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We abide by the Divine order of the universe, we only help to change your current conditions that will end up conforming to the divine principles of cause and effect. Our  services are very effective and will help you overcome the obstacles in your life, and  put you on the path to success as well as happiness. 

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Blockages deny you of so many wonderful things such as good health, psychic abilities and can eventually weaken you to a point  where it will manifest as a physical ailment or disease, especially when you get older when energies flow slower. Those that waited too long until there is nothing can help, not even us! So don't let it happen to you...be the spiritual smart-one like the ones that came to us early on in their life.

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Hi Louie!

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in love and light always, 

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It is the chakras that acts as major blockages of energy that  causes rapid physical  deterioration of the  body and psychological illnesses as we get older. It is these ineffective system of charkas that allow others to feed-off of your energies, block your psychic abilities, and will ultimately block  you from  advancing any further towards your  Ascension!   All of our services will provide a detailed reading on your negativity level, DNA strands activated, chakras and energy body condition, who you really are, life-purpose reading and much, much more!  Finally be free, get the service done by us and be one of the few  AWAKENED! Ones!

Date: April 9, 2017
After the crown and 3rd eye chakra removal my head felt very clear.
Still does. It feels like a quiet calm now or a quiet steady confidence. It feels like theirs more air or strength in my head. When I went to sleep I had a out of body experience, which happens rarely for me.

King Louie is very strong. Would recommend.
Thank you,
Stanley had been in communication with me for awhile now. Finally, we had our session and found extreme trauma in his past that was blocking him from achieving his full potential  as a spiritual worker, his ascension  and his powerful abilities. Stanley, remember to have patience and confidence in your abilities, it will grow and get stronger!

Name: Mattdraco
Date: March 11, 2017
Complete Chakra Removal
In the session with KL, I felt each area where the chakras were totally clean; as in I've lived my life with something 'there' energetically.  After each one was removed, it felt clean and as if it was just my physical body there, and I couldn't feel whatever I had previously felt there before.
Yes, my mental state is much clearer now, but what I'm trying to say is that my physical body feels much better and more natural now, as if no matter how much clearing I was to do in the Chakra areas, there would still be beliefs that were holding me back in these areas, if that makes any sense.                                                            
                                                                                                  Really, what happened is, that after the chakras were removed, I NO LONGER had the negative beliefs that I had had before tonight, i.e. Financial problem belief, Love problems belief. 
It's as if whatever you believe, is somehow stored into the Chakra, and will forever be there, at least partially, until the Chakra is removed. -this statement really is true, but you can only truly realize this once the chakras are taken out.                                                       
So now now that my chakras are fully gone, it has cleared my once held beliefs about whatever I had, and replaced them with my true, full self ready to take on the universe to the highest degree.  It's like nothing else.
As KL was clearing my chakras, I had to push them out mentally, and KL took them.  Now, KL was talking to me the whole time to keep our 'connection,' so he was usually talking about other things besides the removal. 
So I would be in the conversation too, listening and replying, and then I'd mentally try and push the chakras out without telling him I was, and he knew instantly that more of my chakras were coming out of me; he can feel it when my chakras came out.  This is not a joke, and neither is he.  He is the real deal.  Thank you KL.                                                                                            
one last note:  because I was opening up more on every level, the negativity comes in easier and fear starts to kick in easier, so he sends out an extremely powerful white light which erases any sort of fear you might experience.
KL is truly the best energy healer, thanks for everything.
Matt is from the Sevens group. He is currently the most powerful one in the group! I hope to see great things from Matt as he grows stronger from the full chakras removal and learns to push the negative influences from this realm and out of this universe!
Date: 02/27/2017 at 09:40 AM
Name: Rajender Paul
Message: Hi Louie
It was great speaking with you. Thank you for clearing the old programmings from my mind and help me understand my own strengths, tips and techniques given to clear my own programs, beliefs etc. Thanks for the meditation technique given as well.

Date: 02/04/2017 at 03:32 PM 
Name: Christopher P
Thank you KL for the session today.
Here is mytestimonial.
I recently contacted KL as I was having a lot of negative physical issues with my body. I've have justfinished an hour session with KL which helped me clear a lot of my past trauma. I believe most of thistrauma has been causing my sickness. I felt a lot of pure energy being sent in from KL.
Although I feel very tired after the session, I do feel alot lighter mentally and more positive. I know this will be the turning point in my life.
It's always apleasure working with KL.
Thank youso much.
Christopher P
Christopher is known to us as The Guardian, and had one remaining blockage in him from a past trauma that had started to manifest as a physical ailment. With no more blockages or traumas now, The Guardian is freed forever of all limitations and should be able to use his abilities to the fullest to get the things he wants and still be able to ascend and move towards his immortality!

Date: 01/28/2017 at 05:55 PM 
Name: Cassie

When i first ordered the Deluxe Chakra Cleaning I was a little skeptic, how a stranger clean my energy points? However, upon the cleaning of my first (crown) chakra I knew that King Louie was a true healer! I felt a gigantic mental block exit through my temples as well as powerful positive energy fill the space around me! It was like an exorcism but way more legitimate. KL is very understanding and empathetic, talking to him was like talking to an old friend. He taught me how to unblock and unlock to use the full potential of my mind that had being laying dormant. I can't wait to practice my newly found power not only for my own benefit but to radiate to my loved ones around me! This was the first stepping stone to a new found path. Thank you so much King Louie! <3
Cassie is one powerful energy worker, but she was heavily blocked from a childhood trauma so we fixed that issue permanently by removing the structure since energy with information becomes a structure in her energy field. When she focuses her attention, energy starts to form in a tremendous amount that you can feel! Remember Cassie, energy with an extreme focus of your mind and anything is possible!
Cassie provided us a new update on Feb. 4th, 2017:
Hello KL,
Quick update on my energy work, so far it all seems to be going well, especially the aura building. I'm starting to see living organism's auras without really trying. I keep building on that original aura I created during the cleaning session, however, it has turned from white to pink. I have been working on emitting energy into "Kayle"...

Date: 01/15/2017 at 03:41 PM
Name: Veronika
Hello King Louie
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the full cleansing yesterday. I have done a lot cleansings before with different healers and every single one of them have always been different. I loved Louie approach on cleaning the chakras. It was a good feeling but also an emotional feeling. I feel different energies being taking away by Louie and some didn't want to go. Louie always answered all my questions without hesitations. He had an answer for all my questions. I can't say that one of the chakras was better or worse than the other, all of mine were covered by bad energy. I know Louie has helped me tremendously, however I know and I feel I still have some left. I know I probably need another cleansing in the future. This experience was interesting and emotional at the same time because you have to really try and focus to let things go. You cannot expect Louie to do all the job, you have to put in the effort also. Thank you so much Louie for an awesome experience. I wish everyone beautiful experiences. :)
Veronika was found to have very heavy blockage in heart chakra due to past trauma in her childhood that had affected her benefiting from the incredible healing and loving energies that she holds in
her heart! It is our hope she continues to use the tools we gaved her to continue on her work in her
ascension and awakening process.

Date: 01/15/2017 at 02:56 AM
Name: Andre
Message: So I am back again, after having my chakras cleared by KL, it took me only like 3 days to know for sure that I wanted to remove the chakras as well. Since they are just limiting me and holding me back. So we set up another session.
Since the chakras were mostly cleared out we could get
right into the removing part. After removing the top chakras (crown, 3rd eye, throat) I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Then after removing the remaining chakras I started to feel my energies moving around through my whole body. Feels like it vibrating or something.
Again we went through some new interesting practices.
Now this is only the first day, so I haven't noticed any big changes in myself yet, but as for the same with the clearing session I think I will feel the big changes after a couple of days. I'm already feeling lighter, thank you!
Andre made a life-changing decision that will change his life for the better. We expect Andre to benefit from the Charka removal because with no more energy limitations, his dna activation will go much higher and with more energy it will help the body for faster healing and better health!

So I am just done with a clearing service with KL. I got this service because I thought my chakras were damaged, but it turned out they were not as bad after all. It was only in my mind. Anyway we proceeded with the clearing. Then KL sent me good energies, they felt very subtle but good.
Then he showed me a few practices. I'm not sure if it were his good words, the energy he gave me, or even the practices we did, but it re-opened my mind and beliefs of whats possible to do with our minds.
I knew the mind was powerful, I just had forgot about it. In the end of it all KL is a nice guy, very talkative. I feel inspired to continue the practices. 
Andre was blocked in his heart chakra and lower charkas so much that it affected his mental processes and manifestation abilities.  It is our hope that we have set him on the right path to his Ascension with the chakra clearing and healing, as he now understands the great potentials he has if he just take the time to focus his mind on what he wants!  
Date: 12/25/2016 at 09:14 PM
Name: Angeline Kang
I had a session to remove the crown and third eye chakra this morning with King-Louie (sorry that I was whispering most of the time since the rest of my family is still sleeping!)
I was having a lot of doubts at first because I have no idea how it was going to work.
But he kept talking to me while he was removing the chakras which eased me up quite a bit. It took quite a long while for him to take out the crown chakra because it was heavily
blocked, the third eye chakra came out pretty fast. I felt vibration when he was doing it
and it was amazing.
The session with King-Louie was really informative. After the removal of the chakras, he
went through some exercises where I can use my energy to help protect myself, etc.
King-Louie could also sense that I wasn't happy for quite a while when we were going
through one of the exercises. His words of advice really help and I'd definitely put all
the exercises into practice.
Thank you so much!
Angeline we found has a lot of potential in many aspects of energy work and it is up to her to continue with the training that was taught to her in our session together! The latent abilities she may have would be extraordinary now that she has more no blockages in her head. We know her potential and it's now her time to discover the truly incredible abilities and powers that was locked-up inside her for so long!


Date: 12/17/2016 at 03:13 PM
Name: Esther Aliu
Phone: 659145229
I just had a chakras clearing session with King Louie and it has been great. I have had a couple of chakras unlocking before, but this one was so different. I could really feel all the bad energy coming out of me, and when we were done with the 7 chakras, I felt so flexible and connected, like if I were made of play-doh...!
Then he sent me into a bath of three different powerful lights....I still don't know what that was but each one of them felt super amazing...
During all the session he gave me advices and homework to do, he also explained me many things with all his love and special energy...!
At the end of the session I felt so much love for everything, clarity, and good energy, like I was high on mdma (sorry for that analogy haha)
I really really recommend this clearing and King-Louie, it felt so right to me.
A additional reading done by T-J confirmed that Esther, is a healer that can repair  or heal cells in the physical body. She may even be one of the few Immortals as claimed by T-J that are birthed on the Earth at this time! We will do another scan on her in a year's time to see if she is one of us!

Date: 10/23/2016 at 01:43 PM
Name: Desmond Sinclair
Message: I ordered the extreme chakra clearing service Wow thank you King-Louie, what an experience. I was skeptical at first and negative due to connection problems, but King- Louie was patient and friendly, very open and easy to talk to, he explained everything to me. I am glad I took his services and what he shared with me in a short time no one else has done. He is professional and I will be doing the head chakra next. I felt calm and light headed by the end of the session, well worth it I definately look forward to speaking with him again.
Thank you

Date: 09/25/2016 at 02:15 PM
Name: Abacos

After having my session, the immediately reaction was hard to explain, but it felt like jump starting my own energy that has been locked away, and needed the boost to restart flowing though my energy and astral bodies. I could feel the overall energy from KL being transferred to me, and the blockages being removed. I would recommend KL to anyone looking to use his services.

Date: 09/04/2016
Name: Illya
Hi King-Louie,
just wanted to give some feedback about our crown andthird eye chakra removal session:
I'm writing about you in third person, hope it's ok for you :)
First I had some doubts about the session, because I'm not a native english speaker,
but that was not a problem at all, as I didn't have to talk much :)

King-Louie is a very positive person, so the communication was very nice,
despite of some connection problems it was a unique experience, I really felt something

is happening in my head, first he removed my crown chakra out, that didn't take very long,
but my third eye was blocked, so we needed a second attempt, which worked fine in the end,
actually he continued working on my chakras even when the connection was lost a couple of times.
He gave me a lot of information, how to gain more energy, how to reach my goals, how to protect
myself from negative energies and how to be successful...

And he removed the negative energy and programming from my head and gave me his positive energy
and programmed my brain for success and to reach my goals.
Also he asked T-J to check what my life purpose is, and to check my DNA strands, from 25 it went
to 87(!) after the chakra removal.
He told me that my third eye chakra was hard to remove, because I was sad for a long time,
which was true, and explained me how to handle such situations.
Everything what King-Louie told me really makes sense for me if I compare the information with
what I read in different spiritual books.
After the session he will send me the information from TJ about what my life purpose is and also
what has to be done to reach my goals.
So thank you very much King-Louie, I will follow your advice and do what is needed and let's see what happens :)
Best regards
A following-up feedback from Illya on September 5, 2016:
Hi King Louie,
Just wanted to add that my back pain is almost completely gone! And the head pressure has reduced too.
That's just amazing!
Thank you so much,
Best regards


Date: 07/25/2016
Name: Jake
Message: Testimonial
Well, I got my crown & third eye chakras removed & I think it's literally the best decision I've made in my life. My mind is so free, also haven't one headache since, not even a slight pain in my head. I feel so much more at peace & my creativity has exploded now that the implants have been removed.

Date: 03/28/2016 at 03:47 PM
Name: Mike
Message: Testimonial
Today i had a energy session with KL. First it was nice to know that a real person is behind the beats and this website. It was the reason I was a bit hesitant to try out a session with King Louie. But I'm happy I did.
During the session he worked on my third eye. What I felt during the session was
very subtle, it wasn't until after it was done that I felt very different. My third eye just
felt so open and so free. I did feel this incredible power. I look forward to the chakra removal, as I know its gonna be an amazing transformation.
Thanks KL, I'm glad I listed to my impulse and got the session with you.


Date: 03/08/2016 at 11:51 PM 

Name: Christopher P 

Message: I recently had all chakras removed by KL.

Upon doing so I went through a huge emotional release for about 3 days.

I've noticed my energy increasing each week, i feel more grounded, less impatient and more understanding. I definitely feel happier and more accepting of others.  

Thank you for your help.


Date: 02/06/2016 at 07:42 PM

Name: danny

Message: update, been two weeks since my crown and 3rd eye chakra removed, still have head pressure forehead between the eyes and my temples, also some head pressure, I massage these areas and I feel relief ,but it does not last. some tension in the chest area from time to time.i feel better now than I did before  the chakra,but I expect to feel much more better. I feel I still being held back, I need more emotional strength. in about 3 weeks I like my throat,heart, and solar plexes chakra removed, maybe sadness in the heart and fears in the solar plexes holding me back.some parts of the day are better than other,but it takes effort and lots of focus. I feel I should be further along on my path.
thanks kl for all your help
A following-up from Danny on April  26, 2016 from the Awakened forum:
thanks kl and to the pc for helping me, and for your guidance i over come alot of bad programing in me, but i stll have some more to over come.
i had my crown and 3rd eye chakra removed, and the bad program in me said if i do this i go crazy, it was all a lie.
i feel so much better now. we are all programed  to stay small with fears ,thats what they programed into us, will go crazy or destroy ourselves if we mess with our dna or our minds, that was the biggest sin of all.
i dont believe the lies anymore, but still takes effort to move forward


Date: 11/10/2015 at 12:46 AM

Name: Kundalini23

Message: Hello KL,

Wanted to say a BIG Thank you!! I feel light as a feather. There is still a lot of work I need to do. But thank you for not just clearing me but being so sweet and informative. Strangely I have a headache today! I am saying this in advance, I am coming back to get my chakras removed. Lots of love, light!! :)


Apr 20 15 2:26 PM
My name is Caroline. I received a ''clearing'' care of King Louie yesterday. Thank you very much, I felt relief. I'm happy but I'm also in a very uncertain life period. There was a time, I even went to spend some days in a psychiatric hospital because I lived too insecure. It was a difficult experience although i also met some nice people. I felt I did not know where to direct me, that's for a few years, and there I was exhausted. I have not been kept in the hospital but it led me to an external center where I have to go tomorrow. That scares me. I cleaned up my body and now I have to return to an environment conducive to possibly negative energies. I know that I am now well protected with a will as hard as diamond. But I still saw a lot of worries. I know I have strong perceptions even though I do not know to use it. The show must go on, as they say. I'll try to stay on track and look to the future with joy. Voila, thank you for your beautiful thoughts, Thanks for your light. Thank you, thank you for you and for me. My native language is French, sorry for the structure of my sentences.



 Date: 04/02/2015 at 09:53 AM 

Name: andrewx

Message: I got the attacking service from Louie because I was feeling like what I describe astral spiders lots of them walking around me. He told me that was an entity I got obsessed with and I was like a magnet so I have to be very careful. He showed me some energy exercises took some of my bad energy from my brain and he give me some of his energy which was very strong.  Today I still feel the entities because I don't know how to break the chains with my own thoughts.


Date: 03/27/2015 at 09:12 AM 

Name: Christian Chavez

Message: Working with KL has been a wonderful experience. I recently had the chakra removal session and it was a good experience indeed. I feel like my DNA is activating more, feel more grounded, released blocks in my heart area, can read people better, and can think clearer and sharper. KL is a very powerful energy healer, knows what he is doing, and recommend him alot!


Date: 03/11/2015 at 07:39 AM 

Name: Matthew Warnecke

Message: After the extreme chakra clearing service, I felt much more mentally clear. I had just expected to feel more energy in my body, which also happened, but the mind-clearing effect was also very nice! During the session I felt a lot more energy throughout my body as a whole. The mental clarity was also a huge release, and will definitely help with my meditation practice, thank you!


The following is from  Syfre on our Awakened forum about  the Crown Chakra Removal session we had together:

February 27 – ‘twas the day I would never forget – I had the privilege to experience KL’s chakra removal sessions on my crown chakra as a reward for winning the contest held at his forum.

It was one of the most unique experience I had in my life. During the session, I felt fleeting electrical sensations intermittently sweeping from the tip of my crown to my calves. Then suddenly, waves of energy begun generating on my solar plexus area; with eyebrows raised, I said to myself: "What the (expletive) is happening?!" It was crazy. And before I knew it, this energy gently exploded to mini-jolts of tingling sensations which radiated throughout my whole being. From this time forth, I was in a state of pseudo-euphoria – what I felt as a dark, compactly dense energy debris that had sequestered itself deep within my noggin, had slowly waned into nothingness. Finally, the jarring negative chatter on my mind is slowly losing its rule over me. The mind-numbing fog – lifted. Ultimately, that inexplicable heavy feeling I felt from time-to-time on my head and even on my chest for  ~5 years were now less apparent  – the energy seems to flow freely now. It was, overall, emotionally cathartic and physically therapeutic.


To put the icing on the cake, King-Louie is a wise, down-to-earth, easy-to-talk-to bloke that will not only keep you amused but also informed during the entirety of the energy work session. I would definitely recommend him. I would say that if this is how it feels without one of humanity’s greatest spiritual limitations, then I would want to remove the rest of my chakras!


P.S: To those who can’t afford KL’s services yet or just want to feel what’s like to have "cleared" chakras, I recommend you to continually listen to the Ascension and Solfeggio Harmonics listed free on this website. I hope it will "intuitively" help you move on a much healthier lifestyle as it did with me. You would experience aha-moment after aha-moment – everything would start to make sense: "Why haven’t I thought of that?!" Just be mindful that no ‘one’ thing – even this service – will be the be-all and end-all of our ills-and-woes in life: we should still responsible for our own well-being. We must incorporate and holistically combine physical, mental, and spiritual interventions to truly become the greatest version of ourselves. Nevertheless, it will help you to naturally realise – somewhere in your journey – that you are in control of your own life instead of whatever it is that is controlling you (e.g. addictions etc.) and that, along with its many other benefits, will give you the power to move forward! Good Luck!


The following is the testimonial from  Luan J. about  the Clearing session we had together on  February 16, 2015 to remove demonic entity attacks and attachments:

Name: Luan J.

Message: Thank you for working with me. Once we were done, I felt pretty good. Then later I had some serious mutational sickness. I knew I had to get use the new energy and I am still working on that. I will continue to do my work and get back to you periodically so you know how I am doing.

Thanks for all you have done!

Luv, Light and Prosper 


The following is one of the toughest clearing sessions I've ever had. For my session with Lorne, we scanned ahead of our session with the help of Time-Jumper and The Final Creator and we did find there was extreme blockages in Lorne's Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra and Solar Chakra. There was also an energy parasite that must be removed from his body. We were happy that our clearing session was  100% successful.

Date: 02/23/2015 at 03:26 PM

Name: Loren Adamarczuk

Message: I would like to put testimonial for King Louie as he did a energetic parasite removal for me, the parasite has been draining me of my energy for many years as well as feeding my brain lot's of negativity not to mention insomnia as I have always had a hard time sleeping. He is extremely professional and is amazing intuitive instinct that is better then any energy master I have ever met. We had trouble getting the parasite out as he did not want to leave my body... but we finally got him out and released him to the light. He also showed me some energy manipulation tricks to use everyday... He is the real deal! First thing I noticed is my real negative thoughts stopped and much more energy through the day... the headaches have stopped and I am a very happy man!!! I should have done this many years ago... but I didn't know anyone strong enough to take this on until King Louie... I am just a customer and I have not been paid for this testimonial and will recommend him to anyone!


Fri 2/20/2015 1:27 AM

Name: abenhas

Testimonial: I did not feel so much during the 7 chakra removal session with KL, but the night was light, it was hard to sleep and for a few minutes body was vibrating, little electrical with maybe white diffuse light and I put my fingertips to the eyes and a small lightshow started. And still a few days after the session it is difficult to sleep due too much energy and in daytime most of the tiredness is gone so far. Also it feels that I am more connected to someting inside me. I dont know what all this is about, but for sure the chakra removal have created a change, a quite deep change I think, looking forward for developing all this.

Light blessings


Date: Jan 26, 2015 at 3:58 PM

Name: Samuel 

Message: I got my Crown Chakras removed today. Was I very doubtful? yes. Am I still skeptical. yes, but I had long session and I felt great and light as a feather. At first when he removed my Crown Chakras, King Louie burst coughing as it startled me. He said it was normal when removing chakras but mine was heavily blocked. I was bit scared because I thought he was choking. He told me not worry as we continue.

I remember after the he removed my chakras to give me some energy I felt throbbing sensation top of my head. I felt the pulse beating. My feet were usually cold but I did felt some tinging feelings around my toes. Didn't felt much because My feet were cold and today we were having a blizzard. I was surprised the voice of King Louie sounded so young. haha I felt pleasant. My head felt so light. Honestly I felt so pleasant and all the negative energy out of my body. I'm exciting about the next chakras.


 The following is the second testimonial from Tanvir, a light-worker with powerful heart energies, about our second Chakra Removal session we had together on  December 14, 2014:  

Date: 12/14/2014 at 06:05 PM 

Name: Tanvir Brar
Message: Thanks KL again for removing my Crown chakra. I wasn't going to leave a testimony after every chakra removal but right now, 6 hours after the procedure, I felt I needed to tell everyone how amazing it feels!

After the Third Eye chakra removal most of my headaches disappeared. But now after the Crown was removed I finally got rid of a headache I've had since the Summer. My head feels amazing. It feels like positive vibrant energy is swirling and circulating to wherever I need it to be.

Before the procedure I only had my third eye chakra removed. It felt great but still it felt as if there was something above the third eye region that was blocking me from connecting with the cosmos. 

Now I feel like I'm connected with the universe. I can manifest things much easier during my meditation.

For anyone considering this but don't have enough cash, I suggest taking one chakra out to see the beauty of how great it feels. Once you take one out you will definitely know that these chakras are limitations that you need to remove to live a full and healthy life. 

Love and light to all. Take care.


Date: 12/07/2014 at 07:15 PM 

Name: Tanvir Brar

Message: KL removed my third eye chakra today. It was an amazing experience. 

He told me before the session to relax. I told him it would be a problem relaxing because I suffer from hypersensitivity. 

For those that don't know what hypersensitivity is I'll try my best to explain. When I try relaxing or sleeping I usually feel electric-like sensations in my feet and chest. It usually increases throughout the day and gets unbelievably bad during the night. 

But right when I got on with KL I was immediately relaxed like never before. I don't know if it's because he's very easy to talk with or what. 

While he was taking my third eye chakra out I felt a bit of pain but nothing serious. He talked me through what was happening and he told me exactly what I was going through. Before the removal of the chakra I was experiencing a sharp painful headache but once it was over my head felt like it was floating in the heavens. 

He also explained how energy works and how I could use it in positive ways. Right now, 9 hours after my session with KL, I feel energy circulating around in my head under my crown (which I haven't removed yet) like never before. Whenever I try focusing my energy in certain areas like the pineal gland it goes right there.

Before my session I was hesitant that I wouldn't feel anything because I never have with other "so-called psychics" that I won't name. KL took me on an adventure I'll never forget. And I can't wait for more as I still have 6 more chakras that I plan to remove and I don't trust anyone to remove them after my experience with KL.


 Date: 11/09/2014 at 01:49 AM

Name: Boe Ehrich 
Phone: (+61) 0407194888
Message: Hi Louie sorry it took so long to get back to you been a bit busy :)
Our was awesome I felt the energy around me and I still can around some places I go. 
But I have trouble with the energy barrier, I can't seem to hold it for too long and also I have had a couple headaches at work. 
I thought by removing the chakra they would go away.


The following is a new testimonial from Raj S., our newest Awakened! menber, tells about our Major 7 Chakras Removal service he had on August 26,  2014:

I just had the chakras removal session with King Louie. This is my first exposure to anything like this. I felt the positive energy very strong even the first time I met King Louie, before he told me he offers this service.

Today during the session I felt lots of tingling in my legs, and my head felt very heavy when he was doing the crown chakras. I enjoyed all the positively reinforcement tips he taught with me. I feel my mind is very much open to take in positive energy and radiate it, and also protect myself from the negative.

My brain is having a hard time understanding why its working, but my body and soul seems to understand it 100% without doubt. I hope I can carry this positive energy forever and expand my horizons. I am an engineering student but this positive energy I do believe very clearly even without physical evidence.

Also check out "OSHO" on youtube!

kind Regards



The following is a testimonial from Michaël L., our new  Awakened! menber, tells about our Major 7 Chakras Removal service he had on July 7,  2014:

Name: Michael L.
Message: I just had the chakras removal session with KL. It is hard to explain what I felt. I felt slight feelings. At times I could feel tinglings in my legs. Sometimes it hurted my head. There is a change in me. But my stubborn mind/ego is telling me I am imagining this. While writing this my feet feel really warm. I am also tired. I need to think. I will write some more comments to tell you how I evolve. This should be the beginning of my awakening. I need to let go. And I need to release the bad programmings. At one point I felt someting in my back too. Some energy left trough my feet. Some energy came in too. This is probably the less constructive comment I will write. Its the beginning. He did things and I could feel things. I will keep you guys updated. I need to eat I'm hungry. I feel lighter. Namaste

A following-up from Michael L.on July 27, 2014 by Skype: 

Hello KL.  I dont know you might prefer me sending you an email but as I am on Skype right now
[3:40:36 PM] Michaël L.: I didnt believe 100% that you removed my chakras so I just had a session with someone else
[3:41:44 PM] Michaël L.: they said that my chakras were indeed removed. So thank you for that!


The following is a testimonial from Christian, a powerful and strong martial artist, about our second session Chakra Removal service on June 23, 2014:

Date: 06/24/2014 at 01:57 PM
Name: Christian

Message: Today I did my Heart, Throat, and Solar Plexus removal session, and man it was transformational. During the throat part, I could feel it, and it even hurt a little, and so I knew that was a reason to remove it. Having the solar plexus removed was awesome, I now have more power! KL was able to remove heaviness in my heart and I am now more "open."

Thank you KL, I now look "bigger" and more powerful than ever!


The following is a testimonial from Stella Nanga about our Attacking service on May 26, 2014: 

Meeting with King Louie was no coincidence. That day and the day before, I prayed to God and to mother Earth to deliver me and protect me from the attacks that I have been experiencing. I was just tired of having to deal with them. I knew I needed the help of a healer but did not know who I could contact. 

After spending time in the nature praying for help that day, I came back and found King Louie Youtube channel. Then I checked his website. Reading through the description of the "Attacking" service I knew instinctively that it was the answer, the help that I prayed for. 

The healing session with King Louie was intense and powerful. At time I could feel pain like something was being pulled out of me. King Louie did much more that what I paid for. He taught me how to properly shield myself and gave me helpful information. 

Since the healing session, I feel energized and also more peaceful and calm. It is noticeable in the way I walk and the sound of my voice. The pain I was experiencing for more than a month without the doctors knowing what that was is gone. I am more clear-minded. I am also more joyful, I feel I can live my life fully now and be the person I came here to be.

I am so grateful to King Louie for his healing work, his time and his generosity and my gratitude also goes to the Universe who answered my prayer and allowed me to meet King Louie. Thank you and be blessed


The following is a recent testimonial from  Christian about our Chakras Removal service:

Date: 04/30/2014 at 11:55 PM

Name: Christian

Message: Today I did my very first chakra removal session, the Third eye and Crown, with King-Louie and man it was intense. I could totally feel his powerful energy and was transformed for the good; not only do I feel lighter-there is something different about me, but I managed to learn new things I never knew about. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead when ALL my chakras are removed, along with the limitations attached to them. He is a very passionate individual and I highly recommend him.


The following is a testimonial from Trini Nick about our Extreme 7 Chakras Clearing service:

Date: 04/02/2014 at 05:53 PM 

Name: Trini Nick

Want to begin by saying my gratitude for KL transcends words, this really is manifestation of kind of help I needed, divine help. Those nights of crying for help and change, asking the universe for some intervention has came true and beautifully it is just the beginning. Just like many of you that has stumble upon his beats and this site I used to be overwhelmed by negativity causing struggle and chaos in my life so bad I started to become it. Creating mental wars in my mind because deep down I knew I wasn't that, from there the path of longing to know my true self and enlightenment began. Two days ago I had the extreme 7 chakras clearing service done, to put my head on a block its a life saving moment for me, I have the energy, motivation to move forward with my life.

During the session I was amazed by how powerful KL was he was able to sense the exact emotional state I was in, guiding me threw the emotions so we could begin. And the negativity fought back during the session after I was able to see and feel the difference between negative and positive thinking, sensitivity to these energies were magnified and it was actual work, you have to believe, my third eye and throat chakra was the worst out of all of the chakras and I felt the energy and effect right after the session I was glowing with hope and joy just the boost I needed to get back on the spiritual path after two days I still feel like that. the negativity stills comes up but thanks to Louie I know what to do, he taught me what to do when those things come up, I am more balanced. 100% satisfied of the service, hope my testimonial has helped any of you to decide, if you go threw with this remember this it is key, send out an intention for the service and BELIEVE, it will work.

Sat Nam.


The following is a testimonial from Chris about our Chakras removal service:

Date: 02/17/2014 at 02:59 PM 
Name: Chris*Hasan

 Hello. Yes I did my two chakras removal both being the crown and third eye chakras. I gotten a great sensation through the top of my head with the crown chakra.

My hands and feet were tangling and feeling some energy going through them. My third eye felt heavy at first but once it was gone with my crown chakra I felted more clearer. At first though with my two chakras being remove I felt some draining due to the residue of getting the two chakras out but after that I felted clearer and more energy flowing through.

I want to thank king Louie for the session and look forward to the next ones.


The following is a testimonial from David about our Extreme 7 Chakra Clearing service:

I'm after having my first Chakras Clearing Service and the Pineal Gland done by Louie. it was successful so now I'm on the right track in gaining incredible powers and abilities. My energy levels are higher now, with the Chakras cleared now I can do so much more. Louie found that I was being attacked by negative programs and energies in two of the Chakras. The Root Chakra was the worst since it was more damaged. Louie has taught me on how to put up a shield to protect myself from other attacks. I highly recommend to anyone that is thinking of getting the Extreme 7 Chakras Clearing Service.

The sensations I had with my Crown Chakra was if I was getting touched gently. If so it was kind of blocked still I was able to feel the energies. Throat Chakra was better I had warm feelings as Louie worked on it. The best was the Heart Chakra it was hot like a sun was in me. It made me feel I was in touch with myself in ways I never thought I would feel. These sensations were powerful, but the 3rd eye sensation was the best after 5 mins I began to feel energies build up.  I could feel at the end Louie at work on my 3rd eye. The experience was better than I thought it be!



The following is a testimonial from Mohammed,&nbnbsp;one of the few light-warriors, tried other healers from around the world even in India, but used our Attacking service to finally stop the energy and psychic attacks put upon him by many seen and unseen dark forces that seeked to destroy him and his kind:

Date: 01/17/2014 at 01:28 PM 
Name: Mohammed 

Just had a session with KL. It was brilliant! His energy is very strong even when he isn't in healing mode. He helped heal some major battle scars!!! I should have been dead and most people either struggled or were too afraid to help. The session seemed effortless for KL. It's good to meet other really strong lightwarriors out there. 2014 really is our year. I wish you all the best with your work and your transformation KL


The following is a testimonial from Karah about our Extreme 7 Chakra Clearing service:

Date: 12/31/2013 at 01:15 AM 
Name: kar

Yo my first 2 sessions i had with him i didn't really feel much, much he indeed felt my energy, so that was hope for me that i'm at least doing something right. After completing my 3rd session today, my left calve was vibrating for a long time, after we had our little moment, which was weird, but effing coool! Sooner i will be able to sense the energy around me. Just gotta commit every single day. My time with him was priceless, he is fucking hilarious! I learned so much about the truth, it only makes me want to advance more out of this mother fucker. Thank you so much Lou, you da bomb dignity. Talk real soon. And remember your promise man!


The following is a testimonial from Julio about our Extreme 7 Chakra Clearing service:

Date: 12/28/2013 at 06:19 AM (GMT -8) 
Name: Julio

Hi, Louie!
I'm giving my second testimonial session last night. Early in the session, I felt my heavy feet when placed on the floor, then I felt something like a small electric current through my body. Louie began his work cleaning implants and negative energies in my chakras. Louie said that there was very block in my body and in my head, he cleared them all, I could still feel the electricity in my body, Louie said this could be one of the skills that I have and interesting serie practicing telekinesis.
Louie taught me many things, simple things I had not thought of before.


The following is a testimonial from Julio about our Pineal Gland Activation service:

Date: 12/18/2013 at 02:57 AM 

Name: Julio

I would like to thank Louie for the session yesterday. At first I was a little apprehensive and anxious, but Louie asked me to relax and breathe deeply, shortly after I was calmer during the session I could feel little tingles in my feet and some feeling in my chest. Louie did some removal of negative energy in my body and healed me. after that I felt more calm and peaceful, the anxiety was over. Now I need to increase my energy in my body so that my skills appear.

hey KL,
Sure use my testimonial. 
I was 5'8"and now I'm about 5'8.5"-5'9" after 1 month.  Used human growth hormone maximum infusion, and grow taller beat. ~ Greg


Date: 11/09/2013 at 08:01 PM 
Name: Michael 

 Hi Folks, guess what.

I just had my chakras removed by King-Louie. Did I think it was possible? When I first heard about it, I did not. We were always taught to use our chakras, balance our chakras etc, but now that I have had them removed. I realise that I was being limited by them.I must admit I was a bit nervous about doing it but King-Louie was brilliant, he put me at ease and took me through the process.

As he began his energy work, I could feel tingling in my feet. As we worked together to remove the chakras, I was coughing, my body was shaking, my eyes were watering and I felt heat and different sensations in the parts of my body he was working on.All that was the result of the removal of the chakras, the bad and negative energy and the genetic and bad programming.

After each removal King-Louie sent me good healing energy, which made me feel powerful. Now I feel strong, energized, calm and at peace with my mind clear and focused. Then we started doing energy work straight away and I got results, its was amazing, I feel really confident now.

I only wish I had found this website sooner, all my life I have been living with a ball and chain attached to me,(the chakras) keeping me back and slowing me down. 
 Now that I am free, I am excited to see all the good things I can do to help people, because they need to know that there is a solution to all there problems, If we all helped each other the world would be a lot better and safer place to live.

Blessings and greatings to all.


Date: 10/19/2013 at 11:34 PM 
Name: Hansen Wu

My chakra clearing experience with King Louie was pleasant. I learned a ton about energies with my short time with him. I felt the energy flow through my chakras, my legs, and my arms. I didn't know what was going on and the energy was overwhelming, but King Louie was able to guide me through it. I don't know if I'll ever have an experience like the one I had today, but I can clearly remember it. I might not be able to feel the energies on my own yet, but anyone who is willing to work with King Louie will definitely feel his energetic touch.


The following are brief excerpts of my third-eye chakra clearing session for Linda on Skype:

[12:20:09 PM] Linda de Jongh: You definitly did something to the chakras. What I see and feel is that there as light as the lightbody now. Very clean. no weight. And that's also amazing.

[12:27:18 PM] Louie: So ... what you think I can do to do it better
[12:31:17 PM] Linda de Jongh: I tell you what I experienced yesterday. I sure did feel you were pulling my thirdeye chakra out. When you began at the other chakras I felt a lot of stuf from the top chakras drop down to the 3rd chakra and after that all the way to the portals....When I looked inside this morning I noticed that they were al very very very clean and shining

[12:32:31 PM] Louie: ok so good for clearing then nice...
[12:35:37 PM] Linda de Jongh: I'm very happy we've met Louie. I do feel the divine love in you and in our connection. You have great powers.


 The following are brief excerpts of my chakra clearing sessions for Marc on Skype:

[2:27:03 PM] Marc: i find the approach very intriguiging
[2:27:17 PM] Marc: Linda also mentioned the removal of chakras
[2:27:28 PM] Marc: and i believe that u removed the ego version of the chakras
[2:27:44 PM] Marc: so the blank pure ones remain

[2:36:52 PM] Marc: It feels very effective though
[2:36:58 PM] Louie: And it hurts me too
[2:37:15 PM] Marc: very angelic but also scientific, something new to me
[2:37:20 PM] Marc: head hurts?
[2:37:24 PM] Marc: becuase thats what i felt
[2:37:29 PM] Louie: I feel the chakra "fighting" for its life..lol
[2:37:50 PM] Louie: then I take it in and absorbed it in my stomach area
[2:37:55 PM] Marc: hmm resisting the change towards God consiousness perhaps?
[2:37:57 PM] Louie: thats as simple as I can explain it
[2:38:01 PM] Louie: Yes
[2:38:08 PM] Louie: perhaps,
[2:38:24 PM] Marc: it fights because it has got ego attachment of the mind
[2:38:29 PM] Marc: and you remove the matrix of it i guess? 

[3:31:55 PM] Louie: how that feel?
[3:31:58 PM] Marc: haha
[3:31:59 PM] Marc: haha
[3:32:00 PM] Marc: love you
[3:32:07 PM] Marc: i made a sound i never made before
[3:32:12 PM] Louie: thank you
[3:32:17 PM] Marc: you are quite powerfull
[3:32:22 PM] Louie: now you should feel more free there
[3:32:27 PM] Louie: yes thank you
[3:32:46 PM] Louie: let me know what happens later
[3:33:17 PM] Marc: I will
[3:33:20 PM] Marc: it was needed
[3:33:26 PM] Marc: my angel told me i needed a bit of your healing
[3:33:31 PM] Marc: i felt the energy transfer
[3:33:36 PM] Louie: good
[3:33:45 PM] Louie: Im glad it helped
[3:33:50 PM] Marc: Thank you :)

[3:41:29 PM] Marc: I completely see the process
[3:41:32 PM] Louie: ok
[3:41:35 PM] Marc: you are the sun
[3:41:37 PM] Louie: your very clean
[3:41:38 PM] Marc: that can burn infinitely
[3:41:41 PM] Marc: i am? :)
[3:41:44 PM] Louie: yes
[3:41:45 PM] Marc: beautifull
[3:41:59 PM] Louie: yes it was so very easy
[3:42:16 PM] Louie: let me know if you get a headache or not
[3:42:19 PM] Marc: Uriël himself has done healing on me multiple times
[3:42:30 PM] Louie: those will go, they are phantom headaches
[3:42:31 PM] Marc: I will tell all symptons currently strongest one is
[3:42:37 PM] Marc: in my spine
[3:42:45 PM] Marc: my lower and higher self connecting
[3:42:52 PM] Marc: mostly balancing
[3:42:56 PM] Louie: good
[3:42:57 PM] Marc: at the back of my chakras
[3:43:08 PM] Marc: im amazed
[3:43:12 PM] Louie: thank you
[3:43:36 PM] Marc: I was seeing the process and what u do is completely burn the impurities away
[3:43:39 PM] Louie: You be able now to take in even more energies

[4:48:52 PM] Marc: i will
[4:48:59 PM] Marc: i did feel lifeforce loss
[4:49:04 PM] Marc: it will be regained
[4:49:05 PM] Marc: because the dirt was also mine own
[4:49:11 PM] Louie: great
[4:49:17 PM] Louie: yeah I tend to do that
[4:49:24 PM] Marc: its ok
[4:49:36 PM] Marc: one advice though or feedback,
[4:49:45 PM] Marc: if you use half your power then its powerfull enough
[4:50:04 PM] Marc: especially on weaker souls...more adaptiveness required
[4:50:15 PM] Louie: oh and I'm tired from last night too so maybe one quarter power
[4:50:24 PM] Marc: haha
[4:50:26 PM] Louie: yeah
[4:50:26 PM] Marc: :)
[4:50:39 PM] Marc: u are an shining star from heaven brother

Marc can be contacted on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/UnitedOnes


Date: 09/01/2013 at 12:36 AM 
Name: Apotheosis
Message: Hi thanks so much for the healing King Louie. I never new there was such a feeling to be felt by doing the 3rd eye healing. If you want to know how great I felt or what it can be like come to the forum page its 

Im also there to talk to and share other thoughts or questions with others to help each other more.


Date: 08/16/2013 at 12:59 PM 
Name: Tarah McKeever

Did a sixth session with Louie to get the rest of my chakras out and wow what an experience that was. The Crown Chakra was very challenging to remove, got some major headaches. It would be intense pain then magically disappears and then the headache would come back.

It was a wave of going back and forth a few times from bad headaches and to feeling fine. When it was out it was like a tree growing branches and spreads, no longer feeling confined in a circle.

Next was the Throat Chakra, which was a little difficult, not too bad. When it was out I felt like someone had their hand in front of my throat and moved their hand off the front part of my throat, a very weird feeling.

The Heart Chakra I thought would be the hardest because around a month ago it had the most blockage, to my surprise it just slipped out with ease.

 The Naval Chakra was harder, but once out felt like there was wings spreading out and opening.

For the Sacral Chakra was a little hard, but when it came out it was like a chick hatching out of an egg on my stomach.

The most challenging/worst charka to get out was the Root Charka. That was so challenging to get out while feeling nauseous and getting very dizzy. I had to take 5-10 second breaks before pushing that charka out of me. It was a nightmare until it came out, then the nauseous and dizziness went away. I felt so different after going through all that. I was mentally exhausted, however, I physically felt like I could jump on a trampolin.

Overall it was a very interesting experience, but my body is still currently adjusting to the new change, so I'll be gathering energy for the next few days and just take it easy.

All I have to say is it's very worth it to remove your charkas, your energy is no longer restricted. I can feel my energy freely moving all around my body!!! Absolutely amazing!!! : D


Date: 08/10/2013 at 09:15 PM 
Name: Tarah McKeever

Had an amazing fifth session with Louie. We worked on taking out my 3rd eye chakra. I feel a lot more power around that area now that it has been removed. Can't wait to get the rest of them removed, I'll be a lot stronger after that. Worked on absorbing negative energies and turning it into my own. At first I was fighting it, but then I started getting weak. Once I accepted and turned it into my own energy and making it positive I felt my energy go up. So no matter how many times someone attacks me with negative energy, I can just kept absorbing it and not end up being tired or vulnerable. This was a very helpful lesson since there are more negative than positive energy out there, now I can deal with both energies. Also have gotten faster at absorbing energy as well, it's starting to become second nature to me. Louie is a wonderful teacher who gives clear explanations and is worth every second of your time!!!


Date: 07/22/2013 at 09:06 PM 
Name: Tarah McKeever

Just did my 4th session with Louie. He taught be how to do a portal which is used to receive energy sources at a quicker rate. I can feel my energy levels rising and my brain muscle getting stronger which both are used when doing TK. Each session I keep getting stronger and stronger. He is an excellent mentor and highly recommended. You can tell how affective he is in helping you get stronger when working with him because you when practicing others notice. An example of this is when I was practicing what he taught me with one of my nieces. I told her to use her energy to push me. It felt very weak due to lack of experience and training. Then I told her I'll push her with my energy and she started backing away saying I'm too strong. I told her it's okay I'll won't push that hard. So I pushed her with my mind just a little bit and she said she felt a spark in her brain. She started to get a headache too and said I was pushing her way too hard. I'm sitt ing there amazed at how much stronger I have gotten in my abilities in a matter of weeks!!! It's worth spending the money to get a chance to work with Louie, he is the real deal!!!


Date: 07/10/2013 at 02:12 PM  
Name: Tarah McKeever

My second Clearing Session with Louie was amazing. My energy felt stronger than it did the first clearing session. He was really helpful in explaining how Telekinesis works, the best explanation I have ever heard. Wasn't successfully able to move the lip gloss because my brain decided to randomly died on me, but I felt I was a step closer to achieving Telekinesis. It's just nice to have someone tell you whether your doing the process right or not. Now I finally know what the right combination to use. All I need to do is practice, practice, and more practice. Thank you so much for your help Louie! : )


Date: 07/08/2013 at 10:36 PM 
Name: Tarah McKeever

Just finished my first clearing session with Louie and I feel so amazing after the negative energy was taken out of my heart chakra. I feel more energetic and my body's vibrations feels drastically stronger than it did before the session.My energy feels so powerful now, my energy has never felt this powerful in my entire life. I feel so positive and happy, like anything I set my mind to I can accomplish. If worth paying for the Clearing Session. It feels like I'm a different person, a better person than I was before. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I highly recommend working with Louie during the Clearing Session. You will feel the difference in yourself in so many ways it's unbelievable!Thank you so much Louie! Without you I would have never discovered how much power I have inside me!!!



Dear King-Louie,


All I have to say is Wow! regarding my recent 9 chakra removal service and Healing service with Deninzea. Before I was in the dark and now All possibilities are open to me without the resistors of chakras holding me back and limiting me. My transformation started with Deninzea scanning me ,and knowing without me ever talking to him before, mental,emotional and physically everything about me. He knew my nature,how I felt inside about myself and even physical problems that I have. He energy shielded me from psychic vampires ,those people jealous of me, he re-linked my abilities from 7 past lives. When he scanned my body He nailed the physical problems he couldn't know about as no one knows and he's three states away! Deninzea is truly a multidimensional being that wants to see everyone progress and be and do everything they wish to. He even said that it was rude to do a transformation and not show how to use some powers so he showed me how to scan so I could know who to trust in the future and the difference bettween truth,lie and deception or withholding information and he worked with me to know the difference. I believe Deninzea had to hold back because he is truly an enlightened soul and needs to make a living.  Since my transformation my energy is through the roof. I feel like a million bucks. I highly recommend Deninzea's services. Everyone should give themselves or their loved ones the gift of one or all of Deninzea's services so they can be all they can be. For a better earth and future.




Since the moment I got the chakra removal services, I feel so much better! I see and feel the energy in my body and the one on objects, even in the air because everything is made with energy.

I am able to use the energy the way I want, the way is supposed to be.   I am not longer limit by those programs (chakras), instead I have all the energy I want, when I want it.  The chakras are only programs that limit us, they act like "valves".   Why be limit and controlled by someone or something? where is the freewill in that?.  That makes absolutely no sense to me!!

If you want to be limitless, free and advance!, I absolutely recommend to get the chakras removed!!!


Radio talk shows that mentioned us:

This talk show broadcasted on Oct. 24, 2009 had an important warning that the Blood General spirit has for "King Louie" about what he was creating during a live seance with Dee Dee and Raviniska (@ 10 mins) :

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hauntedcuriosities/2009/10/24/raviniska-and-the- seance

This next show broadcasted on Feb. 13, 2010 mentions that there are some people like "King Louie"  and that someone from his group that are going through transformation to transcend and to battle the demonic beings on the earth (@ 75 mins):

 http://cache.blogtalkradio.com/hauntedcuriosities/2010/02/13/vm-speaks-on-the-underworld2011- and-guidestones

This show broadcasted on Feb. 8, 2010 first mentions there will be some people that will be at a certain time be empowered with supernatural powers which will try to overcome the evil, demonic beings (@ 109 mins):

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hauntedcuriosities/2010/02/08/vm-on-what-demons-are-here-and-when- they-came

Complete video of the all the shows about King-Louie and his higher-self the Blood General in one file:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=jZoc6HdHKp4

* We were able to  obtain the incredible  HOLY RING and  TRINE CROSS  to  give  each of  our products an extra special spiritual powerboost as I wear them while sending energies and making the beats! As you can see from the video that the holy ring exerts a unseen forceon the water,  but  it's  what  you  don't  see  that's  even   more incredible -   energetic changes  it  does  on  the  molecular  level  to ascend  the DNA strands! 


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