"The Ego will always be Evil's biggest weakness!"


 Healing Services

The Deluxe Healing Service for One



Our Deluxe Healing service is the strongest healing service we have. The service is for one person. With this service we do a full energy healing to increase the body's ability to fight off the illness.  This includes removing blockages or damages in the chakra system.
 Blocked energy in the chakras can build over time and ultimately wreck havoc to our health.  The negative effects can build slowly over time and lead to a serious health problem. Very few energy experts can deal with negative energies like we can!  We will absorb all the negative energies that are damaging you! We will place healing structures into your energy body so that it heals itself, all by itself without you having to do anything.
Intoxicants  like smoking and alcohol can damage the astral body and the chakra system. For example, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and overeating will shut down the throat chakra, and  disrupt  energy flow to the third-eye and crown chakras!  We specialize in healing smokers, we help heal damages to the lungs before they can get any worst. Without energy flowing in areas like the lungs, it's just a manner of time. When you don't respect the body, you are choosing to experience a bad reality in return.
 Furthermore, the throat chakra will shut-down from  emotional turmoils like  grief, anger, fear, gossiping or slandering. Shutting down this gateway, effectively shuts down the higher spiritual realms.
This service like all our services will include a complete chakra clearing service that will put chakras back to their pure, white blank state minus the ego version.
To purchase this service, please fill your full name in the box below then click on the MoneyGram icon below to sign-up. Deposit the amount needed (Contact Us!) into the account from your bank then ask for the receiver info from me. Later you will send me a Tracking Number  to me. Once the full payment is received by us, we will email you the time and date of the session, along with the Skype name to contact to complete the remote/distance energy transformation service.

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