it. I can feel that it was very hard to take it out and I had to put all my strength into hand to push it. It was quite exhausting however it was worth it 100%

After the chakra removal, I can sense the energy/air in head continuously than just only head chakra removal. Also during meditation, my mind/thoughts is much bit more clear than having all chakra in body.

KL did taught me the rest of energy work techniques exercise that is necessary toward ascension and helped me flush out the karma and negativity. I'm grateful for your kindness KL to do all this.

Thank you so much mr KL for helping me to take back control my life. Without you, my life might be upside down/worst.

Will is part of our Ascendants group now. Not many people will be accepted into the group. It is not the member that chooses. It is their soul that choose...we can see that in their soul energies. Many people do not know that if you do nothing to Ascend then you let Karma choose for you...and Karma loves for you to pay for your debts in the worst possible ways in current life or the next...reincarnation is also not forever...there is Soul Death!


Date: 05/09/2022 at 07:02 PM

Name: willy c
Phone: (xxx) xxx - xxxx
Message: The second season I had with Mr Lui is superb

Before the throat and heart chakra removal. My thyroid feel heavy and larger which is quite discomfort. I usually do feel coldhearted toward to any human. Also the memory of trauma keep show up in my mind when I heard baby went cry, and resentment and hatred toward someone who cause it was quite strong.

During the chakra removal, I dont really feel anything during that removal procedure. I just learned that chakra negativity/blockage is affecting him. But im really grateful that he is willing to help! After that he help/taught me some things/facts that shall be hidden in human society.

After next day/few days. I can feel throat is back to normal and throat is aligned in truth. Also I can feel gate of heart is opened, I feel so much calm and positive emotion is increase. Also trauma appear automatic in mind, negative feeling and emotion is started to dissipate.

Also the toxic air from lungs always expel it through the throat and mouth. I feel relief in body.

Overall, removing the throat and heart chakra was much big changes on this. I can feel daily positive feeling here. Thank you so much Mr Lui, Mother earth Gaia, and God. I look forward to remove the rest of chakra.


Date: Apr 19, 2022, 5:45 PM

Name: Morgan
Message: Insane Testimony by Myself

I feel like Jesus.

One of my family members got terrible cramp and had searing pain. They fell on the floor and couldn't get up.

I knew they refused to go to hospital as they hate them, so after a while they weren't getting better so I gave them 'instant healing' by manifesting it for them.

After 5 minutes they 'felt a burst of energy' and limped downstairs. 5 mins before that THEY COULD NOT EVEN SIT UP. THEY WERE ON THE FLOOR, TOTALLY PARALYSED IN PAIN.

But I continued to manifest it for them till 10 minutes had passed.

They started to walk around the house and even walked outside into the garden. They were even making jokes.

What else can I say? Thank the gods they are ok, though. I was beginning to worry a bit.

I'll heal more of my family members that need it.

I can't believe what just passed. Thank you for helping us Ascendants and now I can heal those like Jesus did. Wow. The 3D Nullification is insanely powerful.

My friend also feels my love for him a lot, like the pagan gods energy levels already when they do healing or a spell for someone.

Divine love and blessings!

- Morgan


Date: April 18, 2022 at 4:57 PM

Name: willy
Message: Testimonial:

My experience with head chakra removal is really good!

Before the season start, I feel sense of fear without knowing the reason. When the session started, the fear went dissipated. I feel comfortable the way he talk, guide and teach me.

In the removal season, I can feel bit pressure on forehead while KL taking out the chakra. Gaia and other god did come to assist too! There is not much sensation until the head chakra is removed.

After the chakra removal was success, He taught me the energy exercise. I can sense the energy on my head much accurately during exercise. How cool is that!

He also taught me to create beautiful protection aura. I can feel much less affected by negative environment. Also my head is much lighter. I can swing my head without feeling heavy. I can't wait to feel how lighter on body after taking out the rest of chakra!

After the season ended, next day I do feel dizzy and pain like someone just throw at my head with rock. Also at night, I can feel dangerous/annoy sensation on/in my head when I use cell phone prolong while light off. Thanks to energy guide list that KL gave me, the pain went dissipate.

Overall, I feel more peaceful, joyful, and very clean inside my head. The mental imagine is much clear than before. When I imagine I lay down next to sakura tree in windy and breath, I can sense positive feeling in head. It was really cool!
I feel so blessed. Thank you KL. I am grateful for that and I look forward to remove the rest of chakra for ascension.

Willy is a new client with much potential for Ascension but unfortunately was not provided with the necessary tools to fight the onslaught of the new threat of  globally high negativity energy levels!  Negativity we found is energy corded to Karma. By removing the head chakras (crown and third-eye chakras) there was a substantial reduction in his negattvity level since it is stored mainly in the head! With further work together in the future, we hope to help Willy achieve a higher dimensional body so that the coming 3D realm threats will not affect him! If nothing was done, karma payments would be due...


Date: Aug 7, 2021 at 4:44 PM

Name: Morgan

Today was perhaps my most important session with KL. Today I underwent the True Self Transformation Part 2 which involved removing 4 bad human programs which were greed, lust, rage and the suicide program. All humans have these in their brains so I felt a huge emotion release when being helped releasing them. Lust and rage were probably the hardest for me to release but I done well and brother Lui helped me remember my divine power.

KL also healed my genetics as part of the session as it was a double session in one for me. My family has a history of different chronic illnesses so with KL's help I was able to remove them.

Furthermore, I was given a prayer to ward back all forms of evil and negative energy and / or entities. They are very real but with divine grace, spiritual strength and faith they CAN be overcome.

It is honestly almost impossible to put into words just how good and important these sessions are and have been for me. I recommend all the phases of the 'True Self Transformation' that are available. There is no price on the soul. I have never regreted paying for my sessions as I was in dire need of divine help. I got that and more.

I'd like to thank KL, TJ the Elders, Gaia and the holy Creator! I am here to serve, always.

Divine blessings to all of you and the reader.

Morgan is part of our Ascendants group. He is developing what we call Divine Machinery against the evil and dark beings including Lucifer. There are many souls at different levels of ascension but most people here are Soul Blind! If you are not spiritually aware then you are open for daily attacks and curses from Luficer or his Demons! When you are cursed, you are easily triggered from the negativity around you and you become Angry at the drop of the hat, as a result, you will make the wrong choices. Karma is also energically connected to your Negativity.


Date: May 15, 2021 at 5:42 PM

Name: Morgan

'Today I had a very fun and interesting energy blockage removal session. I had felt some energy blocks in my legs and the Blood General confirmed I did indeed have blockages. Brother Lui helped me remove the negativity and karma that remained in my body from dense programs I held on to from my environment. KL also helped me absorb very empowering 4D and 5D programs to help me ascend.

During my session I found out that I was doing well on my spiritual path but I also learned to improve my abundance and prosperity teachniques to help me advance even further. After an hour has passed I still feel very charged up and zen-like. Once again, thank you KL and TJ! I highly recommend the energy work available here at awakened2012 which pushes the client above and beyond every time.'

Morgan is part of our Ascendants group. We find many levels of souls come here to the the Ascension planet! Even The God's have to come here to Ascend their souls, look at Jesus and Buddha, both took different paths but both Ascended! BCS hoping, waiting, wishing, all not strategies!


Date: Mar 14, 2021 at 10:43 AM

Name: Morgan

'I got my meridians removed last night and it was a great experience fo me. I managed to remove big limiting programs which have kept me back even after chakra removal. This was because of limiting programs in my brain!

KL helped me remove the meridians and he also sent me 4D and 5D programs. The relief I felt was like a chakra removal times 5!

Without the meridians I can actually feel pure joy now. Before, the happiest I could be without chakras was content and I could focus on studying or meditation. Now I can do all things while smiling inside! I even cried in bed before I went to sleep because I forgot how to feel very happy. Everyone should be happy!

I recommend Meridian removals to all who have already removed chakras as the Meridians are unecessary and huge blockages to energy intake and sending.

Thanks a million KL and TJ for everything!'


Date: Jan 16, 2021 at 11:19 PM

Name: Andy

After all the chakras removal sessions, I have done a lot of extra sessions with King-Lui. The session 19 is a very meaningful session because it marked a very important milestone when I can reach 1000 DNA. I do really appreciate all the efforts and energy that King-Lui has spent for me. It really helps me alot for my health, my work and my ascension. I can't wait to reach the next milestone of 2000 DNA soon.

We do not have infinite lives to get it right. The Soul is being drained of energy by battling the new mutating viruses and the soul needs to evolve but can't with this new energy drainers! Andy is moving his soul to a higher capacity level with each of our sessions and is now immune to many of the new diseases even the mutating ones as we move his body out of the 3D plague effects! Waiting is not a good strategy...most will die fighting the new mutating viruses that were modified...your body has zero immunity against modified viruses!


Date: Jan 13, 2021 at 10:24 AM

Name: Naunie

Ok, so my testimony, or progress,  I was exhausted on Monday actually had a headache,  never get headaches, but the world has been in chaos, I am shielding myself from it, so I don't feel so much,  my work has slowed this week. But thats ok for now.   I am noticing today some shifts,  I have had 5 people calling for advice on how to handle the global situation which is bizarre,  but advice flowed through me that I couldn't even repeat back because it was of divine inspiration,   my life in general is great,  actually,  its the most of the collective living in fear.   And there are entities that feed on fear guilt and shame,   they such the life out of folks,  in this country they have take out 1st amendment right of freedom of speech, and many are fearing communism,   I resonate at a higher frequency,   keeping my authentic soul,-spirit frequency high.,  rising above the choas, staying love., connecting with pure source, and my higher self even stronger,    clearing the negativity, and karma , clearing the karma body.   I am integrating the changes,   so far so good, my sleep is much better,  and  manifesting quicker, I have always been able to manifest but its faster.  
I am at peace, and life is good.


Date: Jan 4, 2021 at 4:04 PM

Name: Naunie

I have to say the experience of having a deleted crown chakra is nice, I will be working my way down. People already treat me different, I feel better, and slept great, best in a long time. I am curious to see how it will increase my abundance, not too much of an issue for me, it once was but , not anymore, already healing a tooth ache I had, the actual tooth is healing by itself , lots of occurrences, I have an affect on lights, I will say that much. Connecting to pure source is erotic feeling. , anxious to see what happens with with the 3rd eye.


Date: 11/22/2020 at 03:41 PM

Name: Morgan Fraser
Message: Testimonial 3:

I had a very successful clearing session on Saturday. I was worried about entity attacks because of my lack of deep sleep and energy, but KL found out that it was due to stress and anxiety. I was able to release these energies with his help and guidance.

Furthermore, I was taught how to take in energy from my surroundings to energize myself!

The session felt quick because I kept focused the whole time.

I would recommend the clearing service for anyone who had extremely dense energies like me. It can feel like you are drowning, but we can all learn how to swim! My head and body is clear now and I can go about my day feeling calm and relaxed thanks to some new programs I was given to my mind.

Thank you so much KL and TJ once again!


Date: 11/14/2020 at 05:16 PM

Name: Morgan
Message: Testimonial 2:

I was excited for my second session with King-Lui! After having my first session, the only down side I felt was that I could feel the blockages and chaos going on in the rest of my body! There was such a difference in energy between my clear head and my other blocked chakras.

After removing my throat, heart and solar plexus chakra I feel even more lighter. My best friend who is sensitive to energy even commented on it and said that I gave off a messiah-like energy! Incredible!

I feel a little tired after this session and my chakras that are now gone held a lot of bad energy, especially my heart chakra. When it was lifted my body felt tight, and I had to focus extra hard on getting rid of trauma and past mistakes / negative emotions.

I would recommend chakra removals to anyone who is open minded enough! It is life and soul changing, literally!

Thanks again King-Lui and TJ!


Date: 11/09/2020 at 02:43 AM

Name: Morgan
Testimonial 1:

I was really excited to get my crown and third eye chakra removed. After each chakra was gone my head felt lighter and more positive, and I could think clearly again without constant rambling thoughts that were random and unecessary. I am also more mindful as a result and can enjoy music and studying 10x more than before.

I had serious chakra blockages that made me feel really empty inside and both physically and mentally weak, but after the energy work and chakra removal I feel more optimistic, energized and driven. I'm excited to continue the process!

Now that I don't have my head chakras I can feel the negativity in the rest of my body. It's crazy. My years of bad programmings have done a lot of damage to my mind, body and soul, so I'm grateful for the chance to change my life around.

I was honoured to hear about King-Lui's life story as it shows us that we all have the ability to access our inner powers and energy.

The skype session was informal and professional at the same time, also fun and enlightening.

Thanks King-Lui and TJ!

Morgan did hold many bad programmings and limited beliefs in his brain and body along with the Head Chakras (Crown and Third-eye) that Ascension out of the 3D loop would be physically and spiritually impossible... but now he is good to go. The Elder confirmed that he will also connect with his future-self that did Ascend later on!!


Date: 10/24/2020 at 10:09 AM

Name: Andy
In the last 2 sessions, King-Lui spent time to remove my psychic barriers. It's really a lot of efforts and energy from KL.. My body shaked really crazy. I haven't experienced something like that before. It's interesting and I'm glad that my psychic barrier is at 0% now. I also appreciate that KL made frequency to boost my DNA activation. Now it's 600. I'm 90% 4D now. And I'm eager to the next session to start the process of 5D Transformation.


People hold so many bad programmings and limited beliefs in their brain and body that Ascension out of the 3D loop is physically and spiritually  NOT possible. Most falsely think that we have infinite lives to get it right, but they are wrong. The Elders told us people think it is like a video game but they are wrong and don't ever seek guidance! So when Andy came to us seeking guidance, we did many readings on him with the help from TJ. We were able to customize the healing service just for him. It is not just about Chakra removal, it is about finding his True-Self and True-Purpose. Finding out what is your end game to him was of the upmost importance. Guessing for him is not an option as he is a successful businessman, and he wanted to keep it that way. So along with his weekly energy training we've included many methods to use his intuition with much more accuracy! Because of Andy we have developed couple new blockage removals blocking our psychic abilities, wealth attraction and even 3D to 5D body transformation.


Date: 09/26/2020 at 09:18 AM

Name: Andy
In the last 2 sessions, King-Lui spent time to train me Dowsing techniques that are customized just for me. It's really interesting to see how the crystal dowsing pendulum works and helps to find out the answers. I'm very happy to have a new tool to work with. In the last session, KL also introduced me another tool, it's amazing and I love it. I will try to get it soon and work with it. Also in the last session, I felt really drained after the 2 day business trip, KL helped me to take out my bad energies and sent me some good energy. I felt much better after the 2 hour session. That's really cool. My DNA is now up to 490. I'm glad it keeps moving up. I'm eager for the next session with more new knowledge and training.

Without the chakra blockages and psychic barrier blocking him, Andy has developed his own skills in dowsing his own answers to the future! Fast empaths don't wait for things to happen, they know what they want  and do what is needed to ensure that their future's are set!


Date: 08/29/2020 at 10:43 AM
Name: Rebecca


During the barrier breakdown I met someone today who seemed myself, super cute lol. I met her in her living room and she was on a couch. It seemed like she was waiting for me a little bit; she knew I was there and who I was. Short hair, skinny jeans, a very minimal and nicely colored room. I merged with her and seen from her eyes. I remember looking up and looking for Lui, feeling him not physically there.

Today we worked on the barrier and heart chakra blocks. My traumas dealing with my mother and others with twin were discussed. I remember when some of these happened I would cry, so when I let the wound be observed I ended up crying. My Twin flame and I have a lot of strong energy between us and Lui was a little surprised- it was a new energy feel for him.
We did our process for the barrier and I visited the same girl today; it was like we skipped right past the part of me arriving and went right to us as one and standing. I could feel the friendship between Lui and I. The next day I’ve been able to realize triggers especially ones that are with my mother. It has helped me to know why I have such strong emotions towards things and dislike certain things.

As of August 30th, 2020 our readings on Rebecca has definitely increased alot! Her latest DNA activated strands is now at 80 activated strands! Her soul color changed to White pink, and has a noticeable Virus/Bacteria shield at 70% level.


Date: 08/29/2020 at 8:20 AM
Name: Andy


I've just finished the 1st session of Psionics/Sigil Training. I started to learn more new knowledge. King-Lui provided me with lots of new and interesting information. He also trained me the skills for reading different charts and helped me find out which chart would fit me the most. He also taught me how to practice these skills at home so I can finally find the results myself for the issues that I want to ask. KL also continued working on my Good Timing. It reaches 80% now. My DNA continues to rise up to 350. I'm excited for the next session of Sigil Training, that I find very interesting to learn.

As of August 30th, 2020 our readings on Andy has definitely increased through the roof at 400 activated DNA strands! His soul color changed to Red, and has a noticeable Virus/Bacteria shield at 100% level.


Date: 08/27/2020 at 8:19 PM
Name: Rebecca


Today I’ve felt very clear, very happy.
We worked on the psychic barrier more and some other blocks. My heart still has some blocks but we worked on a few of them.

Whenever I let my guard down and relax completely I start balling my eyes out because of having childhood trauma stored there. I’ve always been my own friend, mother/parent, therapist, and everything else. My heart hasn’t fully unloaded the pain, yet; even allowing small pieces every session helps.


Date: 08/26/2020 at 8:09 PM
Name: Rebecca


Today we removed the sacral chakra, root chakra, and the psychic barrier. I felt the shift in the energies but not as detailed because I was partly focused on something else. I felt when the energy was coming into the sacral; my hands were the first part that lit up. Before removal, my mind got specific random thoughts that would bother me, embarrass me or make me cringe- they’re very small in intensity now. They come very faint and I have no real embarrassment but some confusion. The psychic barrier was simple and I felt clearer headed after.

Today I’m more tired.


Date: 08/24/2020 at 7:34 PM
Name: Rebecca


We started our first session off by focusing on the crown, third eye, throat, and heart. The change I felt the most was with the third eye, and this being cause I relaxed and allowed- which is key. That was the cage that dissolved easiest I feel. A leech type parasite left my third eye, and I felt it immediately and so did Lui. It was like a sucking right between my eyes and It was immediately gone once he took it. I actually felt my face flatten and relax there. 😂
 Lui mentioned how it felt scared and I felt that too, it felt exposed in a way. I felt that way as a child. The parasites will come when they see us vulnerable, trying to fill that “empty voidâ€� in us, but really seeking shelter for themselves providing false comfort for us.
For my throat, I currently don’t remember feeling much going on.

My heart has been caged pretty tightly from my experiences and he noticed that right from the start. It needs more work done. I’ve always been a very open person, and a very loving person. I experienced a lot during my life and we all go through our own sources of pain. I started to shut my heart away from people getting too close to it because I had fear and negative judgements from others and I didn’t know how to process this. I felt shame and humiliation and many emotions no one truly would want. I was my own friend and comfort so this was what I chose at the time because I felt I needed it.

I wasn’t tired after the session. But, probably an hour passed and I felt like I needed to go to sleep no questions to it.

The next day, we did more energy work. I mentioned my crown having some clutter still and we worked on that. I dissolved that cage. Yay, Thankyou Lui.

My head feels more open and clear. There’s less fighting with my mind and I focus better. I’m more confident in being able to focus on my desire instead of fighting to keep thoughts I don’t enjoy out. I’ve experience over thinking as something because I like to make the right choice. This is definitely easier now, as I don’t really have any second guessing. Very minimal.  I definitely feel more present.


Date: 08/22/2020 at 05:26 AM
Name: Andy


I've finished the 2nd session of Telepathy Training. King-Lui continued to teach me the skills about reading Zener Cards, Pictures, and Numbers. My reading and sending skills have been improved a lot more compared to the first session.
KL also continued working on my Good Timing. It's 70% now. My DNA continues to surprise me when it's up to 340 now. I'm also very happy that the White Unicorn has finally come to me.

I feel so blessed! Now I'm excited to a new session of Psionics/Sigils Training.


Date: 08/10/2020 at 11:09 AM
Name: Donna

The Feedback: I had a session with KL on Saturday after being in bed for 4 days with excruciating pain, unable to walk around properly, can’t eat or sleep well. I woke up the next morning feeling significantly less pain, got out of bed, showered by myself and walked down to the end of the road.

I’m still feeling week, still have some stomach pain but not one hundred percent harsh pain like before. I’m about a 60 percent pain now.
My breathing has also gotten much better as I use to hyperventilate a lot from all the anxiety surrounding my illness.

Thanks so much KL and TJ. You are saviors!


Date: 08/08/2020 at 08:59 AM
Name: Andy

Message: I've finished the 2st session of Telekinesis training. This session, King-Lui told me some interesting secrets/ facts about the God beings, about the infinity, the immortality. It's really good to know more truths about the universe.

Then, King-Lui continued to teach me different techniques to pull in energy from different sources and to condense and send out energy. I have to remember the rule of 80 minutes for myself, or even a longer rest and doing meditation before big decisions. It's very good advice for me .

Readings after the session are very positive: my capacity to gather energy from Gaia is now 80%; Virus Shield :100%, Demon Shield: 100%. King-Lui also spent time to work on my Good Timing and it has moved up to 50%. And I'm also very glad that my DNA now is up to 230. Now, I'm excited to the 1st session of Telepathy Training.


Date: 07/18/2020 at 07:08 AM
Name: Andy


I have finished the 2nd session of Phase 3. King-Lui continued to give me more of his red soul, reading couple days after the session showed that my soul change to dark pink red. Especially, in this session, KL also sent me the Male and Female Red Dragons that protect me forever and the Male and Female White Unicorns, that do the psychic protection for me and my family.

KL also spent time to continue working on my Wealth energy and Luck Energy. Now both my Wealth and Luck Energies have gone up to 90%! And my DNA strands are now at 180. Another great experience of this session is the finding of Timing, which is also important to support my luck and wealth energy. KL also helped me with that and found suitable frequency to push that. I'm so happy about this. And I'm excited to the last session of Phase 3.

Date: 07/11/2020 at 07:00 AM
Name: Andy

I have finished the 1st session of Phase 3. King-Lui has helped me to replace my old soul with the new soul. It was scanned that My old soul has gone to the heaven. It was really nice that KL has given me part of his red soul, so after the first session, my soul has changed from pink to pink red.

KL also spent time to continue working on my Wealth energy and Luck Energy. Now both my Wealth and Luck Energies have gone up to 80%! And my DNA strands are now stabilized at 170. I'm really happy with the result and very excited to the 2nd session!

We are trying newly discovered energy work techniques related to Wealth and Luck energies on Andy and our readings show that it is containable in the soul!  We found without the chakras, we can program these new energies into the soul that was never there before! Again we are the trailblazers of the spiritual healing world!


Date: 07/04/2020 at 08:57 AM
Name: Andy


I have completed Phase 2: The True-Self Transformation Service. It was a great experience since I have learned many new things. King Lui has taught me different techniques to remove or expel bad energies, bad programmings and helped me to bring in good energies, especially the Wealth and Luck energy.

After the last session of Phase 2, my Wealth and Luck energy move up to 70%, which is incredible. And what also really surprises me is my DNA strands is up to 160, amazing! Another thing I notice myself is I have more calmness now. I'm feeling more positive things are happening to me. Now I'm very excited to Phase 3: Astral Body Transformation.


Date: 06/21/2020 at 04:21 AM
Name: Andy


In the the 2nd session of the True-Self Transformation. King-Lui has completely removed my remaining 2 bad programmings: Karma Loop and Death Loop. As King-Lui mentioned during the session, my Karma Level would go down after the session. And the reading couple days after the session proved that: My Karma Level went down to 1%, which is really amazing.

KL also spent time to reinforce my Wealth and Luck Energy, I like the idea that I should see them as my 2 brothers standing on my shoulders and KL taught me how to feed them. The training on the Wealth and Luck Energy was really useful, and proved by the reading that my Wealth Energy and Luck Energy both went up to 60%

I'm excited for the 3rd session where KL will bring good programmings for my brain.


Date: 06/11/2020 at 07:02 AM
Name: Andy


I've finished the 1st session of the True-Self Transformation. King-Lui has taken my first 3 bad programming, I was falling in quite deep meditation status during the time King-Lui worked on the removal. Since my chakras have been removed, it became quite easy for King-Lui to remove the bad programmings. Another great part of this session was that King-Lui also spent time to work on my Wealth and Luck energy. I'm so happy that they increase up to 50% now. I'm excited for the 2nd session and I hope my levels will go up more.


Date: Sun, May 31, 11:51 AM
Name: Mikołaj

Hi Lui,

I have slept very peacefully after our seasion and I must say that I truly feel increadible today, I have not felt this well for probably more then 10 years and its like a great weight have been liften from me.

I'm actually casually smiling right now. I was a bit stressed prior to the seasion, but now I'm so relaxed and calm, also I think that world seems to have more depth in colors than befere, like when you switch to a more color accurete/higher resolution screen.

I'm really greatful for the work you have done for me.

Thx Lui


Date: 05/26/2020 at 05:36 AM
Name: Andy


I've just finished the 7 Chakra Removal Service. It's been a great experience during the last 7 weeks. Not only all my chakras were successful removed but I have also learned so much knowledge from King-Lui: the Universe, Angel world, the past, the future, the wealth energy, the luck energy... as well as many techniques such as receiving and sending energies to other people.

I'm happy that there was a huge drop in my karma level after the last session. Now, I feel healthier, my energy flow better and I'm more confident with my daily life activities.

I'm really lucky to get the help from King-Lui and I'm very excited with the next session about Channel Removal Session.

This was testimonial from Andy after our 7th session for the Root Chakra removal. We were able to do a complete removal from the head and body of all remaining energy limiting channels and meridians.  Karma, and negativity levels were further decreased now to low and safe levels. DNA activated strands were also boosted to 100 Strands!

Date: 05/19/2020 at 08:27 AM
Name: Andy


I have just finished the Sacral Chakra Removal Service with King-Lui. I'm so happy that my Sacral Chakra was completely removed. After the session, I feel that my energy absorption is better. I can now breathe though both nostrils at a time (usually only one).

It was also the very first time I can feel being in the forest when King-Lui sent me the forest energy ( I couldn't sense it in the first session of the Crown Chakra Removal).

I'm also very glad to know that I can best send the energy with both hands ( in comparison with heart or with one hand). And I'm also scanned about my ability to send energy to other people. Although It's only 10% but I think it's a good start. I will try to practice more to have better ability in this.

I cannot wait to have my last chakra _ Root Chakra _ removed.


Date: 05/11/2020 at 06:09 AM
Name: Andy


I have just finished the 5th session with King-Lui on the Chakra Removal Service. I'm glad that my Solar Plexus Chakra has been completely removed. Especially, I'm so happy that King-Lui helps me to reduce Karma level from 6 to 3, since 6 is quite dangerous.

As usual, in this session, I have learned new knowledge about the God world, God beings. especially he told me the big secret about the why we still have to suffer. Today I also find out the reason why people still need karma. It really answers my big wonder why, during the session, King-Lui usually asks Mother Gaia to take my Karma and give it to other people ...

King-Lui also gave me a big homework but I think it's very useful for me to learn more about the Angel's World. This session, I've got to know about the luck energy, the green energy. I'm excited to learn more about this in the next session.


Date: 05/03/2020 at 08:52 AM

Name: Andy


Today I've just finished the 4th session the Chakra Removal Service. I'm very happy that my Heart Chakra, one of the biggest chakras, has been removed. After 4 chakras are removed, I feel my body is lighter. Also, after practicing all the useful techniques and exercises that King-Lui teaches me, I can feel the energy flow stronger into my body. I feel healthier day after day.

During the last 2 sessions, I've also learned so much knowledge about how things work, especially about the truth behind the chakras, about the future self, about the power of the mind... I do appreciate every single moment with King-Lui because of all the valuable knowledge and interesting information he provides. I'm very grateful for everything so far and looking forward to the next sessions.


Date: 04/19/2020 at 05:44 AM
Name: Andy


Today is my 2nd session of the Chakra Removal Service. I'm so happy that my Crown Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra have been completely removed.

King-Lui is very friendly and enthusiastic to teach me lots of knowledge, especially about how to use my mind to work on the energy. Before, I just did meditation without any goals except for the observation of the breath. But now, since King-Lui teaches me many useful techniques during the meditation, I can do the meditation with goals and methodology. I really enjoyed doing it everyday and I can feel the positive energy in my body.

I also feel really grateful that King-Lui accepts to take all the negative energy and bad programming from me. I know it must be very generous of him to do all this.
I'm really glad with the last 2 sessions and I can't wait for the coming sessions removing my remaining chakras.

This was testimonial from Andy after our second session for the Third-Eye Crown Chakra removal. We were able to do deep embedded programs removal from the head for non-helpful programs for Ascension now with both chakras removed.  Karma, and negativity levels were further decreased. DNA activated strands were also boosted.


Mon, Apr 13, 9:08 AM

Dear King-Lui,

I'm very happy to see the positive result from the scan. I'm so surprised that my soul is Pinkish Red.
Today I did the meditation and I felt the energy flow better than before and I had positive feeling after the meditation.
I will continue to practice all the guidelines that you teach me.
I already made the 2nd payment. Please have a look at the files attached.

Thank you very much and see you soon,

Dear King-Lui,

Thank you very much for your time and for all the knowledge and information you teach me today.

I think I might have lots of blockages in me, so I couldn't feel much of the energy infusion that you transferred today.

After the session, I feel a bit throbbing around my third eye area for a few seconds. I feel my body a bit lighter too.

I have strong belief that you will remove all my chakras soon.

I will follow your guidelines to do more meditation and practice what you teach me.

I will make the next payment on Monday and I'm looking forward to our next session next Saturday.



This was testimonial from Andy after our first successful Crown Chakra removal session. We were also able to provide him with his soul capacity level, negativity level, karma percentage and soul color!  Along with readings we taught Andy with  invaluable energy work technique to build a shield  against the  highly contagious  Covid19  virus. Humans have no such protections as they absorb everything like a mindless sponge!  The normals (with chakras) are sitting ducks as it will get much worst before it gets better!  It is Ascension and Evolution merging together to either help ascend you or to kill you off!


Date: 01/18/2020 at 07:13 PM 

Name: Felix Sanchez
Message: I had the crown removal done and afterwards I had increased energy and have less anxiety and a clearer head. I also now have a better understanding on how to better myself.I also learned how to ground myself and remove any negative energy i pick up from my surroundings and look forward to having the remaining chakras removed in the future.

 This was testimonial from Felix after our first successful Crown Chakra removal session. We were able to provide him with his soul capacity level, negativity level, karma  percentage and core reason to be on earth at his current incarnation.     

Date: 1:54 PM - July 21, 2019
Name: Stanley

It was a wonderful, deep, and scary new experience. Scary because it was too real. Oh I was shook. My little bubble was burst. King Lui is more than legendary. The type of person in a staredown, I would be the first to look down. I am the submissive guy in this dynamic. Mercy! Mercy!! And when King Lui speaks, I shut my mouth and know my place. He's the type of guy who eats demons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. God bless you all.

Stanley then later  on July 31st , 2019 posted that he a white feather appear from nowhere!
"... I been getting white feathers and there are no white birds in my area. Only birds I seen are black or black/gray in my area.
I tried blowing this feather away and it got caught in a spider-web instead. The spider was going to work on it. Here is evidence. You know I love evidence.
This is like the 5th or 6th feather so far. So I don't see any white birds around...what could this be? Hmmm"
This was testimonial from Stanley after our session on the AstralBody Transformation (Red Soul Upgrade - Phase 3) where we ascended Stanley's soul to a Red soul, the soul color of Gods/Creators bcs Lui is already a Red soul and he can grant that over to others! Afterwards, Stanley started having paranormal experience of the white dove feathers as a welcome greeting from an Angel  from Heaven upon reaching the God/Creator level  status! Stanley is currently one of the Active Ascendants on our Awakened forum!

Stanley posted on July 22nd, 2020 that he got more white feathers from nowhere!   "Saw 6 feathers today!    So I put them together. Saw feathers the other days too, but didn't take a pic. The ground is wet and dirty."

Stanley posted on August 10th, 2020 that he got a huge feather from nowhere! "Over 7 inches. It's like I could write with it like a pen."

Date: 10:45 AM - July 21, 2019
Name: Cameron McDaniel

Phone: 6822491290
Message: Hello everyone,
After having my crown chakra removed and trauma removed my KL I feel at peace.
Before I was dealing with racing thoughts and negativity and paranoia from my
schizophrenia and now I feel like it is gone!
KL Has made me stronger mentally  and I can tell he was showing me tough
love throughout the session forcing me  to get rid of the negative energies inside me.
It was almost like he was reprogramming my subconscious to do better in life.
KL has taught me to push the negative energies and blocks away from my body
and is perfect for a leader and spiritual growth he is the real deal.
I will continue with removing my third eye and the rest of my chakras.
Thank you KL for everything.

This was our first Chakra removal session on the Crown Chakra with Cameron. Lui felt the emotional suffering caused from the absorption of negativity and the lack of release of those energies. We were able to teach some energy exercises and mind reprogram methoids to Cameron so that he can be able to deal with and release the negative energies he has be storing for many years. The readings gaved that the schizophrenia he had was reduced to 50%. With the next sessions, we are confident that we can reduce the disorder down to zero % with our new methods!

Date: 11:33 AM - May 11, 2019
Name: Murat Dzhalturov
Hello group I am sharing a wonderful testimony part 1 .
Me and Lui had a wonderful session about 2 weeks ago and I feel very wonderful.
My most important proof is that healing is very real when we work with a real healer .

Lui cleared my Crown Chakra and removed negativity and karma.
I feel happy because Crown Chakra was so limited I had to meditate and balance myself and I felt like a was in a limited reality as if like i was squeezed into limits.
I did my best to tell Lui about my situation and while he listened he understood my story.
The reason I didn't write a testimony immediately because I wanted to balance myself more and heal myself.

After Chakra removal what helped me was Purifier Beats track from Lui I listen to this track each morning to clear my energies, and before bedtime to clear my Aura . I also drank plenty of water when A Crown Chakra is removed the body and soul becomes very energized so I had to relax and have a joyful relaxing time in order to get used to this new energy.

I am very grateful because Lui placed a protective spiritual shield around my mind . My mind feels at peace now even more because I no longer receive unnecessary negative energy. My body is also has a good recovery regeneration and my body knows how to heal more easily. I personally think if Lui will remove the remaining 6 Chakras how amazing the healing process will be . Can't wait to work with him in the future

This was our first Chakra removal session on the Crown Chakra with Murat. Lui has been in contact with Murat before as a regular user of his binaural beats and he has finally decided to make a life-changing decision to remove his spiritual blockages and karma level to 0%. More is to come for Murat as we will continue with further healing sessions. Most people have high karma levels usually accumulated from past lives misdeeds. And people talk about having good luck but there is no such thing as good karma as karma kills all your luck!

Date: 02/11/2019 at 12:16 PM
Name: Stanley
My head feels different. I like it. I had a very restful sleep. Therefore, success!
King Lui had me saying I can stop time. At first, I was thinking I can't stop time! But then, I realized a lot of anxiety stems from time and the amount of times. It stems from having to adhere to time and when we can't adhere to time we feel out of control. We feel we are in control if we just adhere to time. This is false. Even if we adhere to time, the truth is we still have little control.
God is Sovereign. Therefore, we should adhere to God and moral goodness and not so much on a passing thing like time. Time is such a subjective thing. When you sleep, it can feel like 2 minutes when in the actual world 10 hours have passed. Time is also a measurable thing. The soul is not a measurable thing. How can time be good for the soul? You know what else is not measurable? God!
So, which is more compatible with the soul? God or time? Of course, its God! Sometimes in life we feel we are not on schedule. But I say, we ARE on schedule even when we aren't on schedule in Jesus name! After the session, it snowed hard on a non-Christmas. Thank you snow angels. I love the snow. Glory to God.
This was our second session of the True-Self Transformation (Phase 2) session with Stanley. We discovered with readings from TJ that our healing services has changed Stanley's future and the future of his unborn children for the better outcomes!

Hi Lui
Here is the feedback for yesterday's session:
 On February 2nd we completed the second and final session of the True-Self transformation(Phase 2).
On the second session we continued on the installation of some good programs that i needed and the storing of wealth, luck and love attraction energies.
All the energies were stored in my body with complete success.
Again thank you Lui so much for what you do and for the kind and loving person that you are.

I also want to thank our True Creator God, our Mother Earth Gaia and Jesus for all the help they have given during all these sessions. Thank you so much.
Blessing to you Lui
This was our second  True-Self Transformation (Phase 2) session with Arianit. We discovered after the healings with readings  that his  karma is very low at 2%! Also with the previous chakra removals it allowed his 3D body to move into a 5D dimensional body! He thus can not receive bad luck or curses from others! We will thus be able to continue work on Arianit's ascension just like Jesus did in the physical body!

 Date: 01/20/2019 at 11:25 AM
Name: Stanley
On Jan 20, 2019 King Lui removed my self-destructive programs successfully. The self-destructive programs no longer rule over me because they are completely wiped out, and therefore I no longer have to fight them. They are completely gone. I believe this will become more evident over time.
Before the session started, I almost canceled the session due to several things not going my way. This had me on edge. However, I proceeded to do the session anyway while on edge. I talked very little during the session. Despite this, King Lui was very understanding and was beyond excellent!
I finished the day with a Super Blood Wolf Moon. I did not know there would be a Super Blood Wolf Moon. I said at the age of 11 or 12 that I'd find my true self! I believe this day had cosmic significance.
Thank you.
This was our first True-Self Transformation (Phase 2) session with Stanley. We discovered after the healings that his future children will be born without chakras due to the previous chakra removals and that is body had already moved into a 5D dimensional body! We will thus be able to work on Stanley's ascension just like Jesus that had ascended in his own physical body!
 Date: 01/03/2019 at 08:38 AM
Name: Arianit
Hi Lui
I wrote the message again but still blank. I will send it to you here:
Yesterday i did the true-self transformation session part 1 with Lui. I had my chakras removed about a year ago and at first i did not notice positive changes but they came after some time passed. Even though positive things started happining and happened i still had a lot of negative programs in my brain that were really bothering me. That's why i decided to do the session yesterday. Lui removed three core bad programming and 50 other programs that were connected to the core ones. After each removal i could feel myself getting lighter and feelin better. Lui and I have another session to do and I hope we will be able to accomplish more good things.
Thank you Lui, you are a very kind and loving person, probably one the most loving person i have ever met.
This was our first True-Self Transformation (Phase 2) session with Arianit. We discovered his future-self was guiding him-self to continue on his path of Ascension! We found 3 core programmings that needed removal as they are actually connected to his karma and built-up of negative energies! This energy removal is something not doable by other energy healers as they don't know where these centers are and what other 50 bad programs they are connect to! Also, the previous 7 chakra removals in the beginning month of 2018 helped him a little but this current session finally changed and guided him onto his path as our newest Ascendant!
Date: 07/04/2018 at 07:23 AM
Name: Tanya
Message: third (final) session of chakra removal
The session was similar to the previous ones- i felt when KL was removing the chakras and also I felt a warm energy when he sent white healing light into my body (the biggest sensation i felt at the back of my neck. Also KL taught me how to absorb negative energy and clear my body which was really cook.
Thank you very much KL.
As I said before- I can highly recommend the chakra removal.
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