Hi KL,
Fully accepted!! ;) Thank you very much for the answer!
I have listened to numerous audios and binaural beats before, but I have never had such outstanding results, which I am having now while listening to your recordings!! Your creations are truly amazing!
I found them on YouTube only yesterday, but I decided to download them from iTunes now, as your work (in my eyes) should be financially rewarded!

By the way, your frequencies also work out when they are directed into a toroidal magnetic coil (rodin coil). :))) I just have to stay on the generated magnetic field and I get the results!!!

All the best

I’ve been using the negative energy healer (the 5min one) and red dragon soul frequency very frequently for about 2 weeks now and I feel like the negativity healer really purges the negative energy and transmutes it to healing positive energy it just feels amazing! And the red dragon frequency always gives me that Zen Vibes and a boost of energy... it also makes me super active:) and I have so much energy right now Amazing


ive been looking for one of your videos and can t find it. It was 15 mins long, was an ascending video that was psychedelic in style with a tone that was pulsing.. When i played this, some amazing things started to happen immediately.. A portal opened to a parallel earth/me. I  was visited by some entity, not related to the portal. Needless to say i was freaked out , but am curious if i would get the same effect today.. Trust me, tones/frequencies do change matter.


i decided to be better myself and by fixing my moral by learning from bible and learning to know god fear and insecurity dissapear alot now with kl beats and angel badge i have advance so much and better myself that it seems wierd that no one notices xd but its okey cause now the times i lose control its just cause energy stuff but whenever i feel wierd i know it may be me in other timeline and i just work with angel badges or beats so i give my word that kl technologys work better than medical drugs and sorry kl about me liking weed maybe soon in future i fix this

Hello King Louie it’s been a while :D ... If you would be kind to take the request i would be truly grateful. I have been listening to your music since September 2017 & the Healing is wonderful. You are truthful & honest with your work. Thank you for being on Earth at this time . Love always

Hello Louie :) I loved your Pain Healing Album so gorgeous:) . Some of my friends saw your YouTube and they loved it they asked me to give some ideas to you can you make Double Eye Lids Meditation, my sister asked if you can make Dramatic Eyes as in large long eyes shape. I also had a bad sunburn this summer accidentally and I have sun spots on my body that I never had before would you be kind to make Melasma/Melanoma Spots Removal. Your music truly works :) I even wear wireless headphones with noise canceling technology on low volume when I sleep listening to your music. Thank you for your benevolent work :)  you are wonderful 

So I wanted to let you know your beats work so well! I purchased the money mandala, wealth generator with angel badge, and lottery jackpot frequency. I started watching and listening daily for the past month and in that month I made $26,000 with my business!

I also added the slot machine beat you gave me awhile ago but I only started listening daily to that one 2 days ago but this morning I played $20 and won $600!! I’m guessing as I listen more that I’ll get even more big wins!

Wow your stuff works so amazingly well. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!


From KL, I've learned and continously been reminded about the importance of our soul and theimportance  of being empathetic: to care and share with others. From him, I've also felt what it is to be 'free', free from   the shackles of these containers of negativity called chakras, and allow my mind to think non-judgementally  -- to think outside the 4th wall per say.

Hello King-Louie
Responded today on the DMT Simulator Frequency Spirit Molecule Psychedelic with this:
Wow! This is amazing! It starts in the head and within a few seconds it reaches the heart, then it goes through the whole body and finally stays in the heart. It surely resonates with my energy.? Thanks! Wow! This is amazing! It starts in the head and within a few seconds it reaches the heart, then it goes through the whole body and finally stays in the heart. It surely resonates with my energy.? Thanks!

I've just listened to the DNA Ascension Beat. What I've experienced: First a lot of things happenend in the head...than it went to the heart, by the first stop I felt a lot of movement in the 3rd chakra. When the sound began again direct movement in my upper legs. Eventually I felt  movement through my whole body. Body is still tingling after 10 min.
I will listen to Ascension Beat and Solfeggio Harmonics later this day or tomorrow...

Date: 11/15/2016 at 01:28 PM

Name: Bogdan


Hello there, 
I have noticed your latest album youth forever men vol 3, I liked most of the titles of the mp3s and I was wondering if you do customized albums? I mean I am already tall and have long arms and legs, don't know also about the blood pressure frequency and x-ray vision one.

Also thank you very much for your work, I have like an year listening to binaural beats, brainwave music and some subliminals from other youtube channels, but your work is far more powerful than everything I have ever experienced.

I have been listening to your ascension beat along with the spells removal frequency for about a month and one night don't know exactly what happened, but it was so divine, like my whole chest was full of light, love and peace. It was out of this world!

I will post my experiences in the near future to your forum in full detail, maybe I will get some answers.

Thank you again very much for who you are and what you do and I wish you good luck, peace and love!

I  am Cheryl Chin a teacher. i am interested in your telekinetic beat, cos it is the most awesome beat i hav experience, mind blowing or soul blowing. i dont have any ability yet, but i can make and feel chi in my hand (most people can) i meditate a lot, and a few time occasionally and by chance is psychic. i believe my life is guided to be here among u all, as i am most interested in being psychic, or anything spiritual . i hav applied for membership some 2 days ago, but till today yet to get approval, under online username chinho899. All the 10 years of meditation enhance my knowledge, i believe the meditation is the way to get connected to the Higher Self and when one meditate one will be given information downloaded into the brain.

Hi guys, my name is Tavion Celestine and I came to this site because I have a keen interest in things other than the material world and in finding my true self while developing all my abilities. KingLouie I have tried many of your beats and I have to admit that almost all of them have had an effect on me in one way or the other. 
At times i could feel my whole body tingling as I felt my energy coursing through my body while meditating to one of your beats. I've also felt a weird sensation in my head while listening to one of your third eye activation beat while meditating. I know many people say that experiencing mild headaches when we first begin to awaken our third eye and its abilities is a normal thing but it felt different than that.

At first I could feel a slight throbbing in my head and i focused on my heartbeat...... visualizing that every time I felt it my heart was pumping blood and energy to the area of my third eye and so I felt the tingling sensation all through the sides of my head and towards my third eye as if my skin was pulling towards it but then after a few minutes the throbbing stopped and so did the pain and I began to feel at peace with my surroundings, with everyone and everything.

It was a wonderful feeling but then after I began to feel my whole face moving like in a rippling effect as if my face was beginning to become distorted. I was so deep in the state of peace and harmony with the universe *this is what i say to myself while mediating by the way, that the universe and I are one* so I wasn't really freaked out by it.

The feeling stopped after a few more minutes and before I could tell..... I was waking up at 7:00 am in the morning. Just wanted to know if this was normal and I would deeply appreciate any advice or guidance during this wonderful journey that I have embarked on.

It was a wonderful feeling but then after I began to feel my whole face moving like in a rippling effect as if my face was beginning to become distorted. I was so deep in the state of peace and harmony with the universe *this is what i say to myself while mediating by the way, that the universe and I are one* so I wasn't really freaked out by it.

The feeling stopped after a few more minutes and before I could tell..... I was waking up at 7:00 am in the morning. Just wanted to know if this was normal and I would deeply appreciate any advice or guidance during this wonderful journey that I have embarked on. 

Thiago Amparo C. wrote on Oct 11, 2016:

Hi king louie. 
My brain can handle now all your frequncies 24h a day. I am using one frequency  24h then jump to other. it's because this that i bought  too much of  your albums. The chromosomes beats really works too fast. The shape shifting is lifesaver for me because i am having my dream body and i my psychic abilities  of aura vision, precognition and telepathy is starting to growth.

I am using now your sexual attraction pheromone frequency and  the woman give me much more attention. is funny because how only by changing my energy the envirnoment changes too.
Mike C. wrote:

Hello KL,

Its been months since i did the energy session with you. I've really been wanting to do chakra removal, but haven't been able to because getting the money all together. I decided to purchase the money mandala from your website, and I can honestly say I've seen some positive results with it...a better job showed up in my life, and I've just been feeling better in general.

Semrix wrote:
Dear brother KL,

About a year ago I had my first levitation experiences. Recently it's been happening a lot. Not just a feeling of levitation,
but an actual raising, space in between if I'm sitting down, but if I'm standing (doing energy work) I rise up to the last part of my toes (I can't go higher) and then I either fall from disbalance, or I do something- and I don't know what! A trusted reading source once said while during energy to not do levitation or not continue it if it happens DURING energy work. But I don't know where to go or what to do. I wonder, what does this (levitation) mean? Should I stop it or continue? Do you have anything to help me with this?

P.s. Your beats are so amazing (so that others may notice) I have found doing baths while listening is 1000x stronger. My first energy experience (unconsciously done) was in a bath. But overall, I find not just minor feelings. But intense, incredible, VERY physical energy and psychic vision and feeling. Anyone else reading: take this seriously. Yes, it works. There is NO QUESTION there. If any issues, it's user based.. Remember this. For years, I had no real supplements to help in energy work. Had to work my way thru, took years of life and lots of study. Had I possessed KL's beats? I would be YEARS AHEAD. It is that good. It's divine. Beyond divine (in the common sense). Pay attention. Give him thanks even if you don't experience it. Because it's real. It is very, real.

A free follow-up scan by the FC a day later:

We found out that from The FC scans of Semrix it was a combination of beats that affected a large increase in the DNA activated strands from 15 to 67!

Hi KL,

I just purchased the above, how many minutes per day is effective?


and any other tips form you or AA Raziel besides looking at the angel badge in the video daily?


I come back to you,because you are the best and the most effective!


To update you..previously i ever purchased Love Frequency, Karma Healer and Anger Management Therapy and Money Mandala, but the most magic and miracle that I experienced is LOVE - I met a person - felt in love and he is the person that suits me and completes me. never been treated so good in my love life before and this man really makes me feeel.. what 'love' is..have been listening to Love frequency  alternate with anger management therapy and karma healer eve-ry-day of my life - while on work or doing house chores or while relaxing or before sleep.. and to tell you the truth - i nearly gave up and do not believe in your frequencies because i did not see any positive result-i.e: love / mate attracted to me until in November 2015 - my love life changed- far beyond than what I have imagined and dreamed of!


Thank you so much K.L for your magical and wonderful work. I do really believe now!


and now i am working hard on wealth, financial increase, prosperous and money abundances and I do really hope that Once again - magic and miracle will happen in my financial Wealth and gain starting from today and onwards like what I have experience in my Love luck last year.

can't wait to read ur reply!


Thank you,


wow I have only heard this twice & as I'm typing this right now listening to it so it will my 3rd time & must say it has lighten my eyes already not enough to where I can take a pic & show it but up close & personal (hubby noticed the difference I been listening to quadible integrity for awhile like two months and you could barely see the changes..I'm loving this thank you.. :)

Lena Bennett 

 AscensionArchangel King-Louie, thank you for making this! 
I have brown eyes and I'm looking to change them to grey.

Would this one work for me? Your frequencies are the only 
ones I use because they're the best- I can always feel my 
energy when I listen.

Thank you again for making this. I hope you reply :)

StoneCold448 wrote:

I always had low oxygen level and that caused brain damage and even my lung collapsed twice.

Usually my oxygen level was around 75%. I have trouble sleeping at night and my parents were

worried so I went to a sleep clinic where I spent the night and they hooked me up on monitors.

This was a few months ago when I started using KL's beats regularly (I started about a month


Today I had an appointment to go over the results. He told me my sleeping is very good and I

go through all the stages of sleep, but I'm only in the REM stage for short periods. But the

best news was that my oxygen level was at 97% and today when he checked my blood pressure and

 my oxygen was at 99%! That made me sooooo happy to hear!  

I started of using KL's DNA beat and nerve regeneration beat. I did that for awhile until I

saved up money to get the Angel Badges books. I used the detox badge quite often [every 3 days

bc l have chronic constipation as well and this badge works sooo fast] l feel a lot better after 

doing this. The brain cells badge is what I am thinking increased my oxygen flow. I use the eye

defects and bones healing badge, astral projection, see with astral eyes. But for the last week,

l'm only doing the pineal gland activator beat and will continue to only focus on this until my

3rd eye is activated.

Deanne Collymore:

love this beat my breasts have never been so perky and full thank u. Im 36 and use your beauty forever album daily and it is amazing my beautian asked me if I had been getting botox again which made me laugh I look younger and fresher thank u for ur hard work x 

Hello KL:

Yes, what has gotten me interested in your services, because after I found the  kriya yoga breathing technique, I heard the clicking sounds in my brain, but only when I was moving around.  When I meditated, I wouldn't hear the sounds as often.  Then when I listened to your beats and meditated, I heard the clicking sounds just as regularly as if I was moving around, so I knew that your beats were very advanced.

Thank you. I loved all your frequencies and angel badges. I removed my chakras last week with your chakra removal angel badge and its very powerful! My final mission in earth is manifest my perfect androgynous body in physical world and psych powers and show the people that we are unlimited!  But I only can do that now in astral world. Can you create a shape-shifting frequency or androgynous frequency and put in Youtube.

Hello King Louie:

True words you speak, as usual - right to my core.

I will tell you however that even though I quit using the beats, the effects your beats had on me did not stop.

For almost two months now, I have been physically on a cleansing journey - my diet as well as my body.  I have come to the part where I discipline my mind by disciplining my body - and vice versa. Martial arts inspired, I guess :). 
To be honest, if I could have done martial arts I would have,but a few restrictions (physical and regional...small towns...lol) won't allow me that.
It does not mean that I can not apply some of their principles, however.

Pushing my body to it's limits has forced me to create a special place in my mind I can go to and draw energy from - and in so, caused me to view energy differently.
Cutting dependancy on food and certain junk has also cleared 'energy noise', if I may call it that.

Like today :  I woke up early to go train - by the time I was done, exhaustion gnawed at me.  I felt ready to collapse - then I closed my eyes while breathing deeply...quieting everything...in my mind I  viewed the world around me (I was outside)...then I saw it gave off energy...pure energy, and of course, the not-so-pure energy.  I saw the beautiful vibrany energy coming off of God's creation...and I imagined it filling my being, travelling through my feet upwards through my body.  As I did this, I could feel my being recharge and a minute later - I was filled with energy, drinking nothing but purified water, and I jogged an additional amount of miles home :)

I did not think I would feel what I did - I simply did it to motivate myself while I was in my quite place in my mind - and it worked!  

Now that I have a quiet place I have been working on for a few months, I know I can go there while I use your beats, and truly open myself up to it.  I can keep all noise and stray thoughts out.  So I believe this may have been neccesary - what happened.

I also got to deal with a whole lot of undealt with emotional issues.  Hard - but now I feel quite..free.

I feel lighter than I have done in ages.

I believe the thanks have to go to the work you are doing with us.

I have been on a two day fast now - water only.  Tonight I shall start with your beats - open, clear and more focused.

I hope I do not let myself down this time. I will work on it.

Thank you x

Hey King-Louie,

     It's Liberation from the HC forum. I first started off using The Ascension Beat and Solfeggio Harmonics. They gave me more vivid dreams and I was able to remember my dreams better. I then started listening to Energy Clearing for Unresolved Emotions and Feelings which when I listen to I can feel it pressing on and clearing some of my blocks.

When I'm finished listening to it I often feel unresolved issues being brought up. I also listen  to The Merkaba V2 sample which makes me feel energies press up to the top of my head and when I'm finished I can feel my inner  body moving back and forth. The most recent one I've been  listening to is the Theta Clairvoyance  which I've had the most reaction to.

Headaches, pressures in my head, dizziness, seeing more manifestations from spirits/entities, blocks being pressed at, being tired more often, finding new solutions to problems, new  opportunities opening up, and feeling a bit sick. I listen to them everyday in order of Theta  clairvoyance, The Ascension Beat, Solfeggio Harmonics, Energy  Clearing for Unresolved Emotions
 and Feelings, The Merkaba V2 sample, and most of the time I  also listen to Eternal Peace  Binaural and Eternal Peace Isochronic too which are a download  from some other place.

While I'm listening to the beats I always feel warm and my forehead  feels like I have a fever,  but it's gone by morning. I normally listen to them in the afternoon or at night and can feel  the energies still around me when I'm finished. It has  always taken me a while to get to sleep,  so I don't know if they've affected that. I'm tired more, but still take a long time to fall asleep.

 I feel a lot of energies inside me  and that I should do something with them. It seems to be building  up and since they're internal energies I'm not sure how to let them out. Physical and regular  activities don't  seem to do it.

Overall, I feel the beats working, but I have some blocks I still need to get passed.

Evening King Louie;

I am still using your beats - I will report anything significant to you as the days pass.

What I can tell you so far is that vivid dreams are back in full swing - and the other night
 as I was listening to the ascension beat, my left wrist ached again, but it felt as though
 there was some sort of energy ball within my left hand. I moved it around, open and closed
 it too, to make sure it was not maybe my hand sweating and being overtly sensitive to a cool
 wind or something passing through my room - it wasn't.  It was as though there was an air-ball
 active in my hand :)

That was way interesting for me personally :)

Hope you are doing well as December is moving onwards;

Take care & much love



yes my complexion seems to be a lot brighter, and my i'm also down on the coffee, before i was a coffee addict, now i down to half a cup, it's like my body is freeing it's self of all the toxins and telling me it doesn't need them anymore!

off to do another seesion now of your beats.


you know you have a lot going for you, you could in fact cure a lot of illnesses, just by re-doing their dna:



have you ever thought about it, you could be a fantastic well known worldwide healer, all these scientists that try and find cures for cancer and stuff, you are well up on them, you could be the first one to find a solution to all these problems, and also create your own brevet which would mean that they wouldn't be able to copy your findings.




When i was really bad with depression last year, hubby took me to a healer, which really didn't make any differences to me at that time, but what he said at that time and now thinking back on it, the guy said i was surrounded by Angels, hubby just laughed it off, but i didn't say anything, now looking back on, i think he meant you!

I was diagnosed with a personality problem which i meant, i didn't really know who i was, i have always known i was here for a reason, but my depression at that was great, i had panic attacks and anxiety, now all that has gone through your beats, and i now know i have a purpose in life.

I'm also thinking for some reason that your beats maybe best suited to those that have had or have any of these issues, as they are the ones of our clan.



King Louie,

I wanted to report in on my first experience with your beats.......Oh, btw, I have no medical conditions, so no worries.

I listened to the 5 minute anti-aging beat/frequencies.....I felt an amazing amount of energy that kept building and building......it felt wonderful and at the same time almost too intense....I believe it felt overly intense at first, because I had never experienced (heard) this frequency technique before and was not prepared.

I also had my earphones on full blast, so that might of had something to do with it....When I listened the second 5 minutes I knew what sound would be coming and felt more secure with the feeling...The immense building of energy was enjoyed, but this time I could actually focus and felt the energy rush throughout my body.

I felt it all over my body. When it was finished, the energy was still flowing through my body.....I am definitely going to listen to this tomorrow before I do my daily 5 mile bike ride and let you know the outcome. I forgot to mention that I was laying down with my eyes closed so that I could focus better.

On the chakra beat I have to say that my experience will sound pretty confusing but I am going to give it to you exactly the way it was experienced by me. I was also laying down with my eyes closed for this. As I was listening, almost immediately the area above the middle of my eyebrows started to get a dull throbbing sensation. The more I listened the more it seemed that it was a pulling sensation connected to my eyes.

About 10 minutes into the session it seemed as if it was getting brighter under my eyelids. It was a light reddish tint instead of darkness. Another 5 - 10 minutes into the session I noticed bright white light coming through from the top of my eye area......Now here is where it gets confusing for me....as I was focusing on the white light shining at the top of my eye, I looked to the bottom of my eye to see what color it still was.....Well it happened to be white also.....after I realized this, when I went to look back up, it felt as if my eyes were now positioned differently....higher on my head....I kept thinking why are my eyes here on my forehead?

The pulling sensation was gone from my eyes, but the throbbing was still above my eyebrows.....and in my mind I kept seeing my eyes were now in that throbbing same area above my forehead....I can also point out that meditation does not come easy for me....heck, to be honest...it simply does not happen for me, since my mind is always wandering about the things I should be doing or have to do....but I did notice that I was totally focused on this experience only.....not once did I have a different thought to interrupt this session....I also noted that when the session was finished, for at least a minute longer I felt that I could still hear the beats going.....After I opened my eyes, I felt very restful, but also very confused....I can feel like something definitely took place, but do not have a clue as to what it was.....As I am writing this, I am still feeling exhilarated, with an eagerness to explore this more.

Sorry for the long winded post....but this is my experience exactly as it happened. 

Hey you!

Hey King Louie...How the heck have you been?  I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my absence is not because I was leaving the group....I have had to deal with a personal issue and did not want to bring any negativity to the others...I have a bad tendency to shut myself off for a bit when something major happens in my life....things are a lot better and I am better able to deal with the situation and will be posting like normal again now that my head is more clear and able to focus.

I did want you to know that through this time I have still been listening to the beats daily and can honestly say that they really helped me to get through this period of time....I even managed to astral travel twice and I am sure it is the beats that helped me to finally accomplish this. Woot! Woot! I am coming back on the forum to start sharing the experiences with everyone and I sure do miss everyone on here like crazy!  I have a ton of posts to catch up on....I hope that you have been advancing and look forward to hearing from you. :)  :)  :)



Thank you ^_^

the best thing is experiencing them, as it gives me insight into things that are happening around me, things I cant describe or explain, when I listen to the beat its like an amplifier for meditation. I thought of this and decided to use the beat after a short meditation/breathing excercises. The effects are really very good, I reccomend you all give it a try if you already haven't, I know it takes a little longer then just lying down n listening to it but it really is better. 

 I've been under the influence on some really negative thigns and after using this beat I've had a much better result when trying to break free from these things, and have found a sort of deeper sense of self; less doubts, more self-forgiveness, less cloudy thoughts, less empty thinking too, just generally think this is really effective and can be really useful for people who are having difficult times and still trying to cling to more spiritual thinking. This is pretty much all my opinion, but I think it can be a sort of hand on shoulder or solid object to lean on if people ever felt doubt or like the things they were doing were just BS or not working. 
I look forward to hearing the next beat but have a sense of patience I don't think I've ever had, not in the circumstances anyway. :P

 Well I had a sort of message passed to me which was nice, just finished then decided to write this,  It said things are gonna be ok, I think something positive has happened somewhere, somethings changed, I definately saw a landscape change from a dark, desolate, flat area to a lush sort of forest/grassland area with blue shies and mountainous surrounding. maybe it was my shangrila ^_^, whatever is happening, I really feel a sense of pride and love, I think I may go for a walk and find out where that wavy sound is coming from whenever I'm finished though, maybe its my eardrums ringing after hearing the beat, anyone else hearing a sort of underwatery ringing sound after the beat?

Thanks again, Love and Peace 

Thank you so much for the tip :)
As for the Merkaba its just been 2 days now.  The biggest sensation was the first time in the first 10 seconds!!! I was in my home, alone, but I got kind of scary you know? excited and scary at the same time :)  never felt something that powerful before, I just stopped the sound and I think would find a better place/time to be more focused.  
In those 10 sec I was just mentally and literally pushed into this kind of 3-D outer space scene, floating. I visualize a big circle or planet? with this emerald green brightness around. I was like in the middle of these 3 astral bodies.  I saw a lot of geometrical figures and designs. Like the drawings you've been uploading here, but in this amazing 3d view.   Just incredible!    
I've been  having trouble to find a quit place and time for me to focus, I've been hearing the Merkaba on my work, but it is noisy in here. I've been just flying around. Having different sensations. I just know as soon as sound starts I stopped feeling my feet xDD
Let you know when smgth remarkable happens...if so  :)

This helped me.

These sounds have helped me tremendously. I was affected immediately by listening to these beats. 
I became calmer, more clear headed, and noticed an advancement in my spiritual progress. It seemed
 to me this gave me a push I needed to get passed some things with which I was struggling. I could
 feel and see things happening. It's been one month and three weeks so far.  I'm sure more is to come.

My mind is definitely evolving.

I may not be a genious LOL, or maybe just not yet., but things are happening. I've become much more peaceful inside. I think truths are becoming clearer to me. Psychiclly I think I am opening up. I feel very distinct physical reactions in the psychic centers, and get some clearer impressions and visuals. This is coming from someone who has always been interested in these things, but has a background of these things being not real at all.

Hi. Couldn't find the Cancer Healing Frequency on Youtube or the Forum so telling you here what I've experienced. Right at the start I was lifted to my higher Self, then to belly, then 3rd chakra. The frequency raises the frequency. Thus..It brings the soul into the higher Self where Higher Self can decide to die or cure from cancer. So worth a try to "treat" cancer patients with this.

Linda de Jongh 

 Hello, KL

I purchased your Ascendants and ESP albums. The telepathic track made my third eye pulse intensely followed by electricity and heat at the crown chakra. Just wanted to say I love your work.

Namaste from Justin.

Angelic Inspirations

Hi Louie!

The Arch Angels that are working with you in particular are Arch Angel Jophiel for he is the angel of Creative Power, Arch Raphael the angel of healing and Arch Angel Zadkiel, the angel of prayer. Another angel working with you that works with vibration is an angel of the third order called Galgaliel and a beautiful Seraphim Angel called Hamied that works with miracles. This all ties in with your work and abilities!

Thank you so much Louie! Have a blessed day!

in love and light always, 


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