"No Chakras!  No Limits!"

Chakra Removal and Energy work Services

"We use subtle energy manipulation techniques combined with our own unique,  spiritual abilities and Divine Machinery to help people on all levels -  mental,  physical,  emotional,  and  spiritual.  With our energy healing sessions,  you  will  notice the body   is  protected   against   illness  and  negative   influences.  We will connect you with the powerful energies inside yourself and these energies will continue to work long after your session has ended."

We abide by the Divine order of the universe, we only help to change your current conditions that will end up conforming to the divine principles of cause and effect. Our  services are very effective and will help you overcome the obstacles in your life, and  put you on the path to success as well as happiness. 

Let us help you discover the incredible powers and abilities that you hold inside without the limitations of your charkas! Most people we found have no idea how powerful they can get when we have removed all the blockages and  bad default programmings that are inside them (their charkas hold these information).

Blockages deny you of so many wonderful things such as good health, psychic abilities and can eventually weaken you to a point  where it will manifest as a physical ailment or disease, especially when you get older when energies flow slower. Those that waited too long until there is nothing can help, not even us! So don't let it happen to you...be the spiritual smart-one like the ones that came to us early on in their life.

Please check out the services that  will change your life forever and put you on the path of a much better future and even Ascension.  We are here  to help anyone to overcome life's  problems, no matter what  your religion, culture or race is, as long as you are an open-minded person we can help you!

 For further information on our cutting-edge energy healing services, please send me your inquiry at the ordering link."                                

KING-Lui (aka Ascension-ArchAngel) 

From now on, our Shielding and Attacking protection services will come with our exclusive, 24/7, Angelic protection service by The Protector Avatar for no charge, for as long as 3 months! When your calls or pleas for angelic help don't come, you can depend on us! Get the ultimate protection from all evil or evil doers with the Awakened protector entity!


For more information about the powerful, time-traveling Awakened! protector entity that can protect you in any time or place, go to our Awakened! forum by the link here.

Binaural Beats available here for instant download!

We have been working very hard again to bring you more powerful binaural beats tested by both groups, The Ascendants and the Awakened! group. Our groups will be continuing our research into the use of binaural beats to enhance our "sixth sense",  so please check  periodically  in  the  Albums  section  for  great,  new  healing beats  to  come! These  are  one  hour long, highest-quality and professional made beats for those serious in exploring binaural beats for psychic abilities development tested by psychic/ intuitives. I highly recommend those people just starting off, to purchase the 1-hour long versions of both The Ascension Beat  and  Solfeggio Harmonics, the same two beats my groups found that had ascended their DNA strands beyond the 2nd and 3rd strands  and awakened their energy/astral bodies.  

We now have a new training tutorial for developing the ability called Telekinesis! Learn secret training methods and information only taught to our Awakened! members and clients!

We now have the new Chromosome beats for psychic ability development by The Final Creator and the Angel Badge books by the ArchAngel Raziel! Also, is a new training tutorial for developing the ability called Telekinesis! Learn secret training methods and information only taught to our Awakened! members and clients!

The  new discount  code  is  "awakened2017"  and can be used for purchases totaling over $30 for a 10% discount on the binaural beats.  Save Over 80% now our Full-Length, Instant Access Binaural Beats!  Move forward, or stay behind...it's really all up to you now!  Check-out our binaural beats are album chart-toppers available in iTunes!

Hi Louie!

The Arch Angels that are working with you in particular are Arch Angel Jophiel for he is the angel of Creative Power, Arch Raphael the angel of healing and Arch Angel Zadkiel, the angel of prayer.

Another angel working with you that works with vibration is an angel of the third order called Galgaliel and a beautiful Seraphim Angel called Hamied that works with miracles.

This all ties in with your work and abilities!  

Thank you so much Louie! Have a blessed day! 
in love and light always, 

We  have  been  working  very  hard  this  month  to   bring   new  services  aboard! We have new and exclusive services now like the True-Self Transformation (PHASE 2), Pineal Gland Activation,  Extreme 7 Chakra Clearing, Soul Resurrection (rebuilding a soul destroyed in a bad transformation),  Astral Healing,  Karma Healing, and  special one-on- one guidance workshop services like the  relationship  service, motivational  speaking,  job interview skills,... so just ask us if you are needing  a  specific  skill  enhancement.


Chakra Removal Services (PHASE 1)

Check out our energy transformation service to 100% completely remove your chakra system in one remote session. No, this is NOT a chakra clearing or aura clearing service, it is a one-time chakra valves and limiters remover service done by our expert energy workers, King-Lui and Time-Jumper (The Oracle). Once done, you will never have to  spend  time  and money on clearing your  chakras or energy blockages again because  you won't have any chakras anymore!

Removing the chakras, or handicaps (CAPS to your energy by 97%), will also remove the spiritual limitations imposed by these restrictive energy valves, put into mankind many, many eons ago to limit your Ascension! You will finally be set  free of the controlling structures like Karma and even the controlling entities or handlers. You want the best or be like the rest? What is the healing of our energy body or soul worth to you? At least get the head chakras removed (the Crown and Third-eye) and that will get you going in the right direction! Charkra removal is a limiter removal!

It is the chakras that acts as major blockages of our energy that causes rapid physical  deterioration of the body and psychological illnesses as we get older. So if you get sick easily, and heal slowly then chakra removal is needed as soon as possible! It is also these ineffective system of charkas that allow others to feed-off of your energies, storage containers of negative energies, block your psychic abilities, and will ultimately block  you from  advancing any further towards your  Ascension! Read our testimonials below!

               No Chakras (Charka Removal) + 0% Negativity = ASCENSION!

There are many mental blocks or bad default programmings (addictions, traumas, anger like road rage or suicidal thoughts) that can NOT be removed UNLESS the chakras are removed first! These bad programs will try to eliminate you and eventually they will if you don't act.  Negativity is affecting many people especially empaths. People don't have a natural defense against the build-up of negative energies! They becoming walking time-bombs that are controlled by the lower emotions! Taking drugs or alcohol will just make it worst later...much worst in the way it permanently damages your brain and body.

You can see it today with the racist, reckless, agressive and selfish behaviours of people. The negative/bad energy is rubbing off onto you! Human time-bombs that can go off at anytime. Just look at the United States with average negativity level of 6%. Due mainly to their leader, Trump. That is a really high negative energy level and sooner or later it will affect you! The problem with chakras are they work together as a lock-down of everything into place including holding onto the negative energies (including karma) that  you need to release for Ascension to take place for you. The great 3D trap and you don't even know it! The chakras were modified to have energy cords that connect to parts of  the brain and make other unseen attachments that are not good for you. Don't be the time-bomb that goes off sooner or later!

The Chakras were originally from the Creator but the Alien races modified them afterwards with mind-cords to limit and control you. We will remove all these "mind-cords" too for you. It is NOT against God to remove these modified structures that dumb us down. Information in energy creates these structures or containers in your body but we do still have to ask God to release them first! We will ask God to release these structures so you and I won't incur any karmic effects. Nobody else we've found can remove these "mind-cords" as they are way too intricate and very fine! The many distractors on Chakra Removal will say chakra removal is of the dark-side, satanic or a new trend. It is none of those things! Why would you want mind-cords in your brain that can control you like a puppet for a life-time?

TWO biggest stoppers to people finding the Truth:

1.Thinking that the Saviour will come to save them (This will be their biggest let-down)
2. Fear of the Unknown (Fear is strongest mental-block so they are blocking themselves)

So together with the 7 chakras as energy blockages, it's like the Great Wall of China...

We recall one of our tougher clients that had constant suicidal thoughts, and she came to us because nobody else could help her with her various problems. The chakras and energy parasites where blocking her strong psychic abilities and draining her of all energies. Constant nightly attacks from negative, sex spirits took a toll on her sanity. She was a storage container of negativity, a honey-pot, that is why ghost entities haunted her.  And if you practice Yoga stances, they are actually Devil or Satanic stances that will condemn your soul to hell because your wide-legged, sexual stances are inviting demon spirits to merge with your soul!

Without the blockages and seven chakras, she told us she could see future events and uses the ability in her career as an iphone software developer! The hauntings stopped too! The removal of her seven charkas removed these containers of negative energies for good! It seems people tend to wait too long until they're at the end of their rope. As long as you are not already dieing of cancer, we can help you! Don't wait any longer! Waiting just let's the blockages incur more damage to your body and soul. People usually coming to us have very low energies which means the decay of the body has already taken affect. Yellow or gold energies are NOT a good aura but means your body is decaying/dieing from disease. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol like what most people are doing these days to numb their mind/body will lead to more health and mental issues down the line.

Chakra removal has been available long before King-Lui started doing it in 2012. It is NOT a new trend in 2017. Do more research on Chakra removal. The weaker energy healers can not do chakra removals. We have seen barely any removal of the chakras from most tother energy workers! KL wanted to perfect the procedure so It took King-Lui couple years before-hand to learn and perfect the best method that he is still using today! The methods used by KL are way  more powerful, permanent, precise, and advanced energy work than anyone out there! KL's "Red" energy will be sent into you to start the DNA activation that is need for the DNA strands to activate once the charkas are removed! Recent readings by the Oracle also discovered, 14 defects in the chromosomes were removed during the chakra removals. Defects like cellular mutations and skin damage were being slowed down. We have readings of DNA activated strands that have kept ascending to over 300 strands in many of our clients! We will measure and monitor your Ascension using DNA activation strands and negativity level readings.

Also Lucifer is DEAD, so it's definitely not a Satanic thing to remove the modified chakras. The Elders destroyed Lucifer several years ago because he was making pacts with humans! Earth we were told will always be the birthplace of The Gods! So Don't let anyone scare you away from evolving or Ascension! Don't wait for a Saviour either, Jesus and God will not be coming back here anytime soon! They said they want to keep their negativity down at 0% negativity level. The worlds average negativity is at 4%! 

The Oracle's recent channelled messages said that  the Crown chakra is like the Cap on the bottle, remove it first to allow removal of it's contents. It can lead to cancer if not removed in certain people. The Crown chakra is the hardest chakra to remove. Most other healers are barely able to penetrate the Crown structure to remove it. The Throat chakra, if not removed increases choking risks and keeping the Heart chakra leaves you more open to heart attacks! Complete chakras removal said the Oracle is the main thing that will start the body's DNA to fully activate. This in turn, allows the body to ascend from the 3D and into 4D. Removing this limit, opens the door for more unlimiting effects. When your body moves into a 4D body, it is 15% into Immortality according to our recent readings! When you are 100% into a 4D body, you can move between the 3D and 4D realms just by thinking of it! The ability is called Warping.

Our service he said will also remove all energy parasites, that if not removed from the person, will slowly weaken their immune system and leave them open for future diseases. There are many types of energy parasites too that keep you drained of energy. No energy  means 0% DNA activation and thus NO Ascension. Even the Jesus needed his chakras removed to let God's energy transform his human body into an immortal 8D body. Implants such as Alien implants used to track you can be de-activated too but since they are advanced hardware, King-Lui will use his special deactivation methods. 

All of our services will provide a detailed reading from The Oracle on your Soul Negativity level before and after the chakras removals, DNA strands activation before and after, trauma removals, aura and energy body condition, your True-self, Career Success, or Life-purpose reading and much, much more! God works through us! We are God's instrument for your well-being!  

We are also the original energy workers since 2012 that have been Divinely allowed by The God to remove the Charkras without incurring any karma effects or hell-marks! We do not remove the Kundalini either as we only remove blockages not the power sources! Others can simply copy our words but they can never come close to copying our services. So Finally be free, get the real chakra removal service done by us and be one of the few AWAKENED Ones!

 Contact us using the Ordering form for further information. On the Awakened forum there are real people, the Ascendants and Sevens group, that had their charkas fully removed by us. If you are wanting to awaken your latent psychic ability, unlock powerful energy healing abilities, remove your negative energies and bad programs, activate your DNA fully for Ascension, boost your athletic prowess with unlimited energy, or bump-up your creativity to the next level then set-up your session today! We have payment plans! Read some of the new testimonials below. Further feedback is on the testimonials page now. The services will be discontinued due to KL's and TJ's busy schedules in 2018 so don't wait any longer! Don't miss your final chance for Ascension in 2017!

 Limited Time Offer on Chakra Removal Specials:

 The Head Charkas (Third-Eye & Crown Chakra) Removal Service -  $499                                                                                                                                                              Hell-Mark Removal (Yoga/Devil Stances) & Full 7 Chakras Removal Service -  $1499              


Date: 02/03/2018 at 04:26 PM
Name: Jesse Reedy

solar testimonial

The session was relieving, as I got a lot of things off my chest that I hadn't before. Perhaps this was due to the release of will power blocks associated with the solar plexus chakra.
Now I feel like I've shared what I needed to share, and the next one should be even easier!
As far as what I felt during the process, there was a whole lot of full body tingling, not unlike what I feel on a daily basis as I pull energy in from my head to go down my body. There was an instance in which I felt very warm, and then one in which I felt cold, but neither were uncomfortable.

It was an eye-opening session we had this time as Jesse was very transparent about what was going on in his life and how he felt about our healing sessions together! We learned the human experience is not an easy one and that we must experience the tough lessons now so we won't get the much harder or harsher lessons later on!


Date: 01/15/2018 at 05:03 AM
Name: Danielle

On Saturday I had my shoulder chakras and meridians removed. It felt great.

I felt the structures leaving my body and tension was released and I felt completely relaxed.
I'm so excited to see how things will change for me in the coming weeks as a result of getting this done.

Right now I'm feeling more peace than ever and I'm sleeping very deeply.
Thanks KL!


Date: 12/31/2017 at 01:33 PM
Name: Jesse Reedy

Testimonial part 3

My heart chakra removal seemed to be my easiest yet, but also seemingly took the longest to finish. I found it almost second nature to follow along with it, and feel energies move in and out of me.

I felt profoundly calmer afterwards, even moreso than before, like I was daydreaming but at the same time still alert. Alert, but also suddenly  very sleepy. Not at all in a disturbing way, actually quite the opposite with a heightened sense of relief and of everything being just as it should be. However  I had to go right to bed and get rest right afterwards.

I write this testimonial the day after, refreshed and confidently looking forward to good things ahead of me.

It was another great session we had and this time a breakthrough was made in learning what lessons we needed to learn and to experience in our life so that we can help our-self and eventually others!  Jesse is a strong, empathic person and with his new energy training and heart chakra removal, he is one step closer to becoming an energy healer!


Date: 12/12/2017 at 04:48 PM
Name: Danielle

Omg so the craziest thing just happened to me. I was just at home and out of nowhere the area by my heart more towards my back(that area that was being difficult during the heart chakra removal session) like opened up.

Thatís the best way I can describe it. Like this overwhelming feeling of love came over me and it was like an explosion of energy radiating out from my heart. I even felt like I could breathe easier when it was happening.

It lasted a few minutes but honestly it felt really good like for the first time I felt comfortable being open and exposing my heart, if that makes sense. I donít know how to verbalize it but it was a great feeling even though it didnít last long.

I have been so guarded for so long, it was weird to not feel the need to be so closed off. It didnít make me feel weak either, actually it was an insane amount of power I felt. Kind of scary amount of energy.


Date: 12/03/2017 at 01:17 PM
Name: Danielle

I just finished my session with King Louie and it was amazing as usual. He cured me of an inferiority complex Iíve struggled with since I was 5 years old. He sensed that the negative program was running in my head and he removed it. I felt a popping in my head and could feel the pressure and negativity draining out.

Before our session I had a headache but now I feel lighter and the headache is gone completely. I love the physical proof that everything is working. I leave every session feeling more confident and empowered.

KL is so positive, patient, and motivating itís helpful to moving to the next level. Iím getting stronger by the day and definitely have King Louie to thank. His guidance and healing has got me on the right track.

It was another breakthrough session we had with Danielle as we purged the last of the controlling and negative programs that was put into her early in life. But those programs were much easier to purge now after removal of the chakras. You can't get those nasty programs out without removing the chakras first. It is time of the purging, emotional eruption, awakening and we are here to help to get you on the right track! Her DNA Activation nearing 300 DNA strands activated, the highest of our current clients!


Date: 12/02/2017 at 04:15 PM
Name: Jesse Reedy
Message: This is my second portion testimonial.

Today King Louie did my throat chakra. This session went a lot smoother than the last, because I was more prepared with the tools from having my top two removed the first time, as well as time to learn how to apply them to my training.

Many of the same powerful sensations as in the first session.
Afterwards, I have been witnessing that I have already started undergoing some drastic changes. Most worth noting is that I am intuitively close to my empathy for others.

Now I immediately feel how my actions/words make them feel, as well as how possible outcomes would unfold.
He also cleared many of the blocks in my head. I feel much cleaner.
Another wonderful session. Thanks!

Jesse did the Throat Charka removal service today. With help from Jesse, we pulled out the numerous programs placed into the energy structure on the throat. It is funny how only a few people like Jesse understand how important it is to get these bad programs out as they restrict our energies that can affect our health and mental well-being as we get older. Life is short so we are glad Jesse didn't wait any longer!


Date: 12/02/2017 at 01:15 PM
Name: Danielle

Message: Once again I'm blown away by King Louie's work. I got my last three chakras removed and it was extremely powerful work. The entire time my root chakra was pulsating because it was ready to come out.

Louie was able to pinpoint that my root was the cause of a lot of the negativity and things holding me back. His insights are always spot on. I feel so good and relaxed and empowered.

This feeling is honestly difficult to put into words, but I haven't felt this at peace ever before. I'm more confident in myself and my abilities. That was something I didn't have at all before working with KL.

I also felt a snake like movement in my lower back by my spine and KL let me know that was my kundalini energy. I'm learning and growing so much!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

Danielle had her solar, sacral, and root chakras removed today. It was a long time coming but we finally able to discover the power of Danielle's soul was being blocked by a single chakra which was the root chakra! We were also able to  remove the final bits of negativity and karma that was stopping her from wealth and luck energies! With bad karma, you will never have luck energies on your side. Her DNA activated strands is going up daily now and as result more cellular defects were removed!


Date: 11/25/2017 at 5:28 PM
Name: Danielle

Oh wow thatís so cool. I think the chakra removal has helped with my allergies. Usually Iím really allergic to dogs but my brother has a dog and Iíve stayed at his house and had no symptoms!

Danielle gaved us an unsolicited feedback on her special healing ability on allergies after her recent chakras removal. There is much more like about our discovery of her other ability that we are developing together but this is what we were allowed to post.


Date: 11/16/2017 at 10:15 PM
Name: Macmillan

My experience with chakra removal was life changing!! I had my crown chakra, third eye and root chakra removed.

Lui seemed to know what needed doing from the very first time I contacted him. While working on my crown chakra, he found that there was something causing serious blockages in my root chakra. I could feel all the negative blockages leaving my body throughout the session.

30 minutes later and I am already feeling like a whole new person and seeing the world in a whole new light. I know my life is about to get real exciting from here.

No chakras means no limits indeed.

Thank you Lui, I cant wait to get the rest of my chakras removed and take my ascension to a whole new level!!

Here is a link to one of my videos by the way :) Enjoy

Macmillan is a rapper based in Australia, and has recently started on his ascension journey! We worked together today to remove the major chakras that worked with mental blockages that were stopping him from manifestating money and to point him in the right direction by improving his creative energy abilities!
We were able to find and remove the major blockages in his energy body that was not helping Macmillan be all that he could be! The mind blocks were just hard to remove without removing the charkas first. There is great things in his music as he wants to spread his messages of spirituality.


Date: 11/15/2017 at 10:34 PM
Name: Danielle

Message: Today was just amazing. King Louie is officially the most caring and helpful individual I know. I was going through a tough time and had a bunch of negative things that were happening to me. I felt so overwhelmed and I didn't know what to do.

KL took time out of his busy schedule to pull all the negativity out of my head and body. He also was able to get to the root problem causing negativity to be drawn to me.

Tonight was so helpful and my brain is finally calm and I feel like myself again ready to tackle my problems head on. I am so empowered and I love that KL teaches me to trust myself and learn how to use my brain to achieve success.

Thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude!! :)


Date: 11/08/2017 at 09:15 AM
Name: Jesse Reedy

Message: Third eye opening. I suspect very few problems moving forward from here. Thank you for your wonderful service!

My particular talent deals in intuitively knowing how to put notes of music together. If I were to follow my passion, it would be in composing music.

soundcloud.com/cygx has some things I did back in 2014 but as you can see, I lacked the drive to get very far at all in it.
Please keep my gift in mind!

Jesse gave us more feedback for the Third-eye charka removal service. As his DNA was activated by our service, his DNA strands activation are moving  steadily upwards daily. We are still getting feedback from Jesse's progress on a weekly basis!


Date: 11/04/2017 at 01:13 PM
Name: Jesse Reedy
Phone: 425 524-9575

Message: testimonial:

I went into my session unsure of what to expect. Beforehand, I listened to the New Ascension Beat, and then Light Body Activator.

The process seemed rather difficult because of my own trouble focusing, but I can already feel as I write this that it was great progress regardless.

 During the session, I could feel the chakras getting sucked out of my head, which was a very refreshing feeling. I could feel King Louie pulling things out of me as well as putting other things in. He was very patient with me as he did so, for which I am thankful.

In particular there was difficulty (of my own part) removing my crown chakra, but things moved along more smoothly after he had me plant my feet and we called to Gaia for additional help.

He also taught me how to put up my aura shield and enforce my area with it so that I could protect my family.

Now I feel physically and emotionally lighter, and it is much easier for me to channel and cycle my energy. I am also more responsive to his beats.

Overall WAY worth the investment considering my improved abilities as well as the fact that these changes are permanent. Thank you King Louie!

Jesse came to us for the Head Charkas removal service. With help from Jesse, we discovered many negative and bad programmings stored and contained in the crown chakra we had removed today! KL's Red energy was sent down his crown area to activate his DNA strands to start the Ascension process. We practiced on many energy exercises to use his new white-light energy abilities as tools to bring good things to him and his family!  I think we did it! Jesse and I still have more future sessions to do along with his family members. He will become all that he can be as we felt an inner presence of power that has been locked deep inside him. Without the blockages, truly anything is possible for  him to achieve when he focuses his mind! Very powerful in his new abilities!


Date: 10/27/2017 at 05:25 PM
Name: Danielle

So I have a testimonial about one of your YouTube videos. This is prolly an overshare lol but I had the worst PMS. Terrible cramps to the point I was almost in tears.

I listened to your PMS treatment frequency and Iím already getting significant relief.

Thank you! Your videos are so amazing and helpful.

Danielle gaved us an unsolicited feedback after her recent chakras removal. As she has less and less blockages in her body, the healing energies can quickly heal her!


Date: 10/25/2017 at 03:49 PM
Name: Danielle

Message: OMG I didn't think it was possible, but the second session was even more powerful than the first. I got my throat and heart chakras removed and I could literally feel the anger I've been holding on to for years draining out of my body as the throat chakra was being removed.

My heart chakra was more difficult because subconsciously I was holding on to a lot hurt and pain from the past, but eventually that energy moved and jumped out of my body.

There was a major shift that happened today, and I can't wait to complete all 7 chakras! I'm in such a positive space right now and feel a peace of mind. Thank you!!

Danielle experienced a major shift after the removal of  both the throat and heart chakras! Previous childhood traumas placed further strong mental blockages on her heart  area and thus blocking her powerful heart energies from coming out!


Date: 10/16/2017 at 2:52 AM
Name: Danielle


Omg I also meant to tell you while I was watching and listening to the wealth generator with angel badge video I could literally feel something in my head like new neural pathways were being formed. It was so awesome!!

Danielle gaved us a follow-up after her head chakras removal. The Wealth Generator with Angel Badge video she bought from our site is amping up her new mind powers!


Date: 10/13/2017 at 12:35 PM
Name: Danielle


My session with KL was just amazing. I went into it not knowing what to expect and it was everything I could've asked for and more. I had my crown and third eye chakras removed.

I could literally feel the negativity leaving from me. Before the session there was a lot of pressure in my head and during the pressure steadily released. I also learned out to shield myself from negativity as well as send and receive positive energy.

This is what I've been looking for to get me on a positive track and becoming a creator of my wonderful future.

Thank you so much! I will be getting my other chakras removed within the next few months for sure!

Danielle came to us for the Head Charkas removal service. With help from Danielle, we discovered many negative and bad programmings stored and contained in the crown chakra. We found much trauma from childhood abuses that drove the bad programmings even deeper into her mind. The results were road rage incidents and other things that got her into trouble. We practiced on exercises to use her new white-light energy abilities as tools to bring good things and not bad things into her life!  I think we did it! Danielle and I still have a couple more sessions but this is a great start to a better life and without the blockages truly anything is possible for her!


Date: 09/09/2017 at 12:31 PM from
Name: Tahiem Lyn
Phone: 321-795-7683

Message: This is the second session I've had with king Louie. The first one was the full 7 chakra removal. The second one was the channel removal.

I was going through hell before I got my chakras removed and im very glad I did. But after the chakra removal I still felt like there was something else that needed to be done. And it turned out to be the channel removal.

When Louie was working on me like before I felt everything that he was doing. And overall it feels like your being set free from the chains that was once holding you down.

Im glad i came across this site and plan on getting other things done in the future.  Session sample:  

Tahiem is advancing so much in just one day that even I was surprised! We discovered Tahiem has a very powerful ability today and hopes he will develop the wisdom and purpose that brings with it a tremendous responsibility! Removing the final channel blockages was key to his future advancement. He is part of the Ascendants and part of our family! The power of God was imparted into him.


Date: 09/07/2017 at 07:05 PM from
Name: Tahiem Lyn
Phone: 321-795-7683

Message: The first session I've had with king Louie was the complete 7 chakra removal. I didn't know what to expect at first, but it turned out to be great. He's very enthusiastic.
You can feel what he's doing and sense everything coming in and going out. He also Taught me some cool energy exercises. You can tell he knows what he's doing and If I were to recommend him I would.
Throughout and after the session I started to feel more light and euphoric. I give his service an overall 10 out of 10.

Tahiem was having psychic attacks for over a year now. With help from Tahiem, we were able to remove permanently the energy connections to his attacker, his 7 chakras, mind cords and energy attachments. We also practiced on exercises to develop his energy ability! He is now a certified Ascendant and got something special in the form of Red Dragon energy! The red energy would be too strong for normal people but Tahiem is a special one!


Date: Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 1:07 PM
Name: Carine

Hi Louie,

Really thank you for being willing to put some time aside to help me! Though I am not always really good at voicing it, it really impacts me. I feel quite calm now and will make sure to work on all the things you mentioned which really show to contain a lot of knowledge.

I just signed up for the forum, but it takes a while for me to get the verification key, so I will let you know once I have fully gotten access to the forum.

Again thank you so much and I will make sure to talk to you soon!



Date: 08/06/2017 at 12:36 PM
Name: Stanley

Hello KL,

Testimonial: Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. Amazing. 10/10. I am lost for words. .... magnificent..Talking to a God level being.. it's... I don't know. I'm just going to hold this win. No placebo here. No tricks.

It's the real deal. I mean I was still skeptical in the back of my mind throughout the entire thing but results are results.

Thank you so much! I feel amazing.


Stanley finished with chakra removals of the Sacral chakra,  and Root chakra. We further removed the last remaining mind cords and energy attachments. We also practiced on exercises to develop his telepathic ability! He is a certified Ascendant!


Date: 07/27/2017 at 12:40 PM
Name: Stanley

Hi KL,

Im write another testimonial right now.
I was in the car and everything was more vivid and the body sometimes feel like candy. When I didn't even eat candy. There was a flavor sometimes in my body. More energy airy strength.
Also I feels more grounded. My heart if I give attention to chestbrah area...it's like after when I've listened to your heart tonic beat. it's so beneficial health wise. The texture of my skin when I look at me feet.. it's glowing. I got dat dere glow. Thanks a lot.

Date: 07/23/2017 at 02:19 PM
Name: Stanley

 King Louie,
Thank you so so much. Here is my testimonial I will try to be detailed and I will write more testimonials.

King Louie is very high energy guy. Throughout the session I was in awe by his presence. Just his presence commands respect. He was definitely the alpha. You just feel that he is strong and not to be messed with.

The stuff he says is mind blowing and had me in shock. I am a pretty skeptical guy but what King Louie brings is results. Even though I
was skeptical, there was definetly something changing inside me.

My body feels stronger. Not musclely, but I guess spiritually stronger. Energy wise my body just feels stronger already.

Well isn't that subjective? Yea but for example with the Crown and 3rd eye gone, the new energy persisted day after day after day.  Forever.

It's going to be the same here with the body. Only the crown and 3rd is different then the Body. Because ur conscience is in your head and not your body.

My body is only going To get stronger. And no I'm not imagining this. There is a subtle and not so subtle peculiar difference. 


....The price King Louie charges is extremely generous. It's true.
Actually, it's worth even more than billions. The soul is worth much more than money. Easily.

Stanley continued with a further 3 chakra removals of the Throat chakra, Heart chakra and Solar chakra.  We were able to work together first to remove the intricate mind cords from the previous Crown and Third-eye charka removals. The hardest part was removing the cord attachment between the Solar chakra to Heart chakra as it was meant to drain both areas of his energies. Stanley don't forget you have tremendous ability in telepathy so practice that daily until it is like natural part of you!  You have free-will, and now you have full-control!


Date: 07/13/2017 at 03:08 PM
Name: Carine
Not sure yet how to explain all of this, but this was definitely something very special. I just got the 7 chakras removal and it showed quite some interesting facets. The experience itself made me feel immensely grounded and also made me feel head on where certain problems lay - through that a feeling of awareness and after release contentment was created.

Especially peculiar was how the lower three chakras held quite some strong blocks coming from DNA programming if I am correct that created dragging links between my body and my brain. This was something that Louie noticed immediately the moment he came to my solar plexus chakra.
These strong blocks have been removed and I am more than curious to how that will manifest itself into the future. How I feel now is best to be described as light and the exercise of drawing energy from my heart also greatly lifted my overall energy levels and the feeling of love.

I cannot tell the full effects right now, but I hope to write another piece on that in the future in which I can give a more complete experience. But all in all, this was amazing. I really hope to grow from this, especially given I was just starting out. It feels like I am starting to connect to those parts of me that I was not aware of before.

Thanks a million Louie, your guidance really meant a lot! 

Carine went for full the 7 Chakras removal today, and we found her first major blockage was in her crown chakra which was removed fairly easily. However, we did encounter major genetic-type blockages in the lower chakras that had cords to the brain. Now that Carine is completely unblocked at such a young age, we expect many, new breakthroughs in the years to come! Welcome our newest New Ascendant! Please Carine do the daily energy manipulation exercises that was given and you will conquer any and all obstacles that you may encounter in your path!


Date: 05/27/2017 at 12:43 PM
Name: Tom
Message: Dear King Louie
I did the crown and third eye chakra removal session with you.
As you know
i was a little nervous and i have to say also a sceptical. I really didn't know what to expect. I was surprised to hear your voice. I guess i was expecting a more serious person, but instead you were very up and easy going. I liked that.
You also guided me through the session very well.

About the actual removal: I was really trying very hard to push the chakras out, and it did felt like i was moving something and sensations came into my head.
One of the energy exercises we did felt like a sort of waterfall to me first, starting in my head.
Afterwards you told me it was the energy of a mountain. Close enough for me to be somewhat impressed. I did like the other exercises too and overall it was a pretty long session. I was a little tired towards the end, but i regained my energy pretty quick and now i'm eager to see how i will feel after a good night sleep.

Thank you, and I'll let you know how i progress
Tom had traumatic experiences in his childhood that were so bad that it was blocking his natural energy abilities as an adult. Somehow he knew to come to me for his awakening and healing. I didn't have to force him into anything he wasn't ready for. Ascension can never be a forced thing!  


Date: 04/29/2017 at 02:10 PM
Name: Michael Angelo Trujillo Jr.
Message: So The Results From The Attacking Service
Clearing Are
1. Mental Clarity
2. Being Able To Feel More Clearly
3. Feeling Love, Which Was Very Amazing!
4. Less Insecurity
5. More focus
6. Skills Taught That Help You Coping With The
7. More Happiness
8. Able To Do Body Awareness Meditation With More
9. A Sense Of Direction In My Life
10. More Energy
11. A Sense Of Well Being
I Highly Recommend This Service To Anyone Who Needs Help In Their Life
I Feel Much Better And I Am Rather Confident That You Will As Well
Now...Time To Do Some Good In This World =)
Thanks again KL!
Michael was aware for awhile now of the spiritual attacks being placed upon him, and he needed something powerful enough to heal him. He did it today, he found what he needed was already there inside himself!

Date: 04/24/2017 at 02:19 AM
Name: Remco Weijman
Message: Feedback for the chakra removal service
For the most part I didn't notice the chakra's being pulled out. On the other hand I felt definitly changes occuring on the inside of me.
Gradually I felt I became lighter by each step.
Crown: Took awhile to get removed
Third eye: Maybe half of the time of the crown. I noticed
a calmness and empty mind.
Throat: One of the fastest. Definitely felt
my throat clearing up. In a sense you can finally grasp some air.
Heart: Some old pain got removed. And no longer have a feeling of repressed emotions so to speak.
Solar and sacral: warmth glow
Root: Kind of a problematic one
But like I said some chakra I noticed better than the other one.
I now don't have that feeling of chronic fatigue anymore. Much more energy.  

Remco has the right combination of natural ability and logical reasoning skills. The same methods that I use myself. He is definitely on his path of Ascension and personal empowerment with the new tools he was given. He made the right decision too to remove the seven chakra blockages at once which is the right way to do it to get maximum results! Remco, don't forget to do your journal daily!

Date: April 9, 2017
After the crown and 3rd eye chakra removal my head felt very clear.
Still does. It feels like a quiet calm now or a quiet steady confidence. It feels like theirs more air or strength in my head. When I went to sleep I had a out of body experience, which happens rarely for me.

King Louie is very strong. Would recommend.
Thank you,
Stanley had been in communication with me for awhile now. Finally, we had our session and found extreme trauma in his past that was blocking him from achieving his full potential  as a spiritual worker, his ascension  and his powerful abilities. Stanley, remember to have patience and confidence in your abilities, it will grow and get stronger! 
Stanley provided a new update on June 9th, 2017 to confirm that the head chakras (Crown and Third-eye) removal was a permanent solution:

Hello King Louie,
Thank you for your responses, it means a lot to me.
Firstly, I want to update you on how I'm doing.
Since the chakra removal I'm definitely more positive.
It's not an acting thing. It's an inner thing.
There's no trace of any depression.
I just don't feel it. Yes I can still naturally feel sad,
but nowhere near the level I experienced before. Thank you.

Name: Mattdraco
Date: March 11, 2017
Complete Chakra Removal
In the session with KL, I felt each area where the chakras were totally clean; as in I've lived my life with something 'there' energetically.  After each one was removed, it felt clean and as if it was just my physical body there, and I couldn't feel whatever I had previously felt there before.
Yes, my mental state is much clearer now, but what I'm trying to say is that my physical body feels much better and more natural now, as if no matter how much clearing I was to do in the Chakra areas, there would still be beliefs that were holding me back in these areas, if that makes any sense.                                                             
Really, what happened is, that after the chakras were removed, I NO LONGER had the negative beliefs that I had had before tonight, i.e. Financial problem belief, Love problems belief. 
It's as if whatever you believe, is somehow stored into the Chakra, and will forever be there, at least partially, until the Chakra is removed. -this statement really is true, but you can only truly realize this once the chakras are taken out. 
So now now that my chakras are fully gone, it has cleared my once held beliefs about whatever I had, and replaced them with my true, full self ready to take on the universe to the highest degree.  It's like nothing else.
As KL was clearing my chakras, I had to push them out mentally, and KL took them.  Now, KL was talking to me the whole time to keep our 'connection,' so he was usually talking about other things besides the removal. 
So I would be in the conversation too, listening and replying, and then I'd mentally try and push the chakras out without telling him I was, and he knew instantly that more of my chakras were coming out of me; he can feel it when my chakras came out.  This is not a joke, and neither is he.  He is the real deal.  Thank you KL.                   nbsp;                                                          
one last note:  because I was opening up more on every level, the negativity comes in easier and fear starts to kick in easier, so he sends out an extremely powerful white light which erases any sort of fear you might experience.
KL is truly the best energy healer, thanks for everything.
Matt is from the Sevens group. He is currently the most powerful one in the group! I hope to see great things from Matt as he grows stronger from the full chakras removal and learns to push the negative influences from this realm and out of this universe!

Many more testimonials on this page: Testimonials.

Radio talk shows that mentioned us:

This talk show broadcasted on Oct. 24, 2009 had an important warning that the Blood General spirit has for "King Lui" about what he was creating during a live seance with Dee Dee and Raviniska (@ 10 mins) :

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hauntedcuriosities/2009/10/24/raviniska-and-the- seance

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This show broadcasted on Feb. 8, 2010 first mentions there will be some people that will be at a certain time be empowered with supernatural powers which will try to overcome the evil, demonic beings (@ 109 mins):

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Complete video of the all the shows about King-Lui and his higher-self the Blood General in one file:


My chat with Amber Kieffer as we do a reading on my coming merger with ArchAngel Raziel and the Elders:


* We were able to  obtain the incredible  HOLY RING and  TRINE CROSS  to  give  each of  our services an extra special spiritual power-boost as I wear them while sending energies and making the beats! As you can see from the video that the holy ring exerts a unseen forceon the water,  but  it's  what  you  don't  see  that's  even   more incredible -   energetic changes  it  does  on  the  molecular  level  to ascend  the DNA strands! 


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