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"Enlightenment is worthless if you do nothing with it!"  

Contact form

   *Required       Note:  We send the information from our forms via a secure 128 bit encrypted SSL connection for your protection.Free Contact Form

If  you're  unsure  of  what  service  to get, just send us the full details of your situation or problem with the contact form above and we will recommend to you which service would best help you to resolve your problem.

Please include your full name, as much details of your situation or problem as possible, names of the people involved, and any other pertinent information. Only use this form for questions related to ordering one or more of our services. Otherwise for general questions or inquiries, you can post questions on our  Awakened forum.

Our  services  are  much  more  powerful  than  any  craft  or spellwork or other energy systems  such  as  Reiki,  because  we  can  deal  with BOTH negative and  positive energies. With your feedback, we will work one-on-one, over the phone or by Skype.

You will feel the connection we will make with you! Where you are or the distance does NOT matter in remote energy healing! Choose us and you be choosing the most powerful distance energy healing system out there! We have worked with both Indigos and Star-seeds!

We will work with you, with your own energies and the universal life energies, and also teach you  how  to  use  these  energies  to  work  together  and  make  your  existence and the universe work together in harmony!

Please allow 48 hrs for a response, if you have not received a response within that time-frame please email us again, detailing that in the subject line.

Also, spam filters might block our email replies or send our emails to the junk email folder, so check your spam filters to allow email from us.

Our services require remote connection to you to get the needed feedback using  the Skype application through your computer's/PC's or laptop to your headset with a microphone.

DOWNLOAD Skype on PC or Mac:


1. Go to the link above to downlaod the Skype application to your PC, latop or MAC.

2. Create a Skype account using information the following link:


3. Use Echo /Sound Test Service from Skype to made sure that your headphones and microphone

is working BEFORE our session. I will give you my Skype name AFTER payment for the services. 

4. For best internet connection during our sessions, we suggest only using a wired LAN connection directly to your PC or laptop network adapter rather than using a wireless or Wi-Fi connection since we need a solid connection for the constant feedback for at least one hour to two hours.

How to pay us using Western Union online:

1. Sign-up to a MoneyGram account is very easy. Go to this link: https://www.moneygram.com/mgo/ca/en/
2. Send money for cash pickup only.
3. Log in to your profile. If you don't have a profile, please register for free.
4. Choose country as Canada, Amount (email us for amount) and Pay Out method choose "Pickup Cash" only. Check the video link below for more information.
5. Enter your receiver's name (email for my full name).
6. Pay with your credit card (do NOT choose bank as it will take much longer time).
7. You'll get a confirmation by email. Send the tracking number to us or best to email an image of the confirmation letter at ascensionarchangel@gmail.com so we can pickup the payment and notify you back when we have received payment.
8. We will contact you on the session date and time.                 


                    PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED

                            Payments can be PayPal  or  MoneyGram only. 




   Energy Healing Disclaimer

Energy work is not medicine.  It is  not meant to substitute for medical treatment.
Please  consult  with  your  doctor  for   any medical ailment, illness, or condition.
We  do  not  claim  to   offer  any  prescribe therapies,  remedies  or  medications. 

We  will  endeavour to do our best to help you, our client, however,  we will  not  be  held  liable for  any  losses,  injuries, or  damages arising from the use of our  services. You fully agree with the above disclaimer when you purchase a service  from us,  and  fully  understand  and  accept  all  terms and conditions.

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